Is the US still a Constitutional Republic?

After the Constitutional Convention in 1787, Benjamin Franklin was asked what kind of government the convention had created, he replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

According to the latest Rasmussen Reports, nearly half of voters don’t think we’ve kept it.

The survey found that just 39% of likely U.S. voters believe America has done a good job of keeping the republic, but 47% think that the republic the Founders created has already fallen.

Another 14% are not sure. 

How far has America strayed from its founding principles?  The Declaration of Independence says that governments derive their authority “from the consent of the governed.” 

Only 26% of voters believe the federal government today has the consent of the governed, while 57% think it does not.

Another 17% are not sure. These findings are almost unchanged since July 2023

To see survey question wording, click here.

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14 thoughts on “Is the US still a Constitutional Republic?”

  1. The “patriots” in the know have been trumpeting the slogan, “Restore the Republic” for many years. The other slogan of relevance is, “Abolish the FED.” Lately, we see actions and murmurings suggestive of a great awakening. What too many younger “citizens” have yet to realize is that we human beings are entitled to a status far above mere “citizen” of the US corporation. This distinction, the reclaiming of our God-given birthright as a “Sovereign”, has been purposely erased from informed political dialog regarding the legitimate attributes afforded us by a Free Press, and a Government of-by-for the People. We were conned. The Central European Banksters have been robbing this nation’s treasury for centuries. Also, with regard to the floundering former Republic, Jimmy Carter told the German Press over 15 years ago–“The US is not a Democracy, it’s an Oligarchy.”

  2. At its originating discussions and debates, there existed among those seeking how to govern this new nation a strong distrust of Democracy as represented by the governments of ancient Greece, and rule by a monarchy or its extension of rule by a voting class defined as owners of substantial property, the landed gentry. They were very concerned about the mobocracy failings of a democracy where the elected were far removed from the more intimate relationships with voters that exists in local governments like town councils, and they were sure of our human failings and the inevitable corruption of a permanent ruling class. But of even more concern was the ability of “factions” among the elected representatives to override even this Democratic Republlc and its balance of powers construct. Factions are what we now call political parties, and the two we have now represent a ruling class that for the most part ignores the will of voters who elect them. Why the Founders did not include term limits for Congress is mind boggling. We need to over come the absolute power of a majority party capture of the Senate and House of Representatives by creating at least one more political party and trusting that none of those parties constitute a majority — so that reason and rational negotiation are returned to our legislative process. And the credibility of elections absolutely must b e protected with mandatory voter ID and the elimination of the mailing out of unsolicited ballots .We are unfortunately at the moment of our government’s final and fatal corruption.

  3. Sharyl
    I always read articles that indicate the problem… But here’s my question
    If the majority of Americans do not feel that we have been able to maintain a constitutional Republic, please help me by spelling out how we can get back to strengthening our constitutional Republic

    Is requiring a call for a constitutional convention of the states the only way to achieve that admirable goal?
    All the Best to you Sharyl….Be well…Tom

    1. A Convention of the States concerns me because they may decide to scrap the Constitution and devise their own plan. This is what the Founders did, because they realized the Articles of Confederation were beyond repair. However, I do not trust the majority of delegates to that Convention, maybe I do not trust any of them. Yes, I have read most of the reasons why this cannot happen, but I do not trust them.
      We have to elect officials that will adhere to the Constitution.

      I believe several actions of the US Government in the 1960s put the US on a path to implode in the future. 3 of them prepared the way for the open borders of policy of Biden. I believe the US was to end during what became the first term of 0bama, but he could not get it done because of the failure of the Globalists to obtain Amnesty for 20 to 25 million Illegal Aliens in the US in 2007.
      Those govt actions have names and dates. No one cares. If I am wrong, then what was the purpose of those actions because they are the cause of all our problems we have faced for decades.

  4. Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

    Marxian Abe Lincoln and his administrators’
    war against SELF-Government – NOT against
    slavery, which was waning and PEACEFULLY
    being ended everywhere else – destroyed the
    Founders’/Framers’/Franklin’s “if-you-can-
    keep-it” republic.

    —Ask why Lincolnphiles never ask about Abe &
    Wife consulting mediums in the mid-1850s,
    which the Holy Bible warns N-O-T to do !

    —Ask why Karl Marx wrote to Abe in PRAISE
    of his bloody aggression – to CENTRALIZE
    power in Washington D.C. – pitting Chris-
    tian against Christian and brother against

    —Ask why Sherman – in his private letters –
    had been given a pass by “journalists,” upon
    reading this truth-telling reason for W H A T
    Abe & Administration had wished to accomplish :

    “ In a January 31, 1864 letter to Major R.M. Sawyer,
    Sherman explained the reason why he hated the
    South in general, and South Carolina in particular,
    so much. The war, he said ‘was the result of a
    false political doctrine that any and every people
    have a right to self-government.’ In the same
    letter Sherman referred to states’ rights, freedom
    of conscience, and freedom of the press as ‘trash’
    that had ‘deluded the Southern people into war.’ “

    Above quote found in my post, here :

    And, yet, brain-dead conservatives still praise Evil
    Tyrant Abe Lincoln’s CONTRIVED war against

    – snip –


  5. the “revision” of the US Constitution in 1871 made the United States into THE UNITED STATES . . . .a corporation . . not a republic. That Corporation,, according to Black’s Law Dictionary, applies only to the 10 square mile area of the District of Columbia and not the contiguous states.

  6. It doesn’t matter what people think it is what our constitution says. Read it know it and protect it. Is what our elected officials said an oth to.
    If thay can’t do that we the people have the right to remove them from office.

  7. I believe we are still a Constitutional Republic.
    1. The Electoral College is one of the mechanisms of the Founders to form a Republic. That is why the Democrats want to get rid of it for their view of a “Democracy”, keeping in mind the Founders viewed a Democracy as something akin to a “Mobocracy”. I believe 20 states have signed onto a plan to bypass the Electoral College. The Supreme Court cannot rule on that travesty until it is put into effect after the election. My Question is “Will they rule”?

    2. The 2d mechanism is the format of Congress. One branch with equal representation, and the other branch based on the population of the State. The Democrats want both based on population or a unicameral Congress based on population. Some Democrats have different ideas, but they all end the Republic.

  8. While democrats are currently the greatest problem with our government the republican party has had their share of stupid policies that have lessened the power of the US Constitution and deteriorated the Republic.
    Question now is if we put the GOP back in power, House/Senate and POTUS; will they do the right things to restore the individual liberties that have eroded over the past 40 years!

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