Fake scientific studies forcing closures of medical journals

The following is an excerpt from MedPage Today via Wall Street Journal.

Fraudulent studies have infiltrated top scientific journals, “leading to thousands of retractions and millions of dollars in lost revenue,” the Wall Street Journal  reported.

“Although this large-scale fraud represents a small percentage of submissions to journals, it threatens the legitimacy of the nearly $30 billion academic publishing industry and the credibility of science as a whole,” the article stated.

Wiley, a 217-year-old publisher based in Hoboken, New Jersey, which is slated to close 19 journals, has taken the largest hit, WSJ reported.

The problem is due to paper mills — entities that, “for a price, will list a scientist as an author of a wholly or partially fabricated paper,” WSJ noted. The paper mills then submit the work, “generally avoiding the most prestigious journals in favor of publications such as one-off special editions that might not undergo as thorough a review and where they have a better chance of getting bogus work published.”

And, on the other side, there are motivating factors at play, WSJ noted.

“World-over, scientists are under pressure to publish in peer-reviewed journals — sometimes to win grants, other times as conditions for promotions,” WSJ wrote. “Researchers say this motivates people to cheat the system. Many journals charge a fee to authors to publish in them.”

At Wiley, closures are due to multiple factors, WSJ reported. Though a spokesperson for Wiley confirmed to WSJ that some of the journals were affected by paper mills, they declined to provide an exact number.

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5 thoughts on “Fake scientific studies forcing closures of medical journals”

  1. What HAVE we done to ourselves?
    You STUPID, STUPID, primates. The age of reason had a good run. Now we enter the post scientific age. The age of fraud and lies. Even communication is collapsing as language is being debased and education standards replaced with insane social engineering. Civilisation is devolving faster than it evolved. Let’s hope we can learn to climb trees because that’s looking like our future. Assuming we even have one and manage not to destroy them first.

  2. RabbitNexus,

    Watch ‘To the Contrary’
    and ‘The View’ to learn
    of the ROOT Cause of
    West’s advancing FALL.

    EVERYTHING – all of the
    Founders’/Framers’ checks/
    balances have been over-
    come by growing Emoting
    Feminine Mind ( in both
    “men” and women ) via
    Marxists’ limbic-brain-
    driven impulses ( the Seven
    Deadly Sins being taught/
    expressed by the entertain-
    ment class of novelists,
    artists and singers/bands ).

    Forwarded Message :

    – snip –

    Why Leftist Women
    (( and “men” !—REAL men
    don’t sing and dance and
    E M O T E, but adhere to
    SOUND Logic in their
    day-to-day living, much
    as the ancient Greeks did ))
    Make Culture Worse :

    ——“Masculine republics give way
    ——to feminine democracies, and
    ——feminine democracies give way
    ——to tyranny.” -Aristotle

    Here are some from many
    quotes on F E M I N I S M
    this scribbler has collected
    over the decades, in my
    studies of Jungian, Freudian
    and Neuro-Linguistic
    psychologies :

    “Feminism, Socialism, and Communism are one in the same, and Socialist/Communist government is the goal of feminism.” – Catharine A. MacKinnon, Toward a Feminist Theory of the State (First Harvard University Press, 1989), p.10

    – snip –


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