Uncovered: Misinformation About Vaccine ‘Science’ (Podcast)

Mary Holland of Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s Children’s Health Defense discusses censorship, misinformation about vaccine “science,” and the tell-it-like it-is vaccine book: “Turtles, All The Way Down.”

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2 thoughts on “Uncovered: Misinformation About Vaccine ‘Science’ (Podcast)”

  1. I believe that a lot of the anger in the vaxx vs anti-vaxx arguments is related to the inability of some people to deal with their fear of the unknowns. Lots of people don’t want to think about the complexities and just want to indulge in unquestioning trust in authorities. Some are appalled at any lack of faith: “How DARE you question THE EXPERTS!!!” There are extremists in this discussion, like in every discussion. Some people want to think that all vaccines are perfect and that our medical system is above any reproach, while others think that all vaccines are poison and our medical system is run by the devil. Most people are rational and in the middle somewhere, but many are propagandized by a media that wishes us to think that all vaccines are perfect and that our medical system is above reproach because that works so well for them. But you cannot improve upon anything unless you are able to look at the facts and reason rationally and without bias or fear.

    1. Very apt observation. It’s called cognitive dissonance when one reacts to information that conflicts with beliefs. And the anger and upset is a defense to dismiss that dissonance. It is a universal human foible, built into the brain structure of our species (all the cognitive processing goes through the emotional brain centers). The easiest course of action is disbelief and resumed faith in what is believed. Even scientists, engineers, reporters, bureaucrats, professionals and elitists have this foible, but it is better rationalized (a cognitive explanation that explains the emotional stance). My solution is to cultivate doubt. Scientific doubt. Media doubt. Rational doubt. Political doubt. Even a modicum of doubt allows beliefs to be easier abandoned after falsification. That doubt also allows better listening and communication skills. Thanks for posting!

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