Memos show an FBI security inquiry tried to unmask employee support for former President Trump

The following is from Just The News.

FBI officials conducting a top-secret security clearance review for a longtime employee asked witnesses whether that employee was known to support former President Donald Trump, if he had expressed concerns about the Covid-19 vaccine or had attended a Second Amendment rally, according to internal memos that prompted a complaint to the Justice Department’s internal watchdog alleging political bias inside the bureau.

The employee’s security clearance was revoked months after the interviews, which confirmed his support for Trump and gun rights and his concerns about the Covid vaccine, according to the documents obtained by Just the News.

The memos show that agents for the FBI’s Security Division asked at least three witnesses in spring 2022 whether the employee, whose name and job title was redacted from the memos, had been known to “vocalize support for President Trump” or “vocalize objections to Covid-19 vaccination.” Agents ascertained from at least one witness that the worker, in fact, had declined to get the coronavirus inoculation.

The latter questions about the vaccine were asked in spring 2022, a few months after the U.S. Supreme Court had struck down vaccine mandates in corporate workplaces and a separate federal court had issued an injunction on federal employee vaccine mandates. 

The agents also asked witnesses whether the FBI worker had “attended the Richmond Lobby Day event” in January 2021, a rally for supporters of the Second Amendment in Virginia. The agents’ notes referred to the colleague they were vetting as a “gun nut” but who in engaged in “no promotion of violence.”

You can read the memos here:


FBI officials declined comment about why a worker’s support for Trump and the Second Amendment or his hesitancy to get the COVID-19 vaccine had relevance to his security clearance.

They also declined to answer whether similar questions about support for Joe Biden or other medical issues, such as a woman’s support for abortion.

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3 thoughts on “Memos show an FBI security inquiry tried to unmask employee support for former President Trump”

  1. george fate eady

    i have said many time out here that there is no low to low for the democratic party and now that goes for the democratic owned FBI

  2. George Fate Eady,

    Simply read/study the
    “Franklin Cover-Up,”
    and judge the efficacy
    and morality and effi-
    ciency of the
    which had protected
    pedophiles’ access to
    kids, according to the
    investigative author/
    senator in Nebraska’s
    unicameral governing


  3. P.S.

    Sharyl and Lisa—and Full Measure Team,

    Re: T H E
    – of –
    which is directed by the World Jewish Congress, via the ADL and ACLU in the U.S. (( the first of which above
    three Talmudic POWERS—study that religion, now Israel’s Formal State-Religion )) had turned the West against – and had DECLARED War upon – Christian-Germany, in order to advance International Communism, by tamping down Hitler’s push for National ( German ) Socialism—as the Nazis having been unwilling to sacrifice White German Culture for C O M M U N I S T Jews’
    B R U T A L I T A R I A N-type
    Global Economic Socialism
    ( my term ).

    See Bolshevik-Jews’ BRUTALITARIANISM in
    1920s Russia and, thereafter (( 70-years of
    BRUTALITARIANISM !, until collapsing from
    within—from what Russian workers joked
    to expose :
    “They pretend to pay us,
    and we pretend to work.” )).

    Keep in mind, Berlin had looked like poop-/pee-/trash-littered SanFrancisco does today—which drove Nazism as a correcting/rehabilitating means to RESTORE once-civilized and once-clean and once-racially-homogenous Germany (( Berlin had become crowded with EVERY type of ETHNIC representation—bodies in various stages of inebriation and behavioral dishevelment/discord/immorality )).

    The World Jewish Congress – owned/operated by the Banking House of Rothschild –
    had directed GLOBALIST David Rockefeller’s thinking/operations in America; and which bank controls/runs the 5 London Banks ( City of London ); and which 5 English (Monarchical) banks own/run America’s Federal Reserve ( sic )—which
    “MONEY Supply” (( only gold and
    M O N E Y ! )), to effect purposeful – not accidental ! – Great Depressions; and which economic UPHEAVALS are USED by Rothschild & Team to seize LAND / FARMS / and
    SAVINGS from dumb-as-a-box-of-bent-nails CHRISTIANS, waiting for Jesus to return and raise them up to Heaven—and even though HIS disciples had FERVENTLY – obstinately – B E L I E V E D Jesus’ R E T U R N would happen during THEIR Own lifetime !


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