Govt. blames Covid after issuing 7.1 million visas to foreigners without proper vetting

The following is an excerpt from Judicial Watch’s Corruption Chronicles.

In addition to the unfathomable immigration crisis that has jolted the nation during the Biden administration, millions of foreign nationals have been granted visas to enter the United States without proper vetting that includes in-person interviews and the collection of fingerprints similar to the Visa Express program used by three of the 9/11 hijackers.

The Department of State (DoS) issues visas to individuals seeking entry into the U.S. on a temporary basis for study, tourism, medical treatment, business, and temporary work. When the pandemic hit in 2020 the agency waived requirements to conduct consular interviews and collect fingerprints for some nonimmigrant visa applicants and 7.1 million got in without proper screening between 2020 and 2023, a recently published federal audit reveals.

The agency said the waiver was issued to address staffing limitations and visa backlogs, according to the probe which was conducted by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Inspector General.

In its report, which includes multiple redactions to supposedly protect sensitive information, the watchdog refers to the enormous amount of visa waivers as an “urgent issue” that must be addressed.

The security lapse was created by the State Department when the task of screening the foreign visa holders was passed along to Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the overwhelmed frontline agency charged with keeping terrorists and their weapons out of the U.S. during an unprecedented onslaught of illegal immigrants.

Unbelievably the Inspector General found that CBP, which must balance facilitating lawful travel and trade with protecting land and seaports amid a deluge of migrants, was not informed which foreign visa holders arriving at the U.S. border were not properly vetted by the State Department.

“CBP Office of Field Operations (OFO) port directors at some U.S. ports of entry had not been aware of the interview and fingerprint waiver program,” the report states, adding that it was not until March 2024 that the State Department began providing CBP with information on visa holders who were not screened. It is not clear why visa applicants are still not vetted abroad by consular offices even though the pandemic is no longer an issue.

This information is alarming considering CBP is responsible for screening all foreign visitors and returning American citizens upon arrival at a United States port of entry (POE).

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5 thoughts on “Govt. blames Covid after issuing 7.1 million visas to foreigners without proper vetting”

  1. This is surprising, since the federal government is known for being so efficient.

    (LOL LOL LOL — sorry , I thought I could type that without laughing, but it was just TOO stupid)

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  3. Sharyl and Lisa—and Full Measure Team,

    I’d have written, “Covid Hoax,”
    in that SUBJECT line :

    Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

    “ Hundreds of angry Belgians have filed a lawsuit against
    Bill Gates,
    British epidemiologist
    Neil Ferguson
    in court. They want all corona measures to be abolished. They have argued that ‘[w]ithout a lockdown, there would have been fewer deaths.’ People have lost their freedoms and their livelihood all to further a concocted agenda which is really to further Climate Change. Bill Gates has come out and claimed that Climate Change will be far worse than COVID. ”

    Above Paragraph Found Here :


  4. OK, so let’s deport them, too. If those visa holders then want or need to return, they can go through the regular vetting process. BTW, all government workers should report to an office every day to execute their functions. Taxpayers shouldn’t be required to pay for “remote workers” without oversight who then “have too much work to do.” And if there are not enough people to do the work of vetting and issuing foreign visas, then cap the number of people who can come into the country. “No” has to be an option.

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