Still no accountability at Covid-scandal-ridden federal health agencies

A former FDA official and vaccine reviewer confirms what many suspected all along.

Why haven’t heads STILL rolled?


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5 thoughts on “Still no accountability at Covid-scandal-ridden federal health agencies”

  1. Todd Michael Wiseman

    Not a shocker
    ALL doctors are on the take, bribes, kickbacks, no hand washing, does anyone trust any dr since the LIES is 2020 ? Here’s the 🍒 cherry on the cake, most docs are devout atheists, we haven’t seen a dr since 2014, we don’t drink booze, smoke cigs or eat nasty meat, thus, therefore we are heathy, bicycle all summer , not fat , I’m 145 lbs

    Todd & Colleen
    Ohio univ Athens


    The entirety of the field of
    VIROLOGY is suspect—as
    is American citizens’ – and,
    particularly, EVANGELICAL
    Christians’ – I.Q. ( reasoning )

    Read/Study, “Turtles All the Way Down,”
    regarding virology (( and read, “The Iodine
    Crisis,” by Lynne Farrow, to explain plung-
    ing I.Q.—fluoride in water supplies com-
    pounding that plunge notwithstanding )).

    And read #19 in here (( 19th from
    among 148 articles suggestive of
    MASSIVE Medical fraud )) re the
    Covid-19 Hoax, which was a multi-
    deep-state (( including China and
    Great Britain and Israel and . . . ))
    PLOY—to STOP another Trump term,
    via MASSIVE mail-in-ballot FRAUD,
    effected by locking up everyone
    ( remote-controlled Electronic Vote
    Machines may be more effective in
    CONTROL of U.S. election outcomes ) :


  3. Richard Sinnott

    Todd & Colleen

    Common sense requires that there are exceptions to every rule. It’s true that most humans can be paid do to something, including doctors. And our medicine for profit model has always seen money change hands between doctors and those capitalists in business selling various products to doctors. There is a mercenary streak in humans and it is seen in virtually every profession. Pretty much any professional will write or say anything he is paid to write or say.
    To be clear, there were many brave and principled doctors who stood against the tide 4 years ago, many. Pierre Kory, who Sharyl has interviewed.

  4. I seriously doubt there will ever be accountability. Almost in same league as police with immunity against wrong doing. Investigate yourself and find no errors.
    Basically what these “Health Organizations” have done is turn the majority against them and what they say. Next time there is a seriously devastating potentially killer outbreak of anything people will remember Covid19 and simply ignore the warnings.

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