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Lawsuits, subpoenas force Stanford Internet Observatory to get rid of outsourced election censorship

The following is from Just The News.

The Stanford Internet Observatory, the co-leader in a Department of Homeland Security-conceived private consortium to flag and mass-report alleged misinformation for removal in the 2020 and 2022 election cycles, will reportedly not “conduct research into the 2024 election or other elections in the future” as its controversial federally tinged work became embroiled in lawsuits and congressional subpoenas.

“Silicon Valley and democracy” newsletter Platformer reports the group is “winding down,” crediting unnamed sources: founding director Alex Stamos left in November, research director Renee DiResta, whom Stamos said has “worked for the CIA,” left last week “after her contract was not renewed,” another staffer’s contract expired and others were told “look for jobs elsewhere.”

Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., put renewed and likely unwanted attention on the feds’ relationship with the Election Integrity Partnership last month by claiming the public and private sectors were communicating again about removing purported election misinformation, even as the Supreme Court decides whether the federal role in private censorship is constitutional.

EIP had a 35% success rate in the 2020 election cycle, by its own tracking, in convincing tech platforms to suppress narratives, overwhelmingly by conservatives, through labeling, removal and soft-blocking, meaning users had to reject a warning to see them. 

Just the News itself was targeted in the system.

Stanford disputed the organization was shutting down, telling Platformer  theimportant work of SIO continues under new leadership, including its critical work on child safety and other online harms, its publication of the Journal of Online Trust and Safety, the Trust and Safety Research Conference, and the Trust and Safety Teaching Consortium.”

Communications professor Jeff Hancock will incorporate the ongoing work into his Stanford Social Media Lab, according to Platformer.

The university decried “lawsuits and congressional investigations” that it said were chilling free inquiry and undermining academic research “both at Stanford and across academia.”

House Judiciary Committee Republicans celebrated the “BIG WIN” following their efforts, including a transcribed interview with Stamos in which he allegedly couldn’t explain references to DHS’s direct role in the group, specifically its Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.  (Continued…)

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4 thoughts on “Lawsuits, subpoenas force Stanford Internet Observatory to get rid of outsourced election censorship”

  1. Big Brother’s censorship is evil. Always.

    The Orwellian doublespeak claiming censorship is freedom is just more gaslighting. Democrats are now resorting to gaslighting every day on every issue.

  2. Stan,

    “Big Brother” AND
    “Deep State” AND
    “Shadow Government”
    AND “Committee of 300” are SYNONYMOUS terms (( read/
    study, “Conspirators’ HIERARCHY : The Story of the Committee
    of 300,” by Dr. John Coleman, published in 1992 )) :

    Forwarded Message :

    Dear Glenn Beck & Boys,

    The Great Replacement ( of Whites and their Civil Society ) :

    AFFIRMATIVE-Racism /
    AFFIRMATIVE-Sexism /
    are Libertine Liberal Leftists’ social-
    engineering machinations :




    List of Social-Engineering Damages—
    applied to America (( absent AFFIRMATIVE-
    Action policies; and scroll down to the
    Paul Harvey replay of his 1965 report,
    about how to destroy America )) :


  3. Stan,

    Censorship can be PROTECTIVE of family / children / good-civil-society :

    Forwarded Message :

    Dear Health Impact News Editor,

    Simpsons and Family Guy have turned x-rated, yet conservatives, – as is usually the case, always
    behind the curve on Culture War issues – remain silent.

    At least the Family Guy porn-pushers give a pre-show warning, that those under 14 ought not to watch their cartoon.

    My report on Porn-Power, used to destroy West for Socialism/Communism, below :


    Forwarded Message :


    Re : psychology of PORN and Cause of Gender Dysphoria

    Why are parents removing PORN-type books from school libraries while – with just two clicks on a computer mouse – they’re able to access EXTREMELY mind-damaging SEX Acts of every conceivable kind, including bestiality ?

    Children subjected to PORNOGRAPHY
    are at grave risk of ACTING out that
    resulting BRAIN Trauma :

    Forwarded Message :

    — Ted Bundy and Porn // Ten Commandments // Death-to-America List —

    Dear Doctor Miller,

    Re: the S & M “50 Shades . . .“ franchise

    His childhood traumas aside, TED BUNDY had self-analyzed! —and reported, that his deadly sexual habit was groomed into existence by pornography (( S & M pornography )) !

    Media and psychologists and sociologists had responded by coming to the defense of the pornography / pornographers, not expressing ANY serious consideration of Bundy’s high I.Q. opinion.

    Why not any thoughtful analyses by the professional academics ?

    After Bundy’s initial comment and public responses, nothing more was said of it.

    Pornography destroys civilized society, but PROFITS rule. And serial-killer/cannibal Jeffrey Dhamer had been similarly hooked on violent porn magazines during childhood.

    Always mention Bundy’s own analysis, to be fair to T R U T H .

    Females Impacted by S & M Porn :

    Victim’s Story of Ted Bundy Attack (( use language translator ? ))

    Porn Leads to Mental Illness :

    Spain Legalizes Rape of Animals

    Scroll down to posts in here, and learn
    of t-h-e Root Cause of Gender Dysphoria :


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