(WATCH) Med School Malaise

Despite the record amount of money Americans spend on health care, statistics show we’re sicker, dying sooner, and seeing an explosion in chronic diseases. Dr. Robert Lufkin puts some of the blame on what doctors are taught in school. He should know. He’s been a med school professor at University of California, Los Angeles and University of Southern California.

Now, he’s written a new book on how and why medicine has gotten things so wrong: “Lies I Taught in Medical School.”

The following is a transcript of a report from “Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson.” Watch the video by clicking the link at the end of the page.

Sharyl: Can you name a couple of quick hits as to things that you taught that turned out to be wrong?

Dr. Lufkin: People teach that a calorie is just a calorie. If you want to lose weight, just eat fewer calories. I don’t believe that’s right. In fact, calories depend on the type of macronutrient nutrient they are. So a carbohydrate calorie is very different from a fat calorie or a protein calorie. For example, if I eat a bag of potato chips at 500 calories, most of it will go to my fat because it triggers insulin. Whereas if I eat several raw eggs, it will not go to my fat and instead will be used for energy. Another myth or another lie that people — that is still taught is that in order to lose weight, exercise more and eat less. Well, you actually, you can’t exercise your way out of a bad, out of a bad diet. The key is the types of foods that we eat, specifically, the foods that drive insulin. Insulin is a drug that makes us lay down fat. And certain foods drive insulin. So you avoid the drugs that drive insulin. The drugs that drive insulin are carbohydrates, primarily. When you stop carbohydrates, the insulin goes down, and most people will lose weight.

Sharyl: If we agree, at least on some level, that maybe medical schools are not keeping up with some of these emphases on looking at root causes and trying to figure out what’s behind things, rather than just diagnosing and prescribing, what do you think is driving the curriculum, and how should it change?

Dr. Lufkin: Well, the curriculum, unfortunately is driven by a lot of vested interests that generate revenue from, let’s say, the sales of pharmaceuticals like insulin or metformin — drugs used to treat diabetes. There are also vested interests in companies that benefit from the sale of certain food products like junk foods and carbohydrate rich foods and unhealthy seed oils. These influence the educational program through various quasi-scientific organizations that contribute to the curriculum. Unfortunately, there are not an equal number of lobbying groups for lifestyle, because lifestyle, you actually save money. If I eat less food, or if I fast, I don’t spend money. So there’s no group really that’s as effective as someone that makes money selling insulin to offset a program that will recommend fasting and low-carbohydrate diets.

Sharyl: Are you saying these vested interests maybe form a nonprofit or some kind of advisory group that then lobbies or presents their information to a medical school, or how does it specifically drive the curriculum?

Dr. Lufkin: Well, it’s even more insidious than that. I think the American Diabetic Association, which is seen as the main scientific diabetic research organization — it’s funded by companies like the leading provider of renal dialysis. It’s also funded by insulin makers. So you see this American Diabetic Association giving dubious food recommendations to their diabetic patients, like, it’s okay to have sugar in your meal, just increase your insulin dose to quote, cover it. I don’t agree with those recommendations, and I think those are ultimately not in the best interest of the patient. 

Sharyl (on-camera): Dr. Lufkin says the idea for his book came after he was prescribed drugs for his pre-diabetes, high cholesterol, arthritis, and high blood pressure. He says reversed all of those without medicine after making changes based on metabolic health and nutrition, like giving up junk food.

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4 thoughts on “(WATCH) Med School Malaise”

  1. Do the statistics today include the now 30-40 million illegals in the sickness and death numbers? You know, the ones that come with illnesses the USA hasn’t seen since the 1950’s?

  2. More bad news
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    Since this mechanism of nerve communication is the same in all nerve cells and between nerve cells and muscles, the Deanna Protocol should be of benefit in any disease in which nerve cell communication is abnormal. In addition to NEURODEGENERATIVE DISEASES, this includes LYME DISEASE, AUTISM, CONCUSSION, STROKE, PTSD, and PSYCHIATRIC ILLNESSES including RAGE.
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    WFND is appreciative for your past and future support and together, this grass roots movement can overcome the silent epidemic.
    Vince Tedone M.D., FAAOS, FACS

  3. Thomas Joseph Hussman

    After I became convinced that the MK/Ultra ordeal had infected my immediate family I decided to attempt to find out why the subject is so illusive. I visited law schools and medical schools across the USA. I used my experience as a police detective to search for truth. I spoke with medical students and medical school professors. I spoke with law students and law school professors. With few exceptions I heard the same answers repeatedly. None of the students I spoke with had ever heard the words – m k u l t r a. Some of the doctors recalled hearing “about that” subject, but none of them wanted to discuss it. So I finished my study with very little to report. What became very clear, is that the cover – up by the government was successful. The government had used LSD and Electro Shock “Therapy” to a variety of human beings, and they had very thoroughly covered the mess up. My father was given a pharma concoction that included a building material known as polystyrene, among others. He died at age 39, after having served in the US Army during WW2. His military records are “unavailable.” The medical “treatments” provided to other members of my family caused significant destruction and death. I won’t give you the details about that – maybe another day.

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