Are the Lawfare Attacks on Donald Trump Falling Apart? (Podcast)

Tom Fitton, president of the conservative nonprofit watchdog group Judicial Watch sorts through the static of the multiple court cases against Donald Trump as he runs for re-election. Fitton tells what he thinks they’re really about, where they stand today, and where all of this may be headed. And a word about Ukraine.

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3 thoughts on “Are the Lawfare Attacks on Donald Trump Falling Apart? (Podcast)”

  1. Very informative interview. Thank God for organizations like Tom Fitton. I am alarmed by the extremes that the progressive left is pushing “law fare” to punish its perceived opponents. Lines have been crossed that weaken our democratic system of governance. This must be called out which you have done but much more must be done. Please keep doing what you are doing.

  2. A very good discussion about how a country of laws and order has become corrupt. So corrupt to the point I fear our country has become a cesspool beyond correction. Washington DC cannot and will not work together for the benefit of the very citizens who put them their in the first place. We ARE BECOMING a failed state.

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