(FORUM) Covid-19 vaccine passports don’t prove immunity; only compliance

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Those who wish to get vaccinated for Covid-19, and whose physicians have recommended it’s a good idea for them, should get vaccinated.

However, the hard push for vaccination and vaccine passports is puzzling when one looks at accepted science.

We now know that Covid-19 vaccines do not prevent Covid-19 infection. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) also acknowledges that vaccination does not prevent spread of Covid. The agency concluded that “viral load” — an indication of how infectious a patient may be — is “about the same” in infected vaccinated and infected unvaccinated patients.

As Israel announces effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine appears to be down to 39%, and U.S. vaccine makers are suggesting a booster just months after people got their double shots, the push to get more people vaccinated and show proof of vaccination has grown stronger.

The only sure thing a vaccine “passport” or verification proves is that somebody complied with advice or mandates. It does not guarantee that the person has any level of immunity. The person could be infected with Covid-19, and could be spreading it to others.

Meantime, absent from much public discussion is the broader and longer lasting immunity scientists believe is enjoyed by the 120 million+ Americans who have recovered with Covid (or been infected without showing any symptoms). This group, according to the bulk of scientific data, generally has better protection than the group of vaccinated patients, particularly among the vaccinated for whom the vaccines are no longer proving as effective as the early months after the shots.

What do you think is behind the push to require vaccination and passports, and ignore natural immunity?

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68 thoughts on “(FORUM) Covid-19 vaccine passports don’t prove immunity; only compliance”

  1. What do you think is behind the push to require vaccination and passports, and ignore natural immunity?

    It’s all about increasing the velocity of the revenue stream flowing to Big Pharma. Taxpayer funds flowing through the government to the private sector have many “taps’ for the elites … they measure this flow in dollars/femtosecond.

  2. The passport is just the weapon used to guarantee vaccination. So…what is the goal of the vaccine now that we know it doesn’t prevent the spread of Covid? There are as many theories out there as there are stars in the sky. To separate the compliant from the non-compliant? To line the pockets of all involved? Is that why promising therapeutics were mocked? We know what it’s NOT about. We can theorize all we want, but we won’t know for sure until the truth comes out. By then it will be too late.

    1. Control does seem to be the reason. Natural immunity due to previous infection seems much better. The one positive: While the peak viral load may be the same as without it, the “vaccine” may shorten the time one is contagious.

  3. The push is for the same reason as most authoritarian dictates. Power and control. This lets them track every move you make. Every time your “passport” is scanned, your location is recorded. It signals your compliance with dictates that do nothing for public health. It lets them know you comply with authoritarianism. You aren’t a resistor. It makes you more likely to follow the next dictate. You’ve given in once, why not again? Power and control.

  4. It’s a depopulation plan/event triggered to early (by Trump) for the globalist to effectively implement over the time frame they originally planned for.
    Trump forced them to implement their depopulation plan as fast as they possibly could which is exposing them.

  5. Excellent points and thanks for this post. As with everything these days, from the weather to masks, it’s a highly politicized issue. Compliance in a totalitarian regime is all that is important.

  6. The vaccine passports will be used to facilitate the Global ruling class take over. They need to move everyone to a digital tracking platform. There will be one digital central bank that will control all the “money” in the world. The G7 nations and alike have intentionally bankrupted their countries. The central bank will provide a solution in the future. It’ll look something like the social credit system in China. You will be told you have to take the latest shot, if you don’t they will turn off your bank account until you comply. It’s the ultimate control. The WEF and so called global elite have made it clear that they want to rule the world. “You will own nothing and be happy.” In other words, you will be slaves. The vaccine passport is the system to implement that control.

  7. Our government and media has a severe credibility problem, that’s why we are looking to Israel for answers concerning the virus.

  8. It is clear this is not about covid which has a low death rate overall and, as you report, the shot has low effectiveness rates. I believe Dr. Vladimir Zelenko’s assessment reported to Israeli leaders found on Rumble. He is the doctor who treated President Trump, Rudy Guiliani as well as 6000 others (he and his group). Watch and learn. Question the reason people are not treated early with proven medications, hydrachloroquin and ivermectin, and these treatments have been difficult to obtain. Question why brave doctors are speaking out even under the threat of losing their licenses – licenses are being pulled without the established procedures. Anyone who speaks out is threatened with the loss of their livelihoods. Question why the truth about Dr Fauci and the Wuhan virus has not been reported widely when there is clear documentation that, when those studies were banned in the US, he simply sent it to Wuhan to continue. Logic tells us the truth!

  9. For those who always believe what they are told by our government, good luck! For those of us who think for themselves and do their own investigation, and listen to America’s Frontline Doctors, and realize that there is a reason behind eliminating any news about the use of ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, and zinc, will continue to do what is best for themselves. Does anyone ever consider that no one in the usual media has told anyone HOW to treat COVID?

  10. IMO,, it’s about power and control. Vaccine Passports provide a gateway for behavior modification,, and it’s already being put in place. I’m more afraid of this than I am of the virus. Why else would this unsafe and ineffective vaccine be pushed? This virus is treatable and with early intervention hospitalizations and death can be prevented. However,, early intervention has been stopped at every opportunity. A shocking failure by leadership and the medical community.

  11. Sandra Gail Gildroy

    Isolation, division, control of the people and seems to be getting worse. Where are the protesters here? What has happened to those who used to See what was going on and protest things like Viet Nam? Thankfully, I am retired so it does not matter that I can no longer work unless wearing a mask and complying with experimentation. We need huge protests and to
    Pray for our children and grandchildren.

  12. I have been asking the same question! Coupled with the heads of state broadcasting that this is a pandemic of the vaccinated, and we all must do our part For me the craziest part is they never claimed the vaccines would stop the spread-only severity of the disease. So why? Why is anybody surprised by the statistics? And how can they possibly spin vaccine passports as making sense? Nobody seems to be thinking rationally anymore. It’s so frightening.

  13. Seems to be an experiment with big tech and certain government officials to prove they get get American’s to comply even if it doesn’t help. Reminds me of the $1 bet from the movie Trading Places. It wasn’t about doing the right thing, it was about proving a point.

  14. It’s not knowable why. We will only discover that as events unfold. Here’s what is knowable, however: They’re lying, and whatever it is they’re aiming at is something they can’t or won’t mention. And, what ever it is, no thinking person should go along.

  15. At it’s core, the passports and mandatory vaccinations appear to be more about power and fear than science. The coordination between employers is almost more frightening than the misinformation and blind support for all things science (much of is the exact opposite of science). With the very low credibility of elected officials and bureaucracies, there will never be 100% compliance voluntarily, so now we use compulsory methods? I’m guessing at best we’ll reach 85% and the rest will go underground. Then when the booster becomes mandatory, the number of those who comply will continue to fall. If you had 100%, you won’t get cases, hospitalizations, and deaths to zero, so lets start focusing on prevention and treatment. Where are those with the guts to stand up, besides the FL governor.

  16. The Great Reset. Totalitarian medical fascist globalist state. Destroy small business and allow for corporate takeover. And that’s just the part we see. The whole thing reeks of Nazi Germany. I read a book years ago when I was a teenager that explained the politics of how holocaust was enacted. Wish I could remember the name of the book but the game plan seems remarkably similar to what’s happening now. Although now instead of Jews and gays and mentally ill or handicapped people it is the unvaccinated.

    1. Cynthia M Silveri

      Indeed, there is really only one way to divide the world’s diversities of race, culture, religion into TWO groups—vaccinated or unvaccinated—in order to fully accomplish genocide and totalitarian regime of the global elites.

  17. Based on all I think that I know at this point, it makes most sense to have the treatments ready that seem to help in the early stages. The fanatical push by top authorities for everyone to be vaccinated while completely downplaying early treatment seems sinister. Are the reports (some rather catastrophic) of adverse effects of the vaccine true? I don’t know, but why risk it if the virus has such a small chance of killing me, there are effective treatments, and I will be better immunized after surviving it?

  18. What SCARES me most is wondering if the mandates, whether intended or not, have allowed our government to see how easy it has become to gaslight people in this hyper-partisan world? Frightening as we slide ever closer to a Brave New World.

    What CONFUSES me most is how adamant white liberals are about forcing this vaccine to stop the deaths they say are prominent among anti-vax Republicans … the same people they openly hate and wish death to. Huh?

  19. It’s about 95 % depopulation of the world by 2030 and the money for Big Pharma. Please look at 2030 agenda.

    Please keep exposing the truth Sheryl, I love your show.

  20. This is NOT about a virus or even a vaccine. It is about control and power. If it wasn’t, then natural or acquired immunity from having had the virus would be accepted rather than attempting to force everyone to get the jab without a test for prior infection or immunity. Human history tells us that there have always been those who desire money, power, and control. War is profitable to certain sectors and individuals. War is being waged against humanity. It started in March 2020 and will continue until those driving it have the control and power desired. Or until something prevents the progress of this agenda. What drives humans to obtain power over and control others? I don’t know. Are they evil or deranged? It seems so.

    How did the world and specifically the United States of America get to this place of irrational government proclamations from unelected officials some of whom also financially benefit to push the vaccines? What happened to critical thinking and rationality? Why does it seem that the main stream media is complicit in promoting a certain narrative? What happened to our ability to engage in free and open debate? Why must we all abide by the prescribed narrative? What happens if we don’t?

    Thank you, Sharyl, for asking. I pray that you’ll be able to continue to do so.

  21. If one does not watch mainstream media news, the fear and anxiety disappears. I have also “fired” my physician as he is on the “vaccination” gravy train. I’m in awe of Sharyl’s willingness to expose the truth…. It gives me hope that this medical farce can be exposed and stopped.

  22. Someone should look into how many of the vaccines are just placebos. This will explain why some people experience no side effects while others it kills or leaves devastated.

  23. Money and blind allegiance. Think about it. The vaccine was going to save everyone. Get 70% vaccinated and we will conquer Covid. That didn’t work, but get the booster and that will save everyone. When that doesn’t work get another booster. Every 6 months you will have to get a new shot. Great business plan, constant revenue stream mandated by the government. The companies don’t even need to pay for advertising. On a side note Sheryl I would like to see a report on Dr. Fauci’s investment portfolio and wether he has any ownership stakes in pharmaceuticals..

  24. 1. Economic disaster for the middle and lower class. Make everyone poor so the gap between rich and poor is greater. This includes planned scarcity of goods snd services.
    2. Using fear and lies via the main stream media and Government to pressure us to take an experimental, toxic and genetic potion that will alter us if not kill us. They have made billions on medicine and vaccines that does not cure.
    3. Control our thoughts directly by using magnetic and nanite technology in our bodies.
    I remembered an old western saying. You cannot take a knife to a gun fight.

  25. It seems to be a test run, isolating the independent thinkers from the sheep who are easily controlled. In addition to everything else people have said.

  26. It about an Idiocracy in a very real deep state trying to show it is doing something to help the populace get through an epidemic. That thing may provide a survival advantage to the elderly and obese, and it has so many ADE’s(adverse Drug Effects) that it would normally not make it to market, but the deep state corrupt CDC, FDA and CMS try to hide the truth..

  27. Our government in Pakistan, specially government of Sindh province went outrageously ahead in oppressing its citizens requiring vaccine certificates from everyone (specially government employees), if they want to receive their salaries from next month. They are also blocking phone SIM cards knowing that many people use e-commerce /online shopping platforms for their earnings. This is blatant violation of human rights in the name of performance against COVID. Why should my pregnant wife or three years old daughter go malnutritioned if I choose not to get vaccinated while strictly following SOPs. Why my livelihood is being made conditional to receving vaccines which have EUA only! In our case the vaccines are Chinese which only God knows been through what quality control / trial processes.

  28. Drew Skonberg, DC

    Dr. Tom Martin has requested and received NIH/NIAIDS emails involving Fauci and Daczek, the EcoAlliance organization that Fauci’s group funneled money into to pay for grants supporting gain-of-function studies at the Wuhan lab. These were largely redacted due to concerns citing an “ongoing investigation”. as the excuse to redact. There’s one email from 2015 which wasn’t redacted, however, that reveals a conversation via email between Fauci and Daczek that blows the lid off this being a conspiracy theory into a conspiracy reality. It connects the dots between coronavirus gain of function research for nearly 2 decades, coupled with the development and readiness of a vaccine to be used upon the coronavirus being released, and once the investors see that the money will begin to flow. He has testified and presented this information to Congress to be potentially presented to the department of justice and nothing has happened. When asked why this has not been taken up by the DOJ, his reply is that they’ve also been corrupted and are complicit. Very scary times which supports all that I am reading with regard to the New World Order, Agenda 2021/2030.

  29. At this point the Covid and Afghanistan debacles are a just distraction from the 2020 election fraud. If they can maintain their ability to control elections, you might as well get the vaccination and die from it.

    Yes, there will still be people who want 80% of the world dead, but they will be less powerful without the ability to determine the outcome of our elections.

    See Mike Lindell’s sites for more info.

  30. Whoever have studied medicine/anatomy/genetics must know from the beginning that any change to the original DNA means getting cancer cells. The natural body answer to this issue would be to kill those cells, but the scientists who have researched HIV found the way to trick the immune system, so that it does not recognize the new created cancer cells. Why would anyone want first to get cancer and then that the immune system can not react? The story is too simple – this vaccination is attack on the immune system, plus causing cancer in all sorts of ways.

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