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After Hours: Gapapentin: A Popular and Potentially Troublesome Medicine (From the Archives)

Gabapentin has quietly become one of the most widely-prescribed drugs in America, and some say that could spell big trouble. Michael Abrams of Public Citizen explains why, as neurologist Dr. Brian Callaghan offers a counterpoint.

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6 thoughts on “After Hours: Gapapentin: A Popular and Potentially Troublesome Medicine (From the Archives)”

  1. Fix the headline. Gabapentin. Would be great if you would summarize in an article, Sharyl, for those of us without time to listen to the entire interview. Thanks.

  2. Sharyl and Lisa—and Full Measure Team,

    ”Gabapentin: A Popular and
    Potentially Troublesome
    Medicine”—may be the least
    of our health-concerns.

    -An A S I D E :

    Re : my reference to an
    “estrogenic” influences on
    any culture ( in a previous
    post )

    Who had advanced FLAX Seed as
    ”health food” ? The same Shadow
    Rulers who had ( deceptively ) put
    rat poison ( as dental care ) in our
    water supplies :

    https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov › pmc › articles › PMC8011433
    Sex-specific neurotoxic effects of early-life exposure to fluoride: A …
    In addition, increasing levels of fluoride exposure may also impact levels of sex hormones in adolescents. Indeed, a recent study found an inverse relationship between plasma fluoride and sex steroid hormones (testosterone, sex-hormone binding globulin, estradiol) in male adolescents . Thus, interactions between…

    Talk-radio host Dana Loesch often
    jokes about “Soy-Boys.” Well, FLAX
    is 20-times more estrogenic than
    soy—we now learn from Dr. Mercola
    (( what’s turning boys into
    TRANS girly-boys, might be
    dietary; e.g., soy milk, flax
    seed, fluoride, lavender
    perfume – it knocks down
    TESTOSTERONE levels in
    men – used in many laundry/
    shampoo/bar soaps . . . )).

    Estrogen is problematic for females,
    as well, which is why CRUCIFEROUS
    vegetables are employed to tamp
    down its potentially bad effects in
    both males and females (( this
    scribbler uses the ”DIM”
    supplement—of Sulforaphane)).

    Flax Seed ( Oil ) is Estrogenic, by Mercola

    About Seed Oils and Human Health :


  3. I live in a central city of Florida that flouridates Our city water. I do not appreciate this poison in our water, and you can now find non fluoridated toothpaste!! Which I use. Hellooww, what do govt health and public utility services not understand about this?? Some install whole house filters, but not all filters remove fluoride. I now have replaceable filter on my refrigerator, a freestanding alexapure n my bathroom and on kitchen counter that filter fluoride !!

  4. I am a non diabetic but for 5 years suffer from neuropathy of my feet and lower legs resulting from prior compression type injury of the lower spine from a hard fall. I am now 71 and have had only a few months epidural injections. And PT for my pain. I remain dry free at this time, seeking homeopathic or dietary nonmedicial solutions – massage , water exercise, chiropractic decompression did offer healing relief of compressed sciatic nerve. Gabapentin was offered to me, I did deep medical research, and refused to take it, but I know a few with this condition who do. One needs to take time to learn about the drugs commonly offered by medical care. I find many are heavily prescribed .

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