RFK Jr. responds to Supreme Court decision on govt. censorship

The following is from Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s organization, Children’s Health Defense

June 26, 2024                                      

Children’s Health Defense Responds to Supreme Court Murthy v. Missouri Decision

Washington, D.C. — Children’s Health Defense (CHD) statement on SCOTUS decision in Murthy v. Missouri:

CHD is deeply disappointed in the Supreme Court’s decision in Murthy v. Missouri to reverse the preliminary injunction that the Western District of Louisiana granted and the Fifth Circuit affirmed. We consider the government’s role in coercing and encouraging censorship by social media platforms the greatest threat to free speech in our time. We note that the Supreme Court did not reach the merits. We will continue with Kennedy v. Biden, a separate lawsuit in the Western District of Louisiana, where we believe there is no issue regarding lack of standing for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. or Children’s Health Defense, who were directly and traceably censored and continue to be heavily censored. We expect this case to move forward even if standing remains an issue for the Missouri v. Biden plaintiffs.

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4 thoughts on “RFK Jr. responds to Supreme Court decision on govt. censorship”

  1. Richard Sinnott

    It is a myth that SCOTUS is to defend constitutional governance. James Madison was a hopeless romantic in thinking that the judiciary would be a bulwark against tyranny, though in the early days of the republic his ideal might have been realized on some cases. Those days are gone. Here at the end of empire, with the Hebrew State On The Potomac thoroughly in control, the role of SCOTUS is to sustain the illegitimate status quo.

  2. Stephen L Schrader

    I agree with RFK. “Standing” in the legal sense is understandable however, the preponderance of evidence in what this government did and continues to do and future governments in what they now have license to do, is an abomination.

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