Shocking, New Details About the Government’s Spying on Me and My CBS Computers (PODCAST)

Never-before-released forensic details and excerpts from shocking testimony in Sharyl Attkisson v. The Department of Justice over the government’s forensically-proven intrusions of my computers.

Listen below.

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5 thoughts on “Shocking, New Details About the Government’s Spying on Me and My CBS Computers (PODCAST)”

  1. I’d followed your intrusion story for some time with a modicum of interest, however that changed somewhat with your own new show’s coverage. Then I realized how important not only to you but to the fourth estate and the nation as a whole your experience is.
    To any American citizen who grasps that although this spying on others whether due to nefarious, dangerous activities by a true enemy to our nation, or for other than that, as is yours, must comprehend this is the food for failed states. How much of an infection this is, via our nation’s government leaders and employees is vital to the safety and security of all Americans must be known. How much of this is not known? How many others have suffered through the same or similar? Who will end this or at least make major inroads to do so? Who are these employees? These Americans must know full well that they are participating in illegal acts against other Americans who are not law breakers or enemies of America. Why no conscience by them to not participate in the destruction of law-abiding citizens?
    As well, this and similar activities in my view, in which retired former military and law enforcement officers utilizing their special training, experience and knowledge engage in security, protection, and intimidation of Americans for wealthy, powerful persons who have the wherewithal to hire these types. That they too see the money or some incredible bias, and not the damaging effects of their anti-American actions. Or they could care less; short term benefit. This is what the gift of American citizenship has rendered to those of questionable character.

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