Man commits suicide: family sues hospital for wrongful death

The family of a man who committed suicide in 2022 is blaming a Connecticut hospital for his death.

52-year-old John Northrop killed himself inside Danbury Hospital, according to a lawsuit.

He had reportedly attempted suicide the week before but was determined not to be suicidal when he was at Danbury Hospital in June of 2022.

Northrop’s family says his suicide was “caused by the negligence and carelessness” of hospital staff.

They also allege “repeated behavioral assessments failed to recognize critical warning signs or adequately address (the patient’s) mental health crisis.”

The hospital has denied any wrongdoing.

Read lawsuit here.

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3 thoughts on “Man commits suicide: family sues hospital for wrongful death”

  1. Sorry for the family but IMO this is a frivilous lawsuit. Even if the hospital made a poor diagnosis regarding Mr. Northrup’s suicide tendency, the family had the responsibility to get further treatment for Mr. Northrup if they believed he was still suicidal.
    Should the hospital be found negligent I suspect higher costs for mental health care issues as more lawsuits will follow.

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