Building a Bulletproof Immune System (Podcast)

Kristina Carman is a functional medicine practitioner who speaks on how to build a bulletproof immune system.

Listen below:

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4 thoughts on “Building a Bulletproof Immune System (Podcast)”

  1. Sharyl Attkisson may promote herself as independent but when I watched her interview Trump she showed no signs of being independent. The interview may as well been provided by Trumps team. Attkisson did not ask one question that required Trump to think. It was a promotional sham sold as a hard hitting interview by the independent Attkisson. One may as well watch FOX News with the “independent” Sean Hannity.

  2. Kristene Walton

    I played in the dirt when I was young, I do not believe in all the shot’s they are selling. That is what they are, just shots.

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