(US News) Hawaii ranks as best state for healthcare

The following is from Becker’ s Healthcare Review.

Among states, Hawaii ranks No. 1 overall for healthcare, according to U.S. News & World Report‘s annual best states rankings published May 7. 

The media company examined how each state ranks in 71 metrics across eight categories: natural environment, crime and corrections, healthcare, education, economy, infrastructure, fiscal stability, and opportunity.

Within healthcare, U.S. News examined data from the CDC, CMS and other sources to determine the best states for healthcare access, quality and public health. Each subcategory within healthcare received equal weight. More information on the methodology is available here.

Here are the best states for healthcare overall, per U.S. News:

1. Hawaii

2. Massachusetts

3. Connecticut

4. New Jersey

5. Rhode Island

6. California

7. Maryland

8. New York

9. Delaware

10. Washington

Link to full article here.

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2 thoughts on “(US News) Hawaii ranks as best state for healthcare”

  1. Actually I’m not surprised. I personally know of three well respected MD’s from #3 Connecticut who picked up and moved to Hawaii over the yers I’ve lived there.

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