Court temporarily halts federal mandate requiring states to provide gender-denying procedures

A Texas District judge has put a temporary halt to the Biden administration’s expansion of Title IX to force states to offer certain medical procedures to people who wish to be the opposite sex.

Opponents call them “gender denying procedures,” while supporters call them “gender affirming procedures.” They include medicine and surgeries to give the person features of the opposite sex.

Montana and Texas are suing the federal government and asked for the preliminary injunction.

Last May, the federal government expanded the definition of so-called Title IX protections given to women, and extended the protections to people who want to change their appearance to that of the opposite sex. The language of the Biden administration stated that the protections forbid “discrimination based on the basis of gender identity.”

Both Montana and Texas bar people who receive taxpayer-funded Medicaid health care for the poor from getting the controversial procedures paid for by the state. They also prohibit minors from getting the treatments and surgeries.

The issue has grown in controversy in recent years as more people, including children, have been getting controversial procedures that have serious risks and can have negative, long-term physical and mental health implications, according to studies.

Controversy has also risen over males increasingly competing on female sports teams.

Supporters say it’s important for people who feel confused about their sex to have the drastic options that allow them to mimic and live life as the opposite sex. They say it can improve the mental health of those afflicted with what mental health experts call “gender dysphoria.”

A powerful and well funded lobby has emerged in recent years. It’s designed to fund efforts to normalize and accept gender dysphoria rather than find root causes and try to treat it without drastic surgeries and medical procedures.

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3 thoughts on “Court temporarily halts federal mandate requiring states to provide gender-denying procedures”

  1. Red states must balkanize and refuse to enforce deranged, debased and debauched federal laws and mandates from evil forces have made abortion and trans mutilation celebrated on demand blood sacraments….

    Side note: Your links always work on Gab. Not so much on IG….

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