The WHO’s push for a global pandemic treaty

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Even as U.S. health agencies and the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) are being heavily criticized for their botched response to the Covid-19 pandemic, WHO officials are ramping up pressure on all nations to sign a WHO pandemic treaty and amendments to the WHO’s International Health Regulations (IHR), which will give them more authority to track, quarantine, force vaccine use and censor free speech during WHO declared pandemics.

The WHO’s Director General has been blaming opposition to the UN agency’s epic power grab on “a torrent of fake news, lies and conspiracy theories.”

On Apr. 19, 2024, the United Nations sent out a press release declaring that the “ongoing global spread of ‘bird flu’ infections to mammals including humans is a significant public health concern,” pointing to an outbreak of H5N1 viral infections in dairy cows in the U.S. and warning that the virus could evolve and cause human-to-human transmission with “extremely high” mortality.

The implication was that a potentially deadly global bird flu pandemic was a clear possibility.

U.S. Plan to Drive the Global “Health Security” Agenda If WHO Treaties Fail

Three days earlier, on Apr. 16, the White House announced a five-year “Strategy to Strengthen Global Health Security” plan citing the Covid-19 pandemic as the need to put the U.S. in the driver’s seat via bi-lateral financial investment partnerships with 50 to 100 countries to “drive global action toward shared goals” and “mitigate the impact of health security threats” in order “to prevent, detect and contain them at their source.”

 The new plan “articulates a whole-of-government science-based approach to strengthening global health security.”

The current U.S. administration is in favor of the WHO pandemic treaty and IHR amendments proposed by the world’s largest public health agency. However, the WHO is getting pushback from lawmakers and citizens in the U.S. and in other nations, who do not want to go along with the UN/WHO power grab that many critics say threatens human rights and national sovereignty.

A respected Japanese scientist posted a video message to the world online, and there was a massive demonstration In Japan this month against the WHO pandemic treaty.

The U.S. “Global Health Security” plan would ensure that if the WHO treaties fail to be signed by enough countries to become international law, the U.S. will make sure there is a global “rapid response to global health emergencies.”

According to the U.S. plan, the core of that “rapid response” are “efforts to transform international financial institutions, such as the World Bank, and to accelerate “manufacture, procurement and delivery” of medical countermeasures like vaccines.

Even though there is Increasing public opposition to the WHO’s plan to expand its legal authority to tell eight billion people what to do whenever WHO officials declare a “public health emergency” – which includes eliminating freedom of speech and electronically monitoring everyone’s vaccination status and requiring people to carry a digital “vaccine passport” in order to travel or enter public spaces – it looks like the U.S. government is going to get the job done whether the WHO manages to get enough countries to sign the WHO/IHR treaties or not.

The lucrative public-private business partnerships that have been expanded over the past four decades between the WHO, pharmaceutical corporations, governments and other institutions is paying big dividends for the Public Health Empire.

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4 thoughts on “The WHO’s push for a global pandemic treaty”

  1. I’m a retired physician, pathologist and family medicine, who feels that we should not get into bed with the World Health Organization. They completely annihilated the Covid-19 investigation and I suspect that we all know the reason why that occurred. They were covering for the Chinese and Americans agendas.
    And we cannot trust the United States of America either. I never, ever thought that I would write that.

  2. I am only going to address the WHO treaty, mainly because what happens if it fails is stoppable, mainly by electing Trump in November.
    – Biden does not have the authority to sign any treaty or make any agreement ceding the sovereignty or part of America’s sovereignty to any nation or organization.
    Should he do that, the treaty is null and void.
    – Congress does not have the Constitutional authority to sign any treaty or make any agreement ceding America’s sovereignty or part of our sovereignty to any nation or organization.
    Should they do that, the treaty is null and void.

    – I know that the Senate ratifies treaties, but I said Congress because the House may have to be involved because of the financial aspects of this travesty. I know we may have one or more such treaties out there already, if so they are null & void for the reasons listed above.

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