(WATCH) Full Measure Season 9 Roundtable: Highlights

The following is a transcript of a report from “Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson.” Watch the video by clicking the link at the end of the page.

As we travel to shoot stories for Full Measure, we get to see a lot of the world and meet a ton of fascinating people, and there’s a lot we, of course, don’t have time to put on television. So that’s what this segment’s about. Scott?

Scott: Yes. So we were actually out west in Arizona doing a story about helium mining, you may recall. And while we were there, we stopped on a very famous corner in Winslow, Arizona. You, of course, know the song by the Eagles, “Take It Easy”: “Standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona…such a fine sight to see,” right? So it’s actually fascinating because it kind of rejuvenated an area that, after there were other roads built around Route 66 that other people started taking, the town really kind of shrank. So it was great to just get there, watch all these tourists pull up, and all of them singing the exact same line from that famous Eagles song. One memorable lyric changing a town. Really interesting to see. 

Sharyl: Fantastic. Lisa, what about you? 

Lisa: One of my favorite quirky stories from this season actually ended up being right here in our own backyard in D.C. The Bureau of Engraving and Printing has what’s called the “Mutilated Currency Division,” and their job is to replace your money (who knew!) when you mess it up. So whether it’s been damaged or destroyed, as long as they can authenticate it from these special strips that they embed in your money, you will get your money back. We even saw currency that had gone in one end of a cow or dog and come out the other. So there’s no limit and no level of gross-ness that these investigators would not endure to get folks their money back.

Sharyl: It is. It really is.

Scott: Government doing some good — maybe. 

Lisa: There you go. We’ll look into that more deeply.

Sharyl: For me, since you asked, I found something unexpected on my trip to Cuba where we covered the Communist island’s surprising transition to a more market-style economy. Would you look at some pictures though. 

Cuba, as you know, is a very poor country. Very beautiful and very poor, suffering from our decades-old embargo, even with Fidel Castro long-gone. One thing that surprised me is how clean the capital of Havana was. Look at the streets. I defy you to find a speck of trash in these photos. I think I’ve gotten used to going to some of America’s biggest cities and seeing garbage and open-air drug use and crime and homeless encampments. Obviously, Cuba has a lot of problems, but none of those things was visible on our travels. So fascinating trip for me.

And with that, we’ll call it a wrap for our ninth season of Full Measure. And a few announcements before we close out.

First, my new book, “Follow the Science: How Big Pharma Misleads, Obscures, and Prevails,” will be published Sept. 3, and I hope you’ll consider pre-ordering it. It explains in exacting detail with citations how corruption in media, medicine, and politics factors into our chronic health epidemics. On the positive side, I’ll highlight the growing coalition of free-thinkers, doctors, and concerned citizens who are bravely questioning the dogma and demanding accountability. You’ll want to read “Follow the Science” if you’re interested in re-claiming your health and taking back control from the profiteers and propagandists.

And now our biggest announcement. We’re happy to say that we will be back for Season 10! In fact, we’re about to head out now, traveling, researching, and shooting new stories for the fall. Until then, you can watch some of our favorite programs over the summer right here. And be sure to check out our website, fullmeasure.news, and my podcast, “Full Measure After Hours.”

Thank you so much to Scott and Lisa for all your terrific work, and to our boss Scott Livingston, to Batt, to Brooke Conrad, who’s going on to something even more exciting I hope in the future, for all her hard work — that was fantastic. And to the lean and mean Full Measure team that keeps finding new ways to bring informative, accountability journalism to you every week. 

We’ll see you all in September!

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  1. Sharyl and Lisa—and Full Measure Team :

    “The purpose of a writer is
    to keep civilization.” -Camus

    What is your purpose ?

    Do you seek out stories related
    to fixing America’s MORAL
    decline ?

    What of Baltimore schools pass-
    ing of blacks through to graduation
    —not able to read/write at 6th-grade
    level (( decades of enabling teachers
    and their administrators—and 6th-
    grade competence today reflecting
    a far lowered standard . . . far below
    what was required in, say, the early
    Sixties )) ?

    Recall this post—getting at the crux
    of things . . . of my trying to keep
    CIVILIZED society :



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