RETRACTED: Alzheimer’s paper that claimed ‘amyloid beta protein’ may cause the disease

Neuroscientist Karen Ashe plans to retract her team’s landmark Alzheimer’s paper after acknowledging that it contains manipulated images.

There are implications for the expensive drugs marketed and developed to treat amyloids in order to supposedly treat Alzheimer’s.

If you’ve been watching my TV program (links below) you already knew these “miracle” new Alzheimer’s drugs were suspect. Yet you’re still paying $28,000/yr for Medicare and Medicaid patients to get treated.

For example, the first drug was approved by FDA against the advice of every single FDA adviser on the board that considered it.

The 2006 study, which suggested that the disease could be caused by an amyloid beta protein, has been cited nearly 2,500 times.

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3 thoughts on “RETRACTED: Alzheimer’s paper that claimed ‘amyloid beta protein’ may cause the disease”

  1. It is hard to know who to believe nowadays.
    I get many Email health newsletters and all point to amyloid proteins being responsible for Alzheimers. Now I’m not certain if that’s still so (“manipulated photos” doesn’t mean it isn’t). Or maybe ‘amyloid proteins” are noticed in Alzheimer patients, but some other things cause them.
    Who knows?!!! After, the obfuscations and misleadings that accompanied COVID (and especially the COVID vaccine), I don’t know which doctors to believe.

  2. Too much “medicine” today targets unproven surrogate markers. They create a disease to match some feature the drug can tweak, losing sight completely whether it even matters in outcomes or even related to the underlying disease .

    Not much better than snake oil sold to the worried-well and the eternally hopeful. Except now the costs are spread across total strangers to this medical scam, instead of just a fool and his money soon parted.

    “Amyloid plaques” have long been suspect as either cause or cure of Alzheimers. Shameful they are still being touted … but always as surrogate if you read what they claim very carefully.

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