Biden’s border wall; ‘Emergency’ spending scandals

President Biden pledged not to build another mile of US border wall.

But now he’s building 17 miles!

What happened to the pledge and why is Biden breaking it after more than three years of an unprecedented border crisis?

Sunday on Full Measure, I’ll be on the Texas-Mexico border where some of Biden’s border wall is being built to try to keep out illegal immigrants.

We’ll hear from locals in hard hit border towns as to what issues are front and center in the 2024 presidential campaign. You might be surprised.

Also Sunday, Scott Thuman digs into the Congressional addiction to so-called “emergency spending” of your tax dollars on things that aren’t really emergencies, at all.

Lisa Fletcher digs into the global race to mine the ocean floor for rare earth minerals.

And I’ll have an update on my reporting about men participating in women’s sports.

See you Sunday!

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7 thoughts on “Biden’s border wall; ‘Emergency’ spending scandals”

  1. Doesn’t Joe know border walls are racist?
    Why does Joe hate brown people.
    Can it become anymore obvious how full of schittt democrats are?

  2. Why all of a sudden you ask? The numb heads at DNC headquarters just started to realize the border crisis is the biggest election concern of ALL voters. Their afraid his band of blind & deaf democrats will switch their vote to either a Republican or an Independent! Frankly they should be afraid.
    Now the joke is turned on them, nothing done for 3 1/2 years then all of a sudden now. NOTHING MORE THAN A RE-ELECTION PLOY. I just can’t believe how stupid they think we voters are.

    1. Suppose the damage they wanted done by the open borders has been achieved. Mainly, it is irreversible. Now they can pretend to care about America. They can blame it on Trump and get a lot of mileage off that.
      I believe there were 40 million Illegal Aliens in the US when Biden took office. A number built up since the early 1990s, Not the same 11 million Illegal Aliens used since then.
      Also, just because Biden claims to be a border wall, does that mean he is actually doing it?

  3. I hope this taped for me as I was out today. I recall that Biden was refusing to spend funds earmarked for the wall and lost the argument so now he has to spend the funds for the wall. Maybe this is what this is all about?

  4. Watched your presentation, good work!
    So sad the mainstream networks cannot present facts instead of narrative “feelings”.

  5. I am confused as to what I should be commenting on, but I will say this here: yes, Trump will win the election IF it is a valid, corruption free election at the state and local level. Democrats instinctively know what is expected of them, often without any communication with fellow democrats. They will do whatever it takes and the justice department will let them, while the media is silent and complicit.

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