Dr. Fauci asked to turn over private emails, phone records to House subcommittee investigating Covid-19 pandemic

The following is from The Hill.

The chair of the House subcommittee investigating the COVID-19 pandemic is asking for Anthony Fauci’s private emails and cellphone records related to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, EcoHealth and the origins of the coronavirus. 

The letter sent by Rep. Brad Wenstrup (R-Ohio) on Wednesday is as part of an escalating probe into the virus’s origins that lawmakers say has uncovered efforts to hide official government correspondence, evade Freedom of Information Act requests and avoid public transparency. 

Fauci is slated to appear in front of the subcommittee Monday, his first congressional appearance since retiring from government service as the longtime head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). 

Committee Republicans have accused officials at the National Institutes of Health of orchestrating “a potential conspiracy at the highest levels.”

The panel’s investigation hasn’t yielded new evidence definitively linking U.S. health officials to the origins of the coronavirus, but it’s raised troubling questions about officials’ efforts to avoid transparency.

The committee has released a series of private emails that suggest at least some agency officials, including a top adviser to Fauci, deleted messages and used personal emails in an effort to skirt public records laws.

David Morens, a former Fauci aide, testified last week that he may have sent information on government business to Fauci’s personal email address.

“I can either send stuff to Tony on his private gmail, or hand it to him at work. … He is too smart to let colleagues send him stuff that could cause trouble,” Morens wrote in a 2021 email released by the committee.

In a separate email, Morens referenced a “secret back channel” he would use to communicate with Fauci outside the public eye.

“We are concerned that current and former NIAID officials have and are continuing to seriously undermined public trust by concealing vital information to the American people,” Wenstrup wrote.

He asked for a response by June 12.  

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8 thoughts on “Dr. Fauci asked to turn over private emails, phone records to House subcommittee investigating Covid-19 pandemic”

  1. Here’s the issues I have with the subcommittee and all the political drama around the origins of the Covid 19 Plandemic. it’s all political theater. This document below every member of the house and senate have had a copy of this for a view years now. We’ll before anything RFK Jr has written. And If you read all 200 pages . You’ll see that there’s enough information in there to have Rand Paul have the marshals have the bad Doctor arrested in any of their showdowns. Instead Rand Paul, and now this subcommittee are using this opportunity not see justice, but to use the opportunity A’s campaigning opportunity to raise more contributions to give the illusion that they are actually doing something. They are not. They are not interested in seeing justice served, They are interested in being re-elected. Just the act of authorizing the GOF, gain of function research off to a foreign entity is an act of treason., Period! End of subject, no subcommittee needed lock him up. But that’s not going to happen. And people wonder how these monsters can do such Hainus crimes, because they can get away with it.

    Who was they last political criminal that actually got prosecuted? For real crimes? Not trumped up crimes.


  2. Some day someone will make this defective comment section function properly.
    In the meantime, in response to this comment posted by “Rawdaddy” —

    “They are not interested in seeing justice served, They are interested in being re-elected.”

    — I would simply point out that Congressman Wenstrup — chair of the House subcommittee investigating the COVID-19 pandemic, and the person quoted in this article in regard to seeking information — is NOT running for reelection.

  3. Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

    Regarding the issue of R E C O R D S
    —why is your PAGE blocking access
    to your ARCHIVE of past reports/
    polls/interviews ?

    Or have I missed where you
    have linked to them—in
    your MENU ?


  4. Our government’s classic response: “a potential conspiracy at the highest levels.” “Potential?”…are we really going to endure more of this nonsense? Why not just tell it like it is: Fauci is ‘Corruption.’

  5. Richard Sinnott

    Yes, government is cumbersome on its best day. I’m glad the committee is doing it right, and the best we can expect is that many months from now the government will formally state what any curious, informed and honest mind has already known for 2 years or more, it was another inside job, more grotesque than the attacks at WTC.

  6. Richard Synnott,

    Re : Psychopathic Fauci—His HIV-Hoax History

    Forwarded Message :

    Below post found here, on Sharyl’s Page :

    JungianINTP says
    DECEMBER 27, 2023 AT 10:44 AM

    Thomas Joseph Hussman,

    – Dr. Fauci as FRAUDSTER –

    And the truth shall O U T ! :



  7. I like Congressman Wenstrup and am sorry he’s retiring from Congress.

    BUT he shouldn’t be “requesting” Fauci’s phone records and emails — he should be DEMANDING them, with the sort of secret subpoena used by Special Counsel Smith to get Trump’s records. AND he should have done this two years ago.

    Why are congressional republicans always so late to act and perpetually playing catch-up.

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