(GALLUP) Record number of voters pro-choice and plan to vote on it

The following is from Gallup News Poll.

A record-high 32% of U.S. voters say they would only vote for a candidate for major office who shares their views on abortion. The importance of a candidate’s abortion stance to one’s vote is markedly higher among pro-choice voters than it was during the 2020 presidential election cycle, while pro-life voters’ intensity about voting on the abortion issue has waned. Also, voters’ greater intensity on the issue today compared with 2020 is explained mainly by Democrats, while Republicans and independents have shown little change.

U.S. adults who are pro-choice are also significantly more likely now than two decades ago to say it is important that any future Supreme Court nominees share their views on abortion.

These results come two years after the Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization leaked draft decision foretold the court’s plan to abolish constitutional protection for abortion.

At the same time, Gallup finds Americans’ support for abortion rights and identification as “pro-choice” holding at the historically high levels seen since the Dobbs decision was leaked.

These findings are from Gallup’s annual Values and Beliefs poll, conducted May 1-23.

Abortion’s Importance as Voting Issue Up, Especially Among Pro-Choice Voters

Gallup has gauged the importance of a candidate’s views on abortion among U.S. registered voters at least once during each presidential election cycle since 1992.

The current 32% who say they will only vote for a candidate who shares their views is up four percentage points since last May and eight points since 2020.

Meanwhile, a diminished plurality of voters, 45% (down 11 points from last year), consider abortion to be just one of many important factors, the lowest reading since 2012.

Another 19% (up five points) say it is not a major issue for them, which is the third consecutive reading under 20% and well below those taken between 1992 and 2020.

An examination of voters’ responses to this question based on their stance on abortion shows that pro-choice candidates stand to benefit more than pro-life candidates from single-issue abortion voters.

Specifically, nearly twice as many pro-choice voters (40%) as pro-life voters (22%) say they will only vote for a candidate who agrees with them on abortion. This is the third consecutive year that abortion-centric pro-choice voters have outnumbered abortion-centric pro-life voters in the U.S., marking a reversal of the pro-life advantage between 1996 and 2020.

As a result of these changes, the 32% of all registered voters who say they will only vote for candidates who share their views on abortion now includes 23% who are pro-choice and 8% who are pro-life. (Another 1% don’t identify with either label.)

Before 2022, electoral energy was more balanced or leaned toward the pro-life side. During this time, no more than 10% of voters said they were pro-choice and would only vote for those with the same beliefs and no more than 13% of voters identified as pro-life and would only support candidates with the same position. (Continued…)

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3 thoughts on “(GALLUP) Record number of voters pro-choice and plan to vote on it”

  1. “My body, my choice,” is an indefensible and laughable argument. Although humans do not require ten fingers, two eyes, or two kidneys to survive, what surgeon would remove one of these per a patient’s wishes, just because? Also, body parts of a person share the exact DNA as that individual; but mother and unborn child do not. Finally, the US Constitution neither guarantees nor precludes abortion rights. Rather, approval/prohibition are delegated to the states per Amendment X. The issue may be important for candidates at the state level. Not so much nationally.

  2. It’s an appalling statement on American society that with all we have learned about prenatal development, heartbeat, and the excruciating pain babies experience from being dismembered and murdered that pro abortion voters even exist.

  3. Hard to overcome decades of propaganda and demeaning of those who oppose abortion.
    The right to terminate the lives of the most indefensible humans on the planet seems to be a priority here in the good ol’ USA.
    We are one of only six nations where late-term abortion is legal.
    Dubious distinction.

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