(POLL) 2024 Election: Trump has 5pt. advantage over Biden

Former President Donald Trump continues to lead President Joe Biden, although the margin has shrunk in the past month – perhaps reflecting the impact of Trump’s recent trial in New York City.

That’s according to Rasmussen Reports.

The survey found that, in a two-way contest between Biden and Trump, 48% of likely voters said they would choose Trump and 43% said they would vote for Biden.

In April, Trump led the two-way matchup by eight points, 49% to 41% for Biden.

Six percent (6%) now say they’d vote for some other candidate, and three percent (3%) say they are undecided.

Adding third-party candidates does not appear to affect Trump’s five-point lead over Biden.

In a three-way matchup including Robert F. Kennedy Jr., 45% say they would vote for Trump, 40% say they would vote for Biden and eight percent (8%) say they would vote for Kennedy.

In a five-way match-up including Green Party candidate Jill Stein and former Harvard Professor Cornell West, 44% say they would vote for Trump, 39% say they would vote for Biden, eight percent (8%) say they would vote for Kennedy, and one percent (1%) each say they’d vote for West and Stein. 

A month ago, Trump led the three-way matchup by 10 points and was 12 points ahead of Biden in the five-way matchup.

To see survey question wording, click here.

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4 thoughts on “(POLL) 2024 Election: Trump has 5pt. advantage over Biden”

  1. Point 1: polls are not a true source of accurate data.
    Point 2: who wins, who looses depends on how honest and secure a voting system we have.
    Point 3: voter roll throughout USA are far outdated and not kept accurately, especially between states.
    Point 4: as long as there are electronic voting connected to the internet, I’m suspect to accuracy.
    Point 5: only true safe form of voting, you register before, you vote of voting day in person.
    Point 6: absolutely no week long “early” voting and no drop boxes.

  2. I believe this is why Biden might win:
    The synopsis of Ms Attkisson’s article is precisely why Biden might win. My contention goes back to what Benjamin Franklin’s response to a woman’s “Thanks, Mr Franklin (for the US).” “It’s yours,” he replied, if you can keep it.” Franklin’s point was, “If you can keep it.”
    One would think getting the Republic would be the hardest part. But the longer it is after fighting to get the Republic (ie in the Revolutionary War) the harder it is to keep it-because the harder it is to notice or be aware that her trajectory is going down.
    I’ve always wondered why so many on the Left/Progressive side couldn’t view Biden’s obvious mental and physical decline. His successes at incompetency.
    Well, now I think that they actually can view his decline-but that they ignore it because they believe Biden’s aides and support groups will continue to further the Leftist policies of the Administration.
    They, in other words, are not interested in having a President, so long as the President’s policies continue. Or perhaps they don’t know what President Biden’s policies are, they just know that they don’t like Trump. They aren’t aware and they don’t care that they don’t care-because, they believe, that there will always be an America.
    So they don’t feel America’s survival is being threatened-unless, as their friends tell them, “Trump gets in.”
    That’s why the polls are still close (even though Trump is ahead according to most polls, by low single digits) In my opinion, the opposition electorate just does not care about our (or Franklin’s) “Republic”.
    They believe the US will continue as it always has. They believe our ship of state can survive without her Constitutionally Devised rudder.

  3. I simply think people are tuning out and we know who we will vote for. I’ve never been called for any pole. If people are not awake to the insanity that is still surrounding Trump and that it is election interference they have their heads in the sand and deserve what will come if Trump is not securely elected. I doubt they would get away with another assignation like they did with John Kennedy. No matter what happens, God is still in control and He alone is on His Throne. He knows what our country needs better than I do. Trump is not our Savior, but I do believe he would be wiser this time with his appointments and that he would do more to clean house and get our legal system on the right track again. Who would have thought we would have a woman on our Supreme Court who refuses to define her own biological gender. That is something else indeed.

  4. The “polls” would change radically in favor of Trump winning by the biggest landslide in US History if the lazy, stupid, and arrogant Supreme Court would stop rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic long enough to weigh in on the FAKE Manhattan conviction of Trump for a non-crime.

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