Emails show Joe Biden adviser had contact with Burisma at height of corruption probe

The following is from Just The News.

Hunter Biden’s team arranged for a senior Burisma Holdings executive to meet with one of his father Joe Biden’s advisers at the State Department a decade ago, just months after the Ukrainian energy firm’s owner was targeted in a high-profile and U.S.-backed corruption investigation, according to documents secretly gathered years ago by the FBI. The elder Biden was vice president at the time.

The documents, obtained by Just the News, chronicle a plan in summer and fall 2014 to connect Burisma executive Vadym Pozharskyi with then-State Department energy adviser Amos Hochstein, now a Middle East envoy for President Joe Biden. It was facilitated by the law firm that employed Hunter Biden at the time, Boies Schiller Flexner.

Amos Hochstein, Former State Dept. Energy Adviser

Hunter Biden himself was directly involved in the outreach, at one point helping to forward a direct number for Hochstein to facilitate a follow-up.

“Pls send D Amos’ contact info,” Hunter Biden wrote in a November 2014 email asking his business associate Eric Schwerin to forward the phone number to another of his business partners, Devon Archer. 

“Amos is ‘Acting Special Envoy, Bureau of energy Resources’ at State,” Biden added, showing he knew Hochstein’s role and its relevance to the Ukrainian energy company.

2014.11.20-Hochstein contact info.pdf

The documents, which were gathered by the FBI and other federal agencies in 2016 in an unrelated securities fraud case, were recently turned over to the House Oversight Committee by Archer.

The new evidence is significant to House investigators leading the Biden impeachment inquiry for several reasons.

First, some of the documents were not on Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop seized by the FBI in December 2019 and were never produced as evidence in Donald Trump’s Ukraine impeachment case.

Secondly, Hochstein had been questioned by Senate investigators in 2020 and claimed “he could not recall” whether he had contact with Burisma as early as 2014.

And third, and perhaps most significantly, the efforts to connect Hochstein with Pozharskyi began in July 2014, less than three months after Hunter Biden joined Burisma’s board. About that time, Great Britain’s Serious Fraud Office made a high-profile effort in April 2014 to freeze Burisma founder Mykola Zlochevsky’s assets as part of a money laundering investigation that was assisted by the FBI. (Continued…)

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  2. Alex Niezgodski

    What more do the FBI and DOJ need. If they refuse to act on this evidence they are coconspirator’s plain and sad. Who polices the police when they are nothing but corrupt!

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