(POLL) Most Democrats approve of replacing Biden as nominee

Nearly half of voters – including a majority of Democrats – say they think it’s OK for the Democratic Party to replace President Joe Biden with some other candidate. 

That’s according to Rasmussen Reports.

The survey finds that 49% of likely voters say they would approve of Democrats finding another candidate to replace Biden before the election in November, including 24% who say they “strongly approve.”

Thirty-seven percent (37%) said they would disapprove of Democrats ditching Biden, including 23% who said they “strongly disapprove.”

Another 13% say they are not sure. These findings have changed only slightly since February.

In February, 48% of Democratic voters said they would approve of their party finding another candidate to replace Biden, but that number has now risen to 54%, including 25% of Democrats who said they would “strongly approve” of replacing Biden before the election.

Forty-three percent (43%) of Republicans and 50% of voters not affiliated with either major party said they would also approve of Democrats finding a replacement for Biden.

To see survey question wording, click here.

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2 thoughts on “(POLL) Most Democrats approve of replacing Biden as nominee”

  1. Todd Michael Wiseman

    Word on the street is that repub woman known as tricky Nikki is gonna change to being a Dem, the ole switch woo, but honesty world events are about to purge way before Nov, or even a Oct shocker, Look for it all to hit come early Aug. The Taiwan seizure, Dow meltdown, Monica Lewinsky, etc…..

  2. There are many Democrats out there that would be a bigger disaster for America than Biden’s record.
    I am a Republican and my previous sentence is the best I have to say about Biden.

    Without names of possible replacements, I don’t know if that happening would be good or bad news. The Democratic base and the bulk of the political leadership has not done much if any criticism directed at Biden, with the exception of his support for Israel. I would say most of the Democrat party would be glad to see Biden to send in the bombers and remove Israel from the face of the earth and if there are any bombs left for them to drop them on America.

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