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Border, National Security and Terrorism

Obamacare & Health




Border, National Security, Immigration & Terrorism


Sanctuary Showdown: Feb. 5, 2017 The “CFO of the Dept. of Justice,” Rep. John Culberson (R-Texas) talks about the plan to withhold funds from sanctuary cities.

Sanctuary Cities: Jan. 22, 2017 The looming battle over sanctuary cities that protect illegal immigrants.

Foreign Threats: Jan. 15, 2017 What are the biggest foreign threats facing a Trump administration, and why does a top former Obama official say we became less safe under the Obama administration?

European Disunion: Dec. 11, 2016 The E.U. Ambassador to the U.S. discusses Europe’s immigration and refugee crisis. What can America learn from their efforts to control their borders?

Run for the Border: Dec. 4, 2016 A United Nations of illegal immigrants is rushing the border ahead of Trump’s inauguration.

The Cost of Terror: Sept. 11, 2016 What has been the cost to society and to taxpayers 15 years after 9/11?

The Missing: May 15, 2016 In Arizona, one medical examiner has taken on the grim task of identifying remains of the illegal immigrants who die while crossing the border.

Saudi Strain: April 24, 2016 Congress and 9/11 families push for a bill to let Saudi Arabia be sued in U.S. court for alleged ties to terrorism.

Tunnel Vision: April 3, 2016 What lies beneath the southern border is an astounding network of secret drug tunnels.

Syrian Refugees: April 3, 2016 A Republican bucks his own party and advocates for the U.S. accepting more Muslim refugees from Syria

Morocco: Tracking Terror April 3, 2016: How the Muslim nation of Morocco has successfully battled terrorism.

Bordertown USA: March 20, 2016 Mexican drug cartels silently control parts of U.S. border towns, including Douglas, Arizona, in unimaginable ways.

Cuban Exodus: March 20, 2016 Our exclusive report reveals the avalanche of Cubans crossing into the U.S. through the southern border with Mexico.

Border Control Part 1: March 6, 2016 A revealing investigation of the porous southern U.S. border. Includes astonishing surveillance video showing cartel members crossing into Arizona.

Border Control Part 2: March 6, 2016 How easy it is for drug smugglers to cross into the U.S.

Guantanamo Bay: Feb. 28, 2016 Will President Obama be able to keep his promise to close Gitmo?

Paris: The New Normal: Feb. 14, 2016 Scott Thuman reports from Paris as the French seek normalcy after the latest terror attacks.

Euro Crisis:Feb. 7, 2016 As more desperate Muslim refugees flee war torn hotspots, Europe faces a crisis.

The Rape Game: Feb. 7, 2016 Scott Thuman reports on what police say is a dangerous criminal game played by Muslim immigrants in Europe.

Jihad Central: Dec. 6, 2016: Scott Thuman reports from an infamous mostly-Muslim neighborhood in Brussels that’s at the nexus of Europe’s terror activity.

28 Pages: Nov. 29, 2015 Democrats and Republicans alike question why the federal government is still keeping secret 28 pages from Congress’ 9/11 report.

Sanctuary for Crime Part 1: Oct. 25, 2015 The U.S. government reports thousands of rapes, murders and other violent crimes committed by illegal immigrants in a short period of time.

Sanctuary for Crime Part 2: Oct. 25, 2015 Federal officials and advocates downplay the problem of violent crimes committed by illegal immigrants by the thousands.

Syria Policy Failures: Oct. 11, 2015 Former U.S. Ambassador to Syria reviews U.S. policy failures.

Euro Migrant Crisis: Oct. 11, 2015 With terrorists threatening to sneak in among refugees, a desperate situation worsens. Scott Thuman reports.

Coming to America: Oct. 11, 2015 A small town in Maine is inundated with Muslim immigrants and grapples with the cost and culture clash.

Obamacare & Health


Prescription Drug Prices: March 19, 2017 We dig into the mystery surrounding how prescription medicine is priced and find some surprising cost-saving tips.

Vaccine Policy: Feb. 19, 2017 Robert De Niro and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. join to push for an independent scientific commission to examine vaccine safety.

Blind Ambition: Feb. 5, 2017 An update on the story I broke in 2005 about the possible link between Viagra (and other ED drugs) and blindness.

Trumpcare: Jan. 29, 2017 An interview with Sen. Charles Grassley on what may come next.

The End of Obamacare: Jan. 8, 2017 A review of why Obamacare died… and what’s next.

SuperBugs: Dec. 4, 2016 The rise of antibiotic-resistant super bugs and why the government doesn’t require hospital to report their outbreaks.

Obamacare: Critical Condition: Oct. 30, 2016 Amid “catastrophic” rate hikes, why Obamacare isn’t working and why experts say it can’t.

Zika: June 19, 2016 What will $2 billion tax dollars be spent on? Is it really necessary–and how big of a threat to the U.S. is the Zika virus?

Doctors at Risk: June 5, 2016 At more than 60 hospitals, patients are being cared for by doctors working far outside the normal limits for number of consecutive hours they should work…to see if more of the patients ultimately die. And the patients aren’t being told. It’s the iCOMPARE study.

Bitter Pills: May 1, 2016 Did Johnson & Johnson cover up devastating alleged side effect in widely-misprescribed drug Risperdal: boys growing women’s breasts?

Cadillac Tax: March 27, 2016 How citizen journalist Rich Weinstein uncovered videos of Obamacare architects admitting they fooled the American public and sold them a bill of goods–secretly imposing a huge, new tax on work insurance policies.

Human Testing: Feb. 28, 2016 Did federal government and prestigious hospitals and universities experiment on premature babies without telling the parents?

Health Costs: Feb. 21, 2016 We partnered with Pioneer Institute to see how easy it is to comparison shop for medical procedures and uncovered astounding price disparities.

Costly Care: Jan. 21, 2016 Under Obamacare, with premiums and deductibles skyrocketing for millions, there’s a new class of uninsured

Viral Threat: Dec. 13, 2015 The CDC is largely mum on an epidemic of paralyzing and sometimes deadly polio-like cases of EV-D68 and AFM


Sum of All Knowledge: Feb. 26, 2017 How secretive political, corporate and government force control the information you see on the news and online. Part 2

Degrees of Debt: Feb. 12, 2017 Why colleges costs so much and the desperate measures some students are taking to pay for it.

The Dutch Donald Trump: Jan. 29, 2017 Scott Thuman introduces us to the controversial populist rising in the polls.

Obama’s Exit Strategy: Jan. 15, 2017 Is President Obama embarking upon a scorched earth strategy on his way out? Or is it business as usual?

Water Wars: Dec. 11, 2016 Bottled water is about to outsell soft drinks in the U.S. What are the health and environmental impacts?

Shrimpers Lost: Nov. 27, 2016 Foreign competition threatens the U.S. shrimping industry and a way of life for some in the Louisiana bayou.

The Big Miss: Nov. 13, 2016 How did the pundits, media and polls get Campaign 2016 so wrong? And who in the news media has been colluding with political operatives behind the scenes?

Campaign Cash: Nov. 6, 2016 Who are the big money donors behind Trump and Clinton?

Clinton Foundation Katrina Funds: Oct. 30, 2015 Following Hurricane Katrina donations as they passed through the Clinton Foundation.

Democrats Courting the Felon Vote: Oct. 23, 2016 How Democrats in several states are quickly trying to register more felons to vote before the November election

Climate Change Refugees: Oct. 16, 2016 Millions of U.S. tax dollars are paying to relocate an Indian tribe in Louisiana. Are they really the first “climate change refugees” or is there more to the story?

The Weird Science of Polling Oct. 9, 2016 How bias enters into the polls and what you should–and shouldn’t–believe.

The Welfare State: Sept. 18, 2016 Maine Gov. Paul LePage has sworn off the press, riled up critics and is reforming welfare as they know it in Maine.

License to Work: June 26, 2016 Are occupational licenses standing in the way of millions who want jobs? In many states it takes just 30 days of training to be an Emergency Medical Technician. But a year+ to get a license to pack boxes, trim tree, braid hair.

Vaxxed and Screen Censors: May 8, 2016 When a current CDC senior scientist said he and his top CDC colleagues fraudulently destroyed data to cover up a link between vaccines and autism, especially in African-American boys, Congress wouldn’t hold hearing and the media wouldn’t report it. When a documentary was made telling the story, powerful interests tried to stop it.

The Dark Side of Wikipedia: April 17, 2016 It’s not the encyclopedia anyone can edit. Has the world’s most popular encyclopedia been taken over by PR firms and corporate, political and special interests who control and skew pages for clients?

Nonprofit$: Jan. 24, 2016 You might be surprised to hear about the giant salaries some nonprofits are paying their executives while their organization gets a boost from taxpayers.

Benghazi: Rescue Interrupted: Jan. 10, 2016 Obama administration insiders tell us, exclusively, that Special Forces attempted a rescue but were prevented. Why?  Part 2



V.A. Whistleblower: Feb. 19, 2017 Was a contractor for Veterans Affairs cheating vets and taxpayers?

The Immaculate Corruption: Feb. 5, 2017: New documents show top U.S. bank executives were secretly referred to the Dept. of Justice for criminal charges 5 years ago. A Citigroup whistleblower asks: why was nobody prosecuted?

Legal Swindle: Jan. 29, 2017: How the feds use your tax dollars to fight retaliatory legal battles against its workers.

Burned Follow: Dec. 4, 2016: A follow-up to “Burned.” Witnesses tell Congress discrimination inside the Dept. of Agriculture hasn’t withered under Obama administration despite promises.

Calling the Crash: Oct. 2, 2016 These three business women were living The Big Short before it was a Hollywood film. Why their story continues a decade after they foresaw the mortgage crisis.

Encryption: March 13, 2016 Long before Apple’s battle with the FBI, Qwest CEO Joe Nacchio gave the stiff arm to the government’s secret spy agencies. Why he ended up in prison.

Burned: Nov. 15, 2015 Whistleblower Alicia Dabney exposes shocking, discriminatory treatment as a firefighter working for the federal government.

The Whistleblower: Nov. 8, 2015 After Swiss banker Brad Birkenfeld blew the whistle on very important Americans illegally hiding their money, the U.S. prosecuted him and excused most of the tax evaders. But he got the last laugh.


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