(GALLUP) Slight majority of US adults still say changing gender is morally wrong

The following is from Gallup News.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A steady 51% of Americans think changing one’s gender is morally wrong, while 44% say it is morally acceptable, which is generally in line with readings in 2021 and 2023.

At the same time, more than six in 10 U.S. adults oppose laws banning gender-affirming care for minors.

Demographic Differences Persist in Morality of Changing Gender

There are significant demographic differences in Americans’ views of the morality of changing one’s gender.

Majorities of political liberals (81%), Democrats (72%), those who do not identify with a religion (67%), those who do not attend religious services regularly (59%), young adults aged 18 to 29 (56%) and college graduates (53%) believe changing genders is morally acceptable.

Less than half of their counterparts say the same.

While slightly less than half of women believe in the moral acceptability of changing genders, they are significantly more likely than men to think as much (48% vs. 39%, respectively).

Most Americans Oppose Ban on Gender-Affirming Care for Minors

In recent years, lawmakers in many U.S. states have attempted to limit or ban access to gender-affirming care for minors. These treatments generally can include psychological counseling, puberty blockers or hormone treatments.

In all, 25 states have enacted laws or policies limiting minors’ access to gender-affirming care. Many of the states are facing lawsuits challenging these laws.

Gallup gauges Americans’ support for laws banning such care for minors with two questions, each asked of half of the total sample.

One question asks about bans in general terms, on “treatments and medical procedures,” while the other spells out some of the specific treatments that could be banned, such as “psychological support, hormonal treatments and medical surgeries” to help minors align with their gender identity.

The two question versions yield statistically similar results. In both cases, a little more than one-third of U.S. adults favor laws banning gender-affirming care, and just over six in 10 oppose such laws. (…Continued)

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4 thoughts on “(GALLUP) Slight majority of US adults still say changing gender is morally wrong”

  1. Anorexia and gender dysphoria are mental disorders. We don’t treat anorexia patients with liposuction. So, why would we treat dysphoria patients with gender-altering pharmaceuticals and/or surgery?

  2. This Gallup poll is simply just another reflection and referendum on the delusion that seemingly now permeates American culture, society and much of our governance. I certainly wonder too who the demographic is that Gallup polled, only from the perspective that possibly the participants are not a cross section or representative of American males and females.
    If this is accurate and in no way jaded, what another example of a sad view of humanity by those who were surveyed.

  3. Sad that in spite of the data coming in from Europe there is still so much support for this, especially for minor children. Experimental surgeries on underage children reminds me of the movie Boys From Brazil.
    That was horrifying, and so is this.

  4. Morality aside, it just isn’t possible to change gender (sex). You can carve up a body (cosmetic surgery) and poison it (hormones), but all you’ve done is badly mutilate someone.

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