(READ) Records reveal FBI opened criminal investigation into Ashli Babbitt after she was shot and killed by Capitol Police Lt. Byrd

According to records uncovered by watchdog group Judicial Watch, the FBI opened a criminal investigation of Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt after her killing and listed four “potential violations of federal law,” including felony rioting and civil disorder.

This information was revealed in 62 pages of records that Judicial Watch received from the US Department of Justice (DOJ) in a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit for records related to the death of Ashli Babbitt.

The records also contain multiple reports of two subjects being shot, including Babbitt, during the January 6 Capitol protests.

These records may also be responsive to a recent FOIA suit for the family for FBI files and potentially related to the $30 million wrongful death lawsuit brought by Judicial Watch on behalf of the Babbitt family.

The unarmed Babbitt was shot and killed as she climbed into a broken interior window in the United States Capitol.

The identity of the shooter was kept secret by Congress, the Justice Department, and DC police for eight months. Eventually, former US Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd went public to defend the controversial shooting.

The newly obtained records include a January 14, 2021, Electronic Communication indicating that eight days after Babbitt’s death, under “Case ID#: 176-SD-3367083 (U) Ashli Elizabeth Babbitt,” a posthumous investigation was initiated from San Diego, California:

Read detailed records below which are provided by Judicial Watch.

Captioned investigation is being initiated based on photographic and video evidence that Ashli Elizabeth Babbitt unlawfully entered the United States Capitol Building, a Restricted Building, on 6 January 2021, in violation of federal laws to include violations of 18 U.S.C. Section 1752 and 40 U.S.C. Section 5104.

CDC [Chief Division Counsel] Approval

Field Office CDC has reviewed and concurred with the opening of this investigation. The investigation will be reviewed by the CDC at least semi-annually.

Summary of Predication:


Babbitt was fatally shot by police as she attempted to leap through the broken window of a door inside the Capitol….

            Potential Violations of Federal Law:

Potential violations of federal criminal statutes include:

• Title 18 U.S.C 231 Civil Disorder

• Title 18 U.S.C 1752(a) Unlawful Entry – Restricted Building or


• Title 18 U.S.C 2101 – Riots

• Title 40 U.S.C 5104 – Injuries to property

(U) It is therefore requested that a [redacted] case be opened and assigned to Special Agent [Redacted]

A January 7, 2021, Electronic Communication regarding Babbitt following her shooting death the previous day reports that during the protests two “subjects” were shot at the Capitol that day:

Multiple officers were injured during the incident and two subjects were shot, with one fatal injury…. Ashli Elizabeth Babbitt, a San Diego resident, was present in D.C. on January 6, 2021, and entered the United States Capitol building where she was fatally shot. Babbitt was an Air Force veteran.

An FBI Interview Report Form FD-302 dated April 23, 2021, indicates FBI agents interviewed a witness by telephone on April 15 who provided background information on Babbitt:

In 2008, Babbitt transitioned to the Air Force Reserve at Sheppard Air Force Base but continued to serve on active duty orders. In 2009, [Redacted] and Babbitt [redacted] where Babbitt continued to serve out the remainder of her career in either the Reserves of Air National Guard at Andrews Air Force Base. At one point Babbitt transitioned Military Occupational Specialties to serve as a mechanic, but ultimately returned to Security Forces. According to [Redacted] Babbitt was excellent at her job and [redacted].

Babbitt deployed several times throughout her service. In 2005, Babbitt deployed to Manas Air Base in Kyrgyzstan. In 2006, Babbitt was deployed to Camp Bucca in southern Iraq which served as a Theater Internment facility. In approximately 2012-2014, Babbitt deployed to the United Arab Emirates. Babbit did not suffer any physical or mental injuries stemming from her deployments and [redacted]. While stationed in Alaska, Babbitt did suffer from a torn meniscus [a common knee injury] which had occurred while she was previously stationed in Texas. While deployed to Camp Bucca, Babbitt did fly to Camp Arifjan in Kuwait [redacted].

[Redacted] characterized Babbitt as very outgoing, opinionated, loud, very intelligent, loyal, sweet, very loving and caring. At times, Babbitt was not a fan of her chain of command and made her views known. Babbitt was a leader rather than a follower and liked being her own boss. Consequently, she was happy running her pool company in California. Babbitt loved her family and loved her country.


[Redacted] judged that she likely did not know the risk of passing through the window. Babbitt would never “go after someone physically” according to [redacted].

[Redacted] was not aware of Babbitt’s political views as she was not political [redacted]. [Redacted] did know that Babbitt had voted for President Obama. [Redacted] did not know if Babbitt belonged to any political groups or organizations. [Redacted] was frustrated by media portrayals of Babbitt as being associated with white nationalists, which was not accurate.

A January 19, 2021, entry into the file indicates that two people were shot at the Capitol on January 6: “Multiple officers were injured during the incident and two subjects were shot, with one fatal injury.”

A separate record dated January 19 indicates that “information from a public tip” was submitted to the FBI related to Babbitt that was submitted through the fbi.gov/uscapitol online portal. The description of the information submitted is redacted. 

A January 20 record regarding a “public tip” is titled “Upload of Digital Media Report,” however, the substance of the report is redacted.

report dated January 21 indicates a tip had been submitted to the FBI’s web portal, but the information is redacted.

A January 29 FBI witness interview summary indicates that on January 23, 2021, two FBI agents interviewed an acquaintance of Babbitt, however, the substance of what the witness said is entirely redacted.

An Electronic Communication dated January 29 indicates that FBI agents from the San Diego office interviewed another acquaintance of Babbitt on January 18, but the substance of what that person said is also entirely redacted.

“It is beyond belief that the Biden FBI gave Ashli Babbitt’s killer a free pass while engaging in a malicious months-long ‘criminal’ investigation of Babbitt herself.”

Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch President

Read more: Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Justice

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5 thoughts on “(READ) Records reveal FBI opened criminal investigation into Ashli Babbitt after she was shot and killed by Capitol Police Lt. Byrd”

  1. As having served in the military and as a LE officer, I can tell you firsthand, Lt. Byrd should have been charged and given a jury trial for his actions. There was a complete failure to properly investigate this shooting. Video evidence shows Byrd was NOT justified in using deadly force against Ms Abbitt.

  2. Is it possible she was one of the many admitted planted government agents, to keep track of what was going on that day?

    Those pages of full reductions about her, after the fact are very curious. How can they get unredacted. Who reviewed them and gave those orders.

    The fact several law enforcement officers were standing right next to her as she was trying to go through the broken window and did NOTHING. Why wasn’t she a threat then, when they had her in close hand. Did they know she was one of them? How did she get to the top of the stairs in the first place in the first wave.

    Would her parents or husband even know this? She just is not the profile to even show up for this protest rally (Obama voter), unless she was a government agent.

    R.I.P. Ashley, this never should have happened, but it did. Cruel for the government to now mask you inside their intentional cover-up. God rest your soul.

  3. It’s going to take films of FBI Agents executing dissidents in concrete rooms before people wake up to their involvement in the globalist takeover of America but then it will be too late if it isn’t already.

  4. I’m glad that this is coming out.
    Ashly should never have been shot by that cop. She posed no danger but the cop who shot her was given a free pass. He should also be sued and fired without pension!

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