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Release Date: Sept. 3, 2024

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The respected independent journalist and New York Times bestselling author of Slanted, Stonewalled and The Smear exposes the corruption that has ruled the pharmaceutical industry for decades.

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Through blatant lies, deep cover-ups, and high-level collusion with government and media, Big Pharma has continuously put profits over people. Now, with her signature investigative rigor and uncompromising commitment to the truth, Sharyl Attkisson takes readers on a journey through the dark underbelly of the pharmaceutical industry.

Despite growing skepticism over the past three decades over high prices and a lack of innovation, Big Pharma’s critics have often been silenced or labeled “science deniers.” Even major media stories have been suppressed to placate pharmaceutical advertisers. The rift has only grown since the major pharmaceutical companies and their allies attacked anyone worried about the Covid-19 vaccines and major new treatments failed to significantly affect outcomes despite skyrocketing costs.

Follow the Science will challenge your assumptions, open your eyes, and inspire you to take action. With its powerful message of truth and justice, this book is a must-read for anyone who cares about the future of our healthcare system.

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From Keith Urbahn about “Follow the $cience”:

This is an important book that speaking truth to power. It expertly exposes how the pharmaceutical industry, government, and media insidiously collaborate to rob ordinary citizens of the scientific truth and thereby endanger their lives.

The book illustrates how everyone from the powerful to the ordinary American citizen can find themselves squaring off against powerful interests seeking to suppress the truth and squash scientific inquiry. These pages also serve as an important Covid after-action report that the government and health authorities denied American citizens and has deeply unsettled the populace and shaken our faith in medical authorities. 

This book will serve as an urgent, clarion call to all those seeking scientific truth no matter where it leads. Just seeing the playbook that pharmaceutical companies run to obscure the truth about the drugs that they’re pushing to an unsuspecting populace will help countless readers navigate a complicated world.    

Sharyl’s other book are “Stonewalled,” “The Smear,” and “Slanted.”

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The five-time Emmy Award-winning investigative reporter and New York Times bestselling author of Stonewalled and The Smear uncovers how partisan bias and gullibility are destroying American journalism.

The news as we once knew it no longer exists. It’s become a product molded and shaped to suit the narrative. Facts that don’t fit are omitted. Off-narrative people and views are controversialized or neatly deposited down the memory hole. Partisan pundits, analysts and anonymous sources fill news space leaving little room for facts. The line between opinion and fact has disappeared.

In Slanted, Sharyl Attkisson reveals with gripping detail the struggles inside newsrooms where journalism used to rule. For the first time, dozens of current and former top national news executives, producers and reporters give insider accounts, speaking with shocking candor about their industry’s devolution.

Americans know their news diet is now filled with fast food concoctions created from talking point recipes devised by partisan and corporate interests. They see a record number of fact mistakes made by some of the world’s formerly most well-respected media outlets . . . often with no apologies. The media largely blames Donald Trump. But as this autopsy shows, the death of the news as we once knew it is self-inflicted. And the weapon was the narrative. 

Sharyl Attkisson also finds reason for hope and argues that courageous, counternarrative news reporting can revive journalism.In Slanted, Sharyl Attkisson reveals with gripping detail the struggles inside newsrooms where journalism used to rule.


Reviews and Endorsements

Mickey Huff, Project Censored

For decades now, Sharyl Attkisson has deftly navigated the world of establishment journalism, refusing to kowtow to ephemeral trends or prevailing biases, cutting through the noise from the bipartisan propaganda machine inside the D.C. beltway. Her latest efforts in Slanted remind us that while censorship and disinformation campaigns are nothing new in our history, the realm of social media and so-called fact-checkers has added another layer to the deception. It is a platform rife with those who want to curate our realities, based on their own world views and interests, shadow banning inconvenient truths into an online, Orwellian memory hole. In short, the programmers and algorithms behind the big tech curtains are now the ones who “pull the wires of the public mind” (as Edward Bernays would say). They shape the master narratives for society to consume and regurgitate. We not only need to be mindful of their tactics and actions, but proactively subvert them by relying on our own critical media literacy skills while constantly vetting and broadening our information sources. In SLANTED, veteran muckraker and whistleblower champion Attkisson helps readers traverse this confusing and ever changing technocratic landscape with a compass set on transparently sourced truths, ones many in the establishment press fail to acknowledge (chief among them, the industry’s own biases and conflicts of interest). We become a much more media savvy culture as a result of her continued journalistic analysis and excellence.

Professor Mickey Huff
Director of Project Censored and president of the Media Freedom Foundation; Chair of Journalism, Diablo Valley College
Brit Hume, Journalist

Sharyl Attkisson left CBS News in search of a place that would not keep suppressing her work. She speaks from experience about the bias that dominates much of the news media today, and she writes about it with clarity and authority. Her latest book is a most interesting read.

Brit Hume
Marcel Reid, Whistleblower Summit and Film Festival

Sharyl has an uncanny knack to see the kernel of truth in the most convoluted story. In SLANTED, she applies those skills to one of the biggest stories of our time: manipulation of information in the media. Democracies depend on an informed public. However, the public cannot learn about without fearless and honest reporting. Slanted is just that.

Marcel Reid
Whistleblower Summit and Film Festival
Sean Hannity, TV host

America needs a strong, honest and unconflicted news media that isn’t afraid to tell the truth in this hyperbolic and biased environment surrounding networks and news rooms everywhere. Sharyl Attkisson experienced firsthand the bias of a media outlet more concerned with politics than the truth. In SLANTED, Sharyl Attkisson helps explain why this concept seems to be evaporating before our very eyes— and provides a call to action on how to get it back, before it’s too late.

Sean Hannity
Television host
Rep. Darrell Issa

In SLANTED, Sharyl Attkisson exposes the forces behind the shocking trend that seems to have convinced so many Americans to ask for their news and information to be censored. It’s a call to action regarding free speech, access to uncensored information, and an honest and accurate press.

Rep. Darrell Issa
Former Chairman of the House Oversight Committee
Rep. Jason Chaffetz

From ‘mostly-peaceful protests’ to ignoring the lies that lead to the Mueller investigation, the media increasingly gives us only the facts they want us to hear, packaged into the stories they need us to believe. Nobody explains this new dynamic better than Sharyl Attkisson.  Throughout SLANTED she exposes, based on speaking first hand with people at places she used to work, what is really happening at the biggest names in media. Prepared to be shocked and dismayed.  It truly is worse than you think.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz
Former Chairman of the House Oversight Committee
Lara Logan, Journalist

Sharyl Attkisson is a force – and one of the bravest people I know. Those working to destroy journalism wield staggering power and the number of us willing to take them on are few. But she is one of them and she does it with meticulous investigative journalism, systematically breaking down the lies and exposing the ‘liars’. I have known her a long time and there are few people I respect as much. It is impossible to overstate the significance of this book and those she wrote before this. Sharyl is one of a dying breed – one of the most reliable, impressive journalists of our time. 

Lara Logan
Investigative Journalist
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