Vaccine industry propaganda site ‘Health Feedback’ produces more false & misleading info on vaccines and autism

The following is a news analysis.

There’s more false information from the propaganda site “Health Feedback,” which serves to defend the positions of Big Pharma, including the vaccine industry.

In its latest dishonest entry, Health Feedback is taking on a 5-year-old story from my national TV program, “Full Measure.” The fact check seems to indicate the vaccine industry has renewed concern about the importance and influence of the report, which Health Feedback says, “went viral.”

Watch the Full Measure TV report that “went viral.”

My story chronicled the sworn testimony of a credible government expert medical witness on vaccines and autism who alleges a government coverup. The witness, the renowned Dr. Andrew Zimmerman, told government lawyers from the Dept. of Justice (who defend the vaccine industry in vaccine injury cases) that vaccines can cause autism after all, and that he had treated such patients. That was a turnaround from his (and the government’s-vaccine industry’s) longstanding position. The DOJ promptly fired him as an expert witness and, Dr. Zimmerman testified, misrepresented his expert opinion in court outside of his presence to continue denying vaccine-autism injuries. Among other vaccine injured children, Dr Zimmerman had treated Hannah Poling. The government secretly paid millions for Hannah’s vaccine injuries, including autism, but had the case sealed so nobody would know; and continued to publicly deny a link.

Read more about Dr. Zimmerman’s affidavit stating vaccines can cause autism, after all.

The fake fact check by Health Feedback uses its typical format to try to discredit true information that is viewed as harmful to certain powerful interests.

1,. Health Feedback phrases a supposed “claim” into something that wasn’t actually claimed or said.

2. Then, it provides a lot of opinion and speculation to deflect from the facts, without actually challenging the accuracy of the news report.

3. Finally, since the information in my report was wholly accurate, and it’s clear that even Health Feedback can’t twist it into seeming false, it rates its manufactured claim as “misleading.”

Of course, all along, it is Health Feedback that’s provided false and misleading information– as has been well-documented previously (see examples at the end of this post).

The fake fact check business, funded in large part by billionaire left-leaning donors and pharmaceutical industry allies, has become a cottage industry. Typically, when they embark upon on a “fact check,” you should suspect that powerful interests are very worried about a fact, idea, study, or opinion; and that the truth of the matter is the opposite of what the fake fact check concludes.

For the record, below is my accurate fact check of Health Feedback’s false vaccine industry propaganda.

  1. Health Feedback claims the following “claim” is “misleading:

Health Feedback: “Government silenced “top expert witness” who denied the vaccine-autism link in court and changed opinion; his testimony could have changed the court’s decision.

However, those claims were not made in my reporting. Even so, the speculation expressed in the Health Feedback’s fabricated claim is likely true: that the testimony of a top expert witness who changed his opinion about vaccines and autism could have changed the court’s mind. Of course, there is no way for Health Feedback to know the answer, and it is misleading and disingenuous for the fake fact checkers to pretend to know.

2. Health Feedback then responds to additional claims that it fabricated (and that were not presented in my report) and dubs them “inaccurate” and “misleading.” And Health Feedback’s responses to the made-up claims contain false and misleading information.

Health Feedback: “Inaccurate: Research shows that vaccines don’t cause autism. A link between vaccination and autism in children with genetic mitochondrial disorders is also unsupported by scientific evidence.

In fact, a large body of research links vaccines and autism (as well as a host of chronic diseases and autoimmune disorders); vaccine court has paid damages to many children who ended up with brain injuries, including autism (i.e.Hannah Poling); the head of immunization at CDC acknowledged to me that vaccines may trigger autism in susceptible children; autism was even listed as a possible adverse event on a vaccine warning label; a CDC senior scientist testified under oath that he and his colleagues covered up a stronger link between vaccines and autism in black boys, and more.

Today, the study environment, what gets chosen for study, and what actually gets published (depending on whether the results are good or bad for the sponsoring drug company) is largely controlled by the pharmaceutical industry, as chronicled in my upcoming book Follow the $cience. So pointing to the supposed absence of studies that nobody will ever fund, certainly isn’t proof that a link doesn’t exist.

Health Feedback:Misleading: A U.S. court’s decision to reject thousands of claims arguing that vaccines caused autism was based on the testimony of numerous experts. Pediatrician Andrew Zimmerman was only one of them. His later affidavit suggesting that vaccines could cause autism in children with mitochondrial diseases, in itself, would have been unlikely to alter the court’s decision.

Obviously, court cases on vaccines and autism heard from more than one witness. But it is terribly misleading to call Dr. Zimmerman “only one of them.” He was the treating physician the court ultimately relied upon when it awarded the Poling family money damages for Hannah’s injuries. Dr. Zimmerman was also the government’s top expert witness on this topic. Health Feedback’s speculation that Dr. Zimmerman’s admission about vaccines causing autism would have been “unlikely to change the court’s decision,” is not only unfounded speculation, it’s belied by the fact that the court did secretly award damages to Hannah’s family as a result of Dr. Zimmerman’s expert opinion.

More fact-challenged claims by Health Feedback:

Health Feedback: “Multiple large studies have shown that vaccines don’t cause autism.

This is untrue. Many studies have suggested or found vaccine-autism links. And while it’s true that vaccine industry allies have worked hard to disparage those studies, and have produced many of their own studies to try to counter the findings, those studies do not show “vaccines don’t cause autism.” Instead, they meet a much lower bar, concluding that the results “suggest there is not a link” or did “not find vaccines cause autism.” Even novice scientists understand the important distinction, which Health Feedback conveniently overlooks.

The rest of Health Feedback’s article is filled with additional false characterizations about my reporting on vaccines, which has been often-repeated by other vaccine industry allies. But it doesn’t merit detailed analysis here since I’ve addressed it many times in the past. Suffice it to say that my vaccine reporting has never been the subject of any sort of retraction, and has been even quoted in a peer reviewed medical journal. My reporting has also prompted an important correction in Lancet about a pro-vaccine article that it published, which had failed to disclose the author’s ties to the vaccine industry.

But a final giveaway that Health Feedback is little more than propaganda for pharmaceutical interests is that it relies on noted vaccine industry propagandist Dr. Paul Offit as if he were an independent expert, without disclosing that is he a vaccine industry insider who has gotten caught giving false information in the past.

Read about some of Dr. Offit’s false information, as chronicled in the Orange County Register here.

Read citations, studies, and articles on this topic here.

Read Health Feedback’s Fake Fact Check here.

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1 thought on “Vaccine industry propaganda site ‘Health Feedback’ produces more false & misleading info on vaccines and autism”

  1. Wow, Sharyl! You pulled out the big guns (and citations) here! Kudos on keeping them on their toes and keeping us informed. The “Vaccine Lobby” is powerful indeed. What I find puzzling is how anyone could conclude, given that the DOJ actually tries cases on behalf of Big Pharma, that there is not a perverse incentive with regard to not only vaccines but other pharma products. When you don’t have to pay for mistakes, you make more of them. Shielding pharma from vaccine liability was a fool’s errand, but a profitable one for the losers who are plugged in.

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