(WATCH) Season 9 Roundtable: Covid Concerns

In this, our ninth year on the air, we continued to devote a lot of time to what’s shaping up to be one of the most impactful stories of our time: post-COVID concerns affecting millions. One way we know how important this line of reporting is, is how many people found our stories after they aired on television. Millions of people around the world found our replays online.

Our special hour-long town hall and segments with Dr. Jordan Vaughn and Dr. Pierre Kory informed millions about illnesses impacting an incredible number of Americans long after COVID, even if they had COVID without any symptoms, or after the COVID vaccines. And, crucially, independent doctors are diagnosing and figuring out how to treat these mysterious illnesses in patients that couldn’t find help elsewhere.

The following is a transcript of a report from “Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson.” Watch the video by clicking the link at the end of the page.

Andy Sink: Andy Sink, 55. Had acute COVID that required hospitalization.

Henry Ray: Mini blood clots in my lungs.

They report a wide range of debilitating after-effects from COVID, COVID vaccines, or both. Some became sick right away. Others were hit hard a year — or even two years — later.

Vaughn: It’s almost like there’s two worlds. There’s before COVID and after COVID. And a lot of doctors are still living in the “before COVID” world, where everything’s in the textbook. 

Vaughn thinks he’s figured out why people who have had both COVID and COVID vaccines often seem to get the sickest. 

Vaughn: So we are designed all to make fibrin. Fibrin is one of the first kind of response mechanisms.

Sharyl: It forms a clot if you’re injured or something?

Vaughn: Yeah, it’s like trauma or infection, all those kind of things. You’re going to make fibrin as a response to that. But the fibrin you usually make is, again, like spaghetti that just came out of the colander. But the fibrin that you make in response to a spike protein that’s associated with COVID and the vaccine is kind of like burnt spaghetti with cheese in it that you have to get a Brillo pad and get it off the bottom of a casserole dish with. And in that sense, that’s why it’s so unique. It’s resistant to being broken down. 

Sharyl (on-camera): Meantime, another of our reports is still getting widely-circulated and drawing attention and outrage. It’s the story of Maddie—who may be the COVID vaccine’s first child victim, since she was injured while in the original Pfizer study. Her family says everyone involved in the study, as well as the government, seemed to want to bury Maddie’s case rather than learn from it and warn others.

In summer of 2020, Stephanie de Garay and her family learned an important clinical trial was about to be launched at nearby Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. It would test Pfizer’s experimental COVID-19 vaccine on 12-to-15-year-olds to see if it was safe and effective.

The de Garays, firmly pro-vaccine, didn’t hesitate to let their children take part. Among three siblings, 12-year-old Maddie alone was chosen to get two doses of Pfizer’s vaccine, rather than a harmless placebo. It proved a fateful and debilitating roll of the dice.

de Garay: Her second dose was Jan. 20 of 2021. And that was my son’s 16th birthday, literally the day. I have a picture of the three of them on that day. That night, in the middle of the night, that’s when it all started. So, less than — it was, maybe, let’s just say, 12 hours after her second dose.

Sharyl: Did you think right away that this was probably a vaccine reaction?

de Garay: 100%. There was nothing wrong with her prior to that.

Before long, Maddie lost feeling in her legs. Here, she’s scooting on the floor and using her hands to lift her legs.

Sharyl (on-camera): It’s been over three years since Maddie’s nightmare began. The financial strain of all her treatments has depleted the family’s income. But some positive news from her mom: Maddie can swallow now, even though the food makes her sick. She can feel down to the bottom of her shins, and her upper-body strength and eyesight are improving. She remains positive and can’t wait to walk again.

In a related story, we also decided to try to unravel a longstanding COVID mystery. We looked into reports of giant, weird clots of some type showing up in cadavers around the world in the post-COVID and post-vaccine time period. You were apparently as fascinated as we were by what we learned.

Richard Hirschman is an embalmer who has been investigating disturbing evidence left by the dead: mysterious clots appearing in cadavers around the world.

Richard Hirschman: Well, the very first photograph I took was in September of 2021.

Sharyl: What does that first photograph show?

Hirschman: That first photograph shows a very, very large, white, fibrous-looking clot that was literally about the length of the individual’s leg itself. Clots are one of the things we run into sometimes in embalming. We’re used to that. But these clots are totally different.

Hirschman wasn’t alone in his observations. He began connecting with embalmers and funeral directors in Canada, the UK, and New Zealand, who were reporting the same disturbing phenomenon.

Sharyl: Can you estimate about how many other embalmers or people in the same line of work you’ve personally had contact with who’ve described something similar?

Hirschman: Everyone that I’ve had personal contact with are seeing them.

Sharyl (on-camera): As far as we know, no official government body is looking into the phenomenon.

Watch video here.

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