Trump shatters fundraising records: $34.8 million in hours after guilty verdicts

Donald Trump is one of the most important political figures of the day and, arguably, the most important Republican in national politics. But many in the media have taken the historic step of censoring him. For that reason, one of our goals is to publish information about Trump that is otherwise difficult-to-find.

Trump Shatters Fundraising Records After Rigged Biden Trial Verdict
Today, the Trump campaign announced a record shattering small dollar fundraising haul following the sham Biden Trial verdict totaling $34.8 million – nearly double the biggest day ever recorded for the Trump campaign on the WinRed platform. Crooked Joe Biden and the Democrats with their election interference political witch hunt have awakened the MAGA movement like never before. 

“From just minutes after the sham trial verdict was announced, our digital fundraising system was overwhelmed with support, and despite temporary delays online because of the amount of traffic, President Trump raised $34.8 million dollars from small dollar donors. Not only was the amount historic, but 29.7% of yesterday’s donor’s were brand new donors to the WinRed platform. President Trump and our campaign are immensely grateful from this outpouring of support from patriots across our country. President Trump is fighting to save our nation and November 5th is the day Americans will deliver the real verdict.”

– Chris LaCivita and Susie Wiles, Trump Campaign Senior Advisors

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3 thoughts on “Trump shatters fundraising records: $34.8 million in hours after guilty verdicts”

  1. As I sit here listening to Megyn Kelly host 7 lawyers (8 including Kelly), the statement from Joe Biden regarding the verdict was played and I have to say Biden got it wrong again. Biden claims it was a fair trial but the American people with record donations to the Trump campaign, $53M+ now, are saying it was clearly political persecution. Even people who previously were mediocre Trump supporters see this travesty of justice.
    Even liberal Alan Dershowitz pointed out the errors made by the judge and the grounds for appeal.

  2. Jeff,

    Re : Choice between Two Camps
    — —and Trump’s/Dershowitz’s
    — —Silent Loyalty behind the Mass
    — —Murder of women and kids

    Dershowitz wears a
    lapel pin of three
    joined symbols :

    Firstly, reading left
    to right—an American
    flag attached to an
    Israeli flag, then, on
    the bottom of the staff
    of the Israeli flag
    hangs a gold Christian
    Note :
    Evangelical “Christians”
    are Israel’s U.S.-Bench
    of support, as if the
    biblical Jesus would be
    in Israel’s corner—after
    having allowed Oct. 7th
    to run its bloody course
    —H O W is that investiga-
    tion going, Sharyl & Team,
    re ( purposeful ) “FAILURE”
    of Israel’s billion-$-plus
    SPY Agencies ?
    He gets Mr. Trump’s
    political persecution,
    and he logically presents
    the step-wise “proof” of
    the many trial-injustice(s),
    yet he quietly supports
    MASS-Murder (( and Mass-
    Destruction )) of women
    and children in Gaza.

    WHICH case is of
    more critical MORAL
    concern—to EVERY
    -Supported person ? :

    1). Mr. Trump’s SILENCE
    about Mass-Murder of
    S E M I T I C women and
    children (( yes !, folks, as
    Margaret Brennan – on
    her CBS Face the Nation
    program, several Sundays
    ago – had keenly/BRAVELY
    blurted out, to CORRECT
    an Israel-supporting U.S.
    Defense Dept. official :
    “As everyone knows, Pales-
    tinians are Semites too !”—
    which FACT raises this
    critical QUESTION :
    How may one be Anti-
    Semitic by support of
    Semites ? ))


    2). The ongoing MASS
    SLAUGHTER of Semitic
    women and children in
    Gaza—for building Zion-
    ism’s “Greater Israel”
    (( the behind-the-scenes
    GOAL of settlement ex-
    pansions and slaughter
    of Abrahamic Jews’
    half-brother Semites :
    those PALESTINIANS )) ?


  3. Sharyl I left a small donation through PayPal and it showed up as Sara Attkisson on my account, instead of Sharyl. Just thought you should know. I feel paranoid about all things Facebook. I wouldn’t put it past them to try and defund you.

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