Promises kept or broken after E. Palestine derailment?; Big CPAP safety recall; ‘Lies I Told in Medical School’

After the horrific ship collision that took down a major bridge in Baltimore, Maryland, President Biden promised taxpayers, not the shipping company or its insurance, would pick up the tab to rebuild the bridge.

In the wake of such emergencies, the federal government often makes big promises. But how much are the promises worth?

Sunday on Full Measure, Scott Thuman re-visits East Palestine, Ohio a year after the toxic train derailment that devastated the town.

How have promises given to East Palestine turned out?

We’ll also speak to a producer of an investigative documentary looking into the massive recall of CPAP machines.

She’ll explain what the safety concerns were and why there are still questions.

Liz Moughon of ProPublica

I’ll interview the author of the book “Lies I Taught in Medical School.” (You won’t want to miss that one!)

Dr. Robert Lufkin, author of ‘Lies I Taught in Medical School’

And an update on my reporting on racism against Asian-Americans as other minorities label them “white adjacent.”

See you Sunday!

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