Disclaimer: Use of AI-Generated Images on Our Website

Understanding the Nature of Our Visual Content

At SharylAttkisson.com, we strive to enhance the user experience and provide valuable context to our content through the use of visuals. To achieve this, we may incorporate AI-generated images in some of our posts. These images are crafted using advanced artificial intelligence technology to create visuals that are relevant and complementary to the articles they accompany and will not be generated in a way that is misleading in any way.

Purpose of AI-Generated Images

The primary purpose of using AI-generated images is to offer visual cues and insights into the topics discussed in our articles. These images are designed to be illustrative and are not intended to be mistaken for real-life photographs. They serve as a creative representation to engage readers and enrich the content of our posts.

Why We Use AI-Generated Images

In many instances, suitable real-life photographs may not be available or practical to use for certain topics. Copyright law limits our ability to use images on relevant topics. AI-generated images provide a flexible and innovative solution to this challenge, allowing us to visually depict a wide range of subjects, including abstract concepts, futuristic scenarios, or unique perspectives that might be difficult to capture through traditional photography.

Distinguishing Between Real and AI-Generated Images

We understand that the realism of AI-generated images can sometimes lead to confusion. Therefore, if there is any question about the authenticity of an image, please assume it is likely to be AI-generated. These images are used for illustrative purposes and should not be considered as factual representations of real-life events or entities.

Your Role and Feedback

Please contact us at [email protected] for any queries or comments regarding our use of AI-generated images.


We believe in the power of visual storytelling and are committed to using technology responsibly to enhance our content. Our use of AI-generated images is a testament to this commitment, offering a blend of creativity and relevance in our articles. Additionally, it helps us limit the cost of operating this website, which is offered at no cost to any users.


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