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  1. Sharyl: I emailed you three revelations that you may wish to add to your collusion timeline.
    Best wishes- Brian

    1. Gord Bolton @GordBolton on Twitter

      I do not see a thread. There are organized campaigns to bully scientists, journalists who report on improving vaccine safety etc.. as you probably know.

      I posted your article regarding the Vaccine Expert who wanted to change his opinion and was set upon on @twitter. I was surprised by the “virulent” response! So I followed the trail to #Adjuvants & #Glutomates & #thimerosil This led me to Merck and Merck leads to:
      I was posting what I found on a thread that included you. I think the thread is frozen & I may be suspended from twitter. Let me know if you can view the thread pls. regards

      1. Sheryl
        Please take a few minutes to examine this website. It is about a terrorist case, it was one of the first wide spread uses of mind control techniques (implicit value pairs for example) for public thought control. It has a great deal of valuable information to offer about the current situation, the election, and the extent of the corruption. This case was used to cull the journalist pool and weed out the non cooperative ones. Its a banned site, you can’t find it on google (try) so in your url bar type in unabombers and add a dot com (Thats plural, and with an A not an I ).

        1. Surely, they deserve to be investigated, then hung for murder and high treason. Actually, I would prefer the tried-and-true firing squad. Call me sentimental, the Marine Corps experience has a way of staying with you! MOS-8541.

          1. your comments incite nutters as you spread disinformation as does Attkisson, Sinclair and her right wing conspiracy followers/ Shame on you and her

          2. Hello Sharyl,

            I’m reaching out to you because you follow me on Twitter. The reason I’m reaching out is I am one of likely thousands of “normal” people who have been unfairly banned for life for literally no reason at all (aside from liking trump back when he was president). This hasn’t changed with Musk taking over and it feels like I’ve (we’ve) been forgotten about in the releasing of jailed Twitter accounts. I bet it’s in the hundreds of thousands of voices that have been silenced. I was hoping you could use your profile to maybe get Elon’s attention on this matter. To truly change Twitter and make amends for what they’ve done he really should have a mass amnesty of accounts at this point. I would love to be back on and support your content there again. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

        2. Event 201 says it all : They basically admit that their NWO new strategy is to LIE — that is, to block all dissent to the NWO media…..for the “good of their agenda which is to help civilization”,

      1. Almost any info on that collaboration has been deleted or removed as Fauci created the virus at Fort Detrick Bio Weapons Center in Maryland in 2014 under Obama, shut down in 2017 and shipped to China with about $15 million. The rest is partly unknown. Dig too deep and DNC creeps will come after you.

    2. They screw with her own links on her website! Make it so she can’t communicate links showing the election fraud! Everyone is being sensored and they continue to screw with an honest journalist that wants to share the truth!
      DOJ FBI screwed up. Targeting American Patriots that want to share the truth!

    3. @SharylAttkisson

      Will each of us have a soulmate in heaven?

      MOVE THE (below) DOT COM to the left, next to the “S” in order to complete the essay LINK.

      https://beforeitsnews .com/religion/2020/12/will-each-of-us-have-a-soul-mate-in-heaven-2556048.html

      For a copy without a link, go to [email protected]

      Arthur Trafford

    4. Serge Serge Makushin

      Dear Donald Trump, there is a folder of compromising material on you found at Bidon on the 22nd, if you publish it, then you will not be president with searches you will not get off this folder pulls for life, write an email [email protected]

    5. Why not just rename her “JOURNALISM” Sham to THE TRUMP COUP-CULT and BULLSHIT Show. Here she is with her CONTINUATION OF THE BIG LIE with her own GODDAMNED LIES ABOUT VOTER FRAUD and her endless Thrill her TRUMP PUSSY SQUEEZE YADDA YADDA YADDA … Tell the lie long enough THE FOOLS FALL FOR THE “Journalist” of PURE CRAP … Adkinson has been a mouthpiece for the GOP and the SCUM at The Federalist Society NOT A JOURNALIST, JUST A SHILL

  2. I believe you and your guest overlooked one of the main contributors to so called incivility in society: Unreasonable expectations derived from political correctness. Perhaps some have become too sensitive and selfish.

  3. SHARYL we love Full Measure. You and your team are excellent investigators.

    one huge problem…..

    ..YOU NEED AN HOUR!!!! are you ever going to have 60 minutes to cover your great stories??

    Donna and Dan Emelity

    1. Right on. Full measure tells it like it is and not fake news. Glad to have honest reporting and not biased even thought it is on CBS.

    2. I ABSOLUTELY AGREE. The topics you presented on FULL MEASURE were so TRUE and AFFECTED the society.
      The length or more quantity of your presentations need to be increased. That is the Media production’s
      Evidence in excellent reporting. No self interest but it is always based on the truth, reality facts finding,
      effectiveness to the society and for the Rule of Laws to justify.
      Great job Sharyl Attkisson, let internet learn to spell and to fix spelling your beautiful name online.

  4. Thank you for your program. However I would appreciate if you did not disable the comment section on the youtube Full Measure. You speak the truth, you do not need to be afraid. Let people speak. We all know there will be trolls, but hearing like minded people is making us less afraid:)

  5. Hi, I am a chronic pain patient. I have atypical trigeminal neuralgia, polyneuropathy of arms and legs, plus hemicrania continua. I advocate for many others with chronic pain. Millions of people have various invisible pains and are being misunderstood or mistreated not only by their families, but by their doctors, society, and governments. We have been unfairly stigmatized by the media and society. We battle not only our own pains, but the ignorance people have. We are being blamed unfairly for this so called “Opioid Epidemic” which we did not start. It was started by unscrupulous doctors and fake pain patients/addicts for profits and wanting to get “high”. We are unfairly targeted and labeled “drug seekers”, “drug addicts”, “criminals”, “doctor and pharmacy seekers”, etc. Many of us need these drugs in order to function in society and at work. Without these drugs, there have been more suicides, people who were working are now bedridden, depression sets in, people turning to the “streets” to get their much needed medication, etc. We need help to end this. Please let me and others to come to your show or at least do an investigative report on the false claims that the anti-opioid, anti-pain patient groups are reporting. Thank you!!

    1. I too am a chronic pain patient and I too suffer from trigrminal neuralgia. I also struggle with disautonomis, occipital neuralgia, chronic pain, and other, severe medical problems that require me to use prescription opiate pain medications to survive.
      Howard Techau could not have written it better! We need to end this wrong and unfair label that has been put on legitimate pain management patients like us! These false claims that anti-pain patient groups are reporting need to be addressed! Many of our lives literally depend on it! I personally have spent the majority of my life bed ridden as a result of my spinal injury. More recently, I have struggled with vital organ failure from my spinal injury. The pain that I have suffered with and endured is excruciating, exceptional, and debilitating. I believe that I, and others like me, deserve a platform to speak about how important opiate pain medications are to our very existence.

    2. Oh, boy, do I ever agree with this poor person! Please, let him or her come on, with others of us who either suffer similarly ourselves, or who have loved ones who do, and refute this horrible attack on our ability to survive.

    3. Here we are 1/10/21 and no one has done anything about the chronic pain patients who are in real pain and need opioid medications. If someone has done something please tell me where to look so I can read it. I am scared my medication is going to be taken and it will leave me in such tremendous pain I don’t know what I may do. I lost my nephew to overdose of drugs but it had nothing to do with physical pain, it was emotional pain he was trying to get away from. Thanks.

    4. My wife of over forty-eight years suffers from multiple physical effects due to inherited genetic defects to her endocrine system. Most debilitating for her is chronic and debilitating pain. She has been; misdiagnosed, had unnecessary operations, suffered post-surgical complications as a result of her underlying conditions, dealt with depression and multiple other indignities prior to the discovery of her true underlying condition. These things are a progression of Science and Medicine I suppose and I am personally grateful she has a proper diagnosis. Her challenge now and in the future is how to deal with her chronic and debilitating pain. Her once vibrant Marriage and Family Therapy Practice is no more as she simply can’t withstand the rigors of such an undertaking. She has been prescribed paid meds for several years by her physician…until the past few years. In these recent times she has practically had to “Go to War” to simply get refills. I watch her parcel out her meds. She is meticulous. Not a single pill is unaccounted! The FDA could learn from her system, yet she is still considered to be SUSPECT in regards to her script. She has seriously committed to alternatives to narcotics and in each case has quickly wound up bed-ridden and in misery due to her pain. The punch line to this story is; The dosage of Pain Meds she is prescribed is less than one would receive after having a tooth pulled! Yet, simply because she is prescribed a Controlled Substance she is suspect! I am not unsympathetic to the efforts of Law Enforcement and the Medical Community in their overall efforts to curb opioid use and/or find alternatives. I AM offended by the meat-axe approach currently being used and the way it affects my wife and all the honest folks and their suffering. I apologize if the tone of this message is harsh. We have; argued, cajoled, explained, discussed, fought, pled, begged, flailed and otherwise railed against the indignity of The System all to no avail. People are suffering needlessly because no one will publicly acknowledge and commit to act.

  6. Sharyl

    Happy hunting’s.

    In memory of:

    Lincoln Steffans
    Ida Tarbel
    George Seldes
    I.F. Stone
    Sarah McClendon
    Edward R. Murrow and Fred Friendly
    And so many more.

    Do want free thinking independent press was meant to do.

    Have at it.

    More to follow.

    Get your rest.

    This is but a tip of the iceberg.

    Stay clear of kryptonite.

    You have that special DNA of the lineage of Ka-el.


    (MAR. 16, 2018)—The Senior Executive Services (SES) was created as Title IV in the Civil Rights Reform Act of 1978 under President Jimmy Carter.


    The Act reformed the civil service of the federal government, partly in response to the Watergate scandal. It abolished the U.S. Civil Service Commission and distributed its functions primarily among four new agencies: the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB), the Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) and the Senior Executive Service (SES).

    On Sep. 19, 1979, President Carter called SES “the keystone of the Civil Service Reform Act.” Tellingly, Wikipedia describes it as an also-ran program. Also-ran or keystone? It cannot be both. President Carter’s statement stands in stark contrast to the program’s TOTAL lack of transparency and the public’s total lack of awareness of its existence. Keystone for what? Hindsight provides the answer: racketeering, theft, obstruction of justice, conspiracy, fraud, treason and sedition.

    SES statement to Congress on Dec. 01, 2016, Appendix 2, last paragraph, PDF p. 228, “Appointments to SES Positions”:


    “By law, the appointment or removal” of SES positions “shall not be subject, directly or indirectly to review or approval by an officer or entity within the Executive Office of the President.” (Is this not sedition?)

    Note: This SES statement was endorsed by the following Senators. Did they know what they were endorsing? Somebody needs to give at least Sen. Rand Paul a heads up.

    Senators who endorsed SES rule that SES cannot be fired by the President: COMMITTEE ON HOMELAND SECURITY AND GOVERNMENTAL AFFAIRS:RON JOHNSON, Wisconsin, ChairmanJOHN MCCAIN, ArizonaROB PORTMAN, OhioRAND PAUL, KentuckyJAMES LANKFORD, OklahomaMICHAEL B. ENZI, WyomingKELLY AYOTTE, New HampshireJONI ERNST, IowaBEN SASSE, NebraskaTHOMAS R. CARPER, DelawareCLAIRE MCCASKILL, MissouriJON TESTER, MontanaTAMMY BALDWIN, WisconsinHEIDI HEITKAMP, North DakotaCORY A. BOOKER, New JerseyGARY C. PETERS, MichiganCHRISTOPHER R. HIXON, Staff DirectorGABRIELLE D’ADAMO SINGER, Chief CounselGABRIELLE A. BATKIN, Minority Staff DirectorJOHN P. KILVINGTON, Minority Deputy Staff DirectorMARY BETH SCHULTZ, Minority Chief CounselLAURA W. KILBRIDE, Chief Clerk

    Let’s get this straight. A Senate Committee that oversees the Department of Homeland Security—an agency of the Executive Branch, is telling the American People that the hiring and firing function of the SES—also an agency within the Executive Branch, is not subject to the Executive Branch in its hiring and firing of personnel? Are you kidding me? Is this not the very definiton of sedition. This is proof of a shadow government in the Congressional record.

    Who knows anything about the SES? Almost nobody. It is the world’s best kept secret. The SES are 8-10,000 highly paid federal bureaucrats who grease the skids for the Deep State shadow government. In short, they help insure that government corruption remains a perennially lucrative enterprise, free of the knowledge of, or reprisals from We The People.

    The Title IV Senior Executive Service was sold to the public as a way to get experienced private sector executives to work for the federal government. The truth has been that corporate executives put their people in place at the SES, then those SES people feed contracts to their private sector cronies. In short, SES is the administrative arm of a fascist system where selected corporations profit as long as they do the bidding of their Deep State handlers.

    The SES was championed and organized by Kristine Marcy (nee McConnell)—a close companion and decades-long co-conspirator with the Clintons.

    Marcy’s brother, Field McConnell, is a retired pilot who flew fighter jets for the Navy, Air Force, Marines and National Guard. He also piloted commercial aircraft for Southern, Republic and Northwest Airlines.

    McConnell was the first to discover a Boeing uninterruptible autopilot that could remotely take over or crash an airplane. His reporting to Boeing, FAA and the Defense Department have been aggressively suppressed, yet McConnell continues to speak out boldly.

    See AFI. (Jan. 11, 2018). Meet The Person Who Can Remotely Crash Planes at Americans for Innovation.

    McConnell and sister Marcy are estranged and he has publicly exposed his sister’s actions in that undermine our Republic.

    Hindsight shows the SES to be little more than the spiritual children of the Nazi SS—the administrative shock troops of the rogue C.I.A. Deep State shadow government.

    Every four years the SES publishes a “Plum Book” (named for its purple cover sheet). It lists the executives in each federal department and agency and their compensation, or at least it is supposed to. As you can see, numerous compensation amounts are blank.

    We have located and compiled these 220-426 page reports. In addition, we have prepare Excel spreadsheets for the number of SES-related jobs by department and agency.

    Today, SES and associated positions account for 9,033 employees across 166 departments and agencies at above the highest pay rates in government. Note the dramatic increase in the new job title “Inspector General” during Barack Obama’s eight years. Evidently, Obama’s SES Army installed a buffer between their Deep State shadow government handlers and the Law if they ran into legal trouble or got caught—more “insurance.” (FBI counterterrorism director Peter P. Strzok secret text message to paramore FBI senior counsel Lisa C. Page).

    Bookmarks: #ses-plum-books-1996-2016 | #barack-obama-treason

    We encourage other patriots to download these files and set up a searchable web folder with a single search utility we can all share and embed in our various blogs and sites. This evidence has a way of disappearing inexplicably.

    These SES employee disclosure files at the Federal Register are intentionally brokenfor searching. Google will normally index an entire PDF document unless blocked by the creator’s intent. Engineers have discovered special characters embedded in the fonts themselves (not visible to the naked eye) that block web crawlers from searching and indexing the pages. Therefore, the names will not appear in Google / Bing / Yahoo / DuckDuckGo search results. More on this later. Therefore, these disclosure documents are not transparent. However, Adobe Reader and Acrobat are able to search for individual names. To use Advanced Search, choose the PDF file of interest. Select Edit | Advanced Search in the Adobe menu line. Type your keyword or phrase and view the list of all occurences in the search panel. See also Searching PDFs for full help.


    Also, the Plum Books are not comprehensive lists of SES members. For example, the current Secret Service Special Agent in Charge in San Francisco CA, David Murray, advertises himself on LinkedIn as SES, yet neither Murray’s name, nor the Secret Service in general, appear anywhere on the Congressional reports that we could find—which is obviously not a secret since he publishes it freely on LinkedIn.
    Senior Executive Service (SES) “Plum Book” Policy and Supporting Positions Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. U.S. Senate Updated Mar. 22,2018
    President Reporting Year SES Plum Book

    Be Patient on downloads, these are large files Positions Depts. & Agencies Inspectors General
    (Deep State shadow gov’t buffers) Agency/Dept. Summary Spreadsheet

    Bill Clinton 1996 PDF 7,303 104 0 XLSX
    2000 PDF DOCX 7,323 115 0 XLSX
    George Bush 2004 PDF DOCX 9,357 119 0 XLSX
    2008 PDF DOCX 8,221 115 0 XLSX
    Barack Obama 2012 PDF DOCX 11,392 164 25 XLSX
    2016 PDF DOCX 9,033 166 25 XLSX
    Standing SES (DOJ) Performance Review Boards*
    Fed. Reg. PDF* Declawed
    PDF* 500 Office of Attorney General DOJ SeS 500 – DOJ Paymasters
    HTML Declawed
    Various 1979- SITE NSA, CIA, DTIC, DOD
    Various Various ZIP SERCO British/Int’l arm of SES (has controlled the U.S. Patent Office since 2006)

    Table 1: Senior Executive Service (SES) Plum Book disclosing the U.S. shadow government. Click on any file. To search inside a file, click Ctrl + F (find) then type a search word or phrase. Or, select Edit | Advanced Search.

    * This Federal Register file is severely tampered with to prevent search crawlers from indexing it, and even from normal cut and paste and file conversion actions. Essentially, it had to be retyped in order to strip out the embedded malware in the fonts themselves. This tampering hints at possible collusion with Microsoft and possibly Adobe to recognize hidden HEX characters inside certain fonts that automatically junks up the text record, thus preventing normal portability of the data to other programs. This one file took approx. 14 experienced man-hours to render it to full searchability. The effort to “hide this file in plain site” was evident to the engineers.

    Fig. 2—Bill Valdez. (Dec. 07, 2017). 2017 Presidential Rank Awards Leadership Summit [Senior Executive Services (SES)], p. 31. Senior Executives Association.
    SES = SS ?

    This comparison of the SES with the Nazi SS appears to be more than metaphorical.

    The Church Committee (1976) revealed that the rogue C.I.A. imported tens of thousands of former Nazi executives to work with their secret American industry partners like IBM.


    This same rogue C.I.A. was funding secret programs in population control (MKUltra), the space race (NASA, NRO), depopulation eugenics (Planned Parenthood), pedophilia, drug-sex-arms trafficking, money laundering, false flags to scare the public and enrich their hedge funds (Gulf of Tonkin, 911, 2008 Bank ‘Crisis,’ Rwanda, Kosovo, Syria, Libya, Lockerbie, Oklahoma City, Waco, Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, Parkland, etc.) and mass propaganda (CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, NPR, Washington Post), among others.

    Senator F. Frank Church (D-Idaho) wrote in 1976 in his final Committee report which is posted on the Senate website:
    “Intelligence agencies have undermined the constitutional rights of citizens,” the final report concluded, “primarily because checks and balances designed by the framers of the Constitution to assure accountability have not been applied.”
    Clearly nothing had changed after 1976 because in 1987 Senator Daniel K. Inouye (D-Hawaii) continued to sound the alarm about the Deep State shadow government run by the rogue C.I.A. See video following:

    Fig. 4—Senator Daniel Inouye (D-HI) exposed “a shadowy goverment” in 1987.

    https://youtu.be/QOM8lVpEC1I | Raw *.mp4 video file | Transcript | Timeline
    Video: U.S. Congress..

  7. Regarding the report on unsupervised herpes vaccine trails, the university professor did give a disclosure of risks. And who can trust the gov’t anymore? They’re just a layer of no-value-added bureaucracy. The gov’t should be viewed as a super-scaled BP disaster where what leaked wasn’t oil but corruption. And the massive coverups of the gov’t was only abetted by their smoke and mirror talk of ‘transparency’ and bogus mechanisms such as FOIA requests, which were probably useful to deep state personnel to alert them who might be on to their shenanigans. This resulted in a exceptional period of complete incompetence where the residue employ self-documented their own excesses/stupidity/corruption/profiteering/improprieties, careless and murderous inclinations in the deep-state media and public communiques…such as the obvious Comey charade, the persecution and hunt for Snowden, Assange, et al by a nation that pretends, on the other hand, to advance privacy, democracy, individualism and human rights. Do we even need to look at the holier-than-thou private financial activities and foreign interests of Pelosi and Feinstein?
    Really. Where were the advertised “checks and balances”???
    This nation, humanity, is one massive X-file. People still yet want and need something to believe. Or alternatively, the bleak soviet assessment that, hope is the last thing that dies. … seems to lead the deep state to a criminality, and willingness to test and take full advantage.

  8. Hi, Sharyl.

    I just read an article that you’d be producing or debuting in free speech doc. I’d love for us to be a part of that if that was an opportunity. Here are a few genres…

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  9. I sent you an email on the subject of nsa and gov mind control technology you need to do a story we need a voice and platform so people will know what’s happening to us people are being killed by our own gov please contact me for more info get back to me before they have me killed

  10. Ms A I am 71 yrs old and have only read cover to cover 4or 5 books..l know bad but 2 of them were yours.
    Things i think I think I think. I think I don’t trust anyone to tell me the truth anymore and I don’t think they care. Maybe one I just read her book.
    I think actions should have consequences.Good ones good consequences and bad ones bad consequences. I don’t see much of either. Your book reveals a lot of bad ones. I think problems should have solutions but most all of your coleagues just want to dump on us only the problems. And I think with all I have today. I was happier 50 60 yrs ago. Sad

    Thanks for your honesty.

  11. Ms. Attkinsson: Lately, each time I access your web site my Norton software flashes the following notice on my screen:

    “Norton blocked an attack by ‘Fake Browser Update 8’ .”

    Could it be that some of your former friends are still trying to sabotage your efforts?

  12. TBI & PTSD. My wife died of ALS. I was looking for a treatment. Found PoNS by University of Madison-Wisconsin in the Neurological Department. There has been 8 trails on TBI with three complete. They are waiting for FDA approval. The University is closed this part of their research and sold it to Helius Medical Technologies. No I am not a salesman, just a husband looking for a cure/treatment. Played football and was in the military for 22 years.

  13. Sharyl,
    We pay into Social Security our entire working lives. If we die before benefits are paid out, why does the US government seize the money paid in instead of it being part of our estate?
    Those funds were mandated to be “saved” by us for our retirement, to care for us and our families. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are taken by the government, which rightfully belong to our beneficiaries. This is just plain wrong.

    1. Social Security IS ALL Wrong on it’s face and was designed to be one of the biggest frauds perpetrated on the people! If one digs deep they will find Social Security falls under Gambling in their U.S. Codes…..Every Government is one great big scam! They CONNED people to Give their freedom over to a fictional entity and turn their backs on their Creator, God above! It’s written in the book most do not want to read or follow! The people asked for a king, so God gave them a king, today that king is called “U.S. Government” or whatever other Government you want to replace “U.S.” with! The very word, “govern” + “ment” by definition tells one these Facts, by definition! Government = Governing of the mind~

  14. Add to your timeline:
    January 3, 2017
    Chuck Schumer warns/threatens Trump:”Let me tell you: You take on the intelligence community — they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you,” said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer Tuesday evening on MSNBC after host Rachel Maddow informed him that intelligence sources told NBC news that the briefing had not been delayed.

  15. I was raised a Democrat but left the party after it became obvious that Democrats have no compassion for the pre-born child. I registered as unaffiliated as the Republican Party seemed to be all hat and no cattle. I attended Tea Party meetings, voted for conservative candidates finding that changing the gate keepers had no impact on the swamp. The IRS is still the powerful abusive most feared agency and special interests control even our most conservative representation in the Senate and House. We expect representation and change but seem to only vote in another batch of career politicians. Someone from Mark Meadows’s office made the mistake of contacting me shortly after I wrestled with the 1040 and I unloaded on her. She asked what I thought of Trump’s Tax Plan, I told her I was tired of being lied to and that if I could not file my taxes on one sheet or a postcard as promised I would probably never waste gas to drive to the polls again to support a lying politician.

  16. I believe there’s a significant story behind the on-going smear campaign that has been focused on Tesla. This article: https://insideevs.com/tesla-smear-campaign-escalates/
    provides the basic background, but the real question is: who are the clients funding the smear campaign? Given your comprehensive understanding of the smear industry and your investigative resources, you are one of few journalists who are qualified to uncover the answer.

    Because the clients who are sponsoring the smear might be heavy hitters in the financial industry or big auto, or big energy or even players in tech (Tesla’s work in autonomous vehicles threatens companies like Google or Apple), the results of an investigation might be blockbuster news.

    You’ll note that I referenced your book, The Smear, in the article and want to thank you for its significant contribution to the literature.

  17. John from Phoenixville

    Hi, Ms. Attkisson-
    I’ve been collecting the dots on Uranium One. I presume the following items are true, and if verified, would present a profile.
    The FBI gang managed the Uranium One related investigation to help the deal be cleared by the Committee.
    Clinton Foundation received $145 Million in the largest of several payments connected to the deal.
    The Uranium was actually shipped to Canada, then to Europe where they claim they couldn’t trace it any further. The Russians, who facilitated the deal, Rosatom, didn’t really need the Uranium.
    Meantime, Obama makes the Iranian Nuclear deal, which isn’t even a deal since the Iranians bragged about not having signed it.
    Pallets of cash are delivered by air to Tehran, ? 1.5 Billion in cash ? or was it more? I don’t recall.
    This provides a series of dots that can be connected hypothetically to indicate that Obama has funded Iran’s purchase from Rosatom of Uranium One goods shipped via Europe – (I’m guessing Framatom with management by Deutsche Bank, but those are only guesses.)
    I had no direct connection to make the profile cohere – until last week when it came out that an American spook who grew up in Iran acted as Obama’s secret envoy on the iran deal – yes, Peter Strzok, straight from the FBI Uranium One team.
    Obama and Clinton SEEM to have used American money and American Uranium to forward the Iranian nuclear program. Maybe the dots don’t fit together that way, but in the limited world we live in, they sure look like they fit.
    (Are there Farsi-language emails between Strzok and Valerie Jarrett?)

  18. Dear Sharyl,
    You may remember me from the Anthrax Vaccine and you talked to John R. pilot at DC. way back when.

    I am in need of your help. My husband is a two tour Vietnam Vet (volunteer) and long story short, they are denying him benefits and his fellow service members. Even though a Marine, he was on the USS Boston and the shipmates are sick as well.

    Now there is a Bill in the Senate, Bill 299 to make it Blue Water Act now instead of Brown Water. My husband has 2 of the 8 illnesses (Ichemic Heart Disease, Parkinson’s Plus and now his numbers are up for Diabetes. They were docke at Da Nang, and also received blow back from the A/O being sprayed. Joe was stationed at Camp LeJeune for 3 months. We have hired a lawyer. I am afraid Joe will be dead by then. If they pass this bill, my husband like so many others died in vain. This is CRIMINAL. Please help me, please. After all, how many more Vietnam Vets are left. I cannot find one in his division.

    Hope you are well. I want to thank you in advance to bring this bill out in the open and bring peoples attention to this.

    God Bless you and your family, STAY SAFE!
    Jane(t) Tier

    1. I am working on a story on the Blue Water vets. It will be on this season of Full Measure before the end of May. I’m so sorry. Hang in there!

      1. Sharyl Attkisson 60,000 people died of the flu last year that with a flu shot….how come no flu death are mentioned????…. Did they mix them with covid 19 deaths and nobody died of the flu this year?????? .. SOMEBODY BETTER LOOK INTO THAT/???????? I THINK THEY ARE SCREWING US… THIS IS BULLSH1T IF THEY ARE NOT COUNTING THEM. OR COUNTING THEM AS COVID19 DEATHS… Because there 87,000 covid 19 deaths so far …..if we had bad flu season like last year 60,000 FLU deaths minus 87,000 covid19… deaths 17,000 real covid death and all this is bullsh1t…………………… HOW MANY PEOPLE DIE OF THE FLU WE WANT TO KNOW !!!!!!!!

      2. Why did Silicon Valley give governor Newsom $ 36 billion last week. I believe it’s to slow down down the shots and lock down. Take a look at NY also power n money

  19. I ‘ve started recording your show to view it later. Today I saw the episode about ransomware attacks on “smart city” systems.T he episode covered the Atlanta attack, and stated the Atlanta refused to pay the extortionists:

    1) What happened next? Did the extortionists respond?. If so, how?

    2) There’s a bill in Congress that would allow (and encourage) the targets of Hacking attacks to “hack back”. You should contact the sponsor of that bill (He’s from Georgia).

  20. Looking forward to your discussion of the pharmaceutical industry’s cover-up of the dangers of vaccines. Here’s an excerpt from my soon to be published article, “What We Must Do to Get Healthier and Reduce Healthcare Costs.”

    Section __: Dangerous vaccination schedule for infants and children and willful ignorance of discoveries from cellular biology that question vaccine safety.
    Diseases addressed by vaccines are not equal in terms of their benefits or threats they pose to public health. Several vaccines have been proven to not confer immunity for a large percentage of the population, and most U.S. adults do not get booster shots to prolong the immunity they might have gotten as children, thus questioning the existence of “herd immunity”.
    Despite accumulating evidence that health is endangered by over-exposure to vaccines and their toxic aluminum adjuvants and mercury-derived preservatives, the medical profession continues to stand by the number of vaccines it recommends for children, soldiers, foreign aid workers and immigrants. Thanks to Pharma’s heavy lobbying we have become the most vaccinated country on earth. But we are far from being the healthiest. If vaccination promoted health, we wouldn’t have the sickest children of any American generation since World War II and of any industrialized country today; and the U.S. wouldn’t be leading the world in the incidence of chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, addiction to pain-relieving drugs and cognition problems.

    The number of recommended vaccines for young children in the last half century has expanded dramatically. Specifically, J.B. Handley in his 2018 book “How to End the Autism Epidemic”, indicated:
    • In 1985, children routinely received 23 doses of seven vaccines: diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTP), oral polio (OPV) and measles-mumps-rubella (MMR), and the autism rate was between 1 in 5,000 or 1 in 10,000 (depending on the data source).
    • In 2017 the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommended that infants and children receive 49 doses of 14 vaccines by age 6, and there are estimates that 1 in 35 children develop autism.

    Neither the 1985 nor 2017 recommended dosage has ever been proven safe. A major factor contributing to increasing public skepticism about the effectiveness and safety of vaccines is that almost all the studies cited by CDC have been conducted or funded by vaccine manufacturers, a clear conflict of interest. Perhaps it is not accidental that the studies are of insufficient duration to pick up deleterious effects in many children. Thus, it is not surprising that epidemiological studies typically cited by CDC are often flawed statistically or designed to obtain a result favorable to the vaccine industry.

    Whistleblowers from both vaccine manufacturers and the CDC have indicated that leaders of these organizations have forced their researchers to manipulate study designs and the data they produce. Determining how much would likely require independent audits and Congressional hearings.

    Compared to epidemiological studies to assess vaccine safety, more reliable evidence comes from studies conducted by cellular biologists. Since the mid-2000s dozens of peer-reviewed studies by cellular biologists and bio-chemists indicate that immune activation events in the brain of a child are actually what causes autism in a vulnerable subset of children. The emerging science, which largely has been developed in other countries, shows how aluminum, whose sole purpose in a vaccine is to hyperstimulate the immune system, can in certain vulnerable kids, create a persistent immune activation event that inflames the brain. Handley concludes,
    “That simmering inflammatory event, if it happens during critical phases of brain development, can cause a child to head into autism.”

  21. You are doing a wonderful job.
    You did say in “The Vaccination Debate” that there is little dispute that vaccines save many lives,” often said but never proven – do you have proof? Every one needs to read the complete history of vaccines – please take time to read Dr Suzanne Humphries book “Dissolving Illusions” – the real truth – 18 years of investigation into 200 years of supressed medical research.

  22. I love your podcasts to listen to, but I would appreciate an accompanying summary of facts and sources, so that when I share the link, people who are not already Sharyl Atkisson followers will be tempted to tune in. For example, in your first podcast, the stats about 1/5 prison inmates being illegal immigrants and taxpayers spending $2.5 billion a year to pay for their incarceration are particularly relevant given President Trump’s comments about the $5 billion wall paying for itself. I listened to the podcast 3 times and still couldn’t be sure I was remembering the most important statistics correctly. A printed summary of facts would make this much easier to share. Thanks for all you do!

  23. Please investigate why Dianne Feinstein’s husband’s real estate company got the contract for the sale of U.S. Postal building that are being disposed of.

  24. Love you and your program. Why can lobbyists give millions of $ to our congressmen and women, but normal taxpaying Americans are limited in the amount they can given to same. I know there are ethics laws, etc., but what about ethics laws for the lobbyists? Under this system, the companies with the money control the votes of our legislators.

  25. Dear Sharyl , Have you followed the missing 21 Trillion dollar taxpayer money that’s reported here by both left and right alt media forums ?
    https://youtu.be/0KfJO8Irjyo , https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=116&v=V3eHf9JJRZs

    And this shows how the Congress Woman Ocasio-Cortez is being slapped down by the MSMedia , https://preview.tinyurl.com/yan6ha9m

    Here it talks about Hillary Clinton shielding most of the swiss bank accounts , why , is it because this will show where the 21 Trillion is and who has it ??? https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2015/07/hillary-helps-a-bankand-then-it-pays-bill-15-million-in-speaking-fees/400067/

    Seems like this needs the Light of day don’t you agree ?

  26. GREAT stuff!! Used to be a part of the Spin-Machine for the Army creating effects through information and technology that helped our cause in the War on Terror. Saw first-hand the impact it has on those susceptible to mis-information and developed a talent for recognizing when I’m exposed to day-to-day “influence operations”. Keep bringing these issues into the sunlight (the best disinfectant!!) and hold fast to that journalistic integrity.

  27. Just watched your story on the asbestos. If you all want a real eye opener please do a story on Libby Montana, myself and hundreds of other folks were exposed to asbestos just for living in Libby. W.R. Grace mined as asbestos there for 71 years and them and the state covered it up. The people get minimal compensation for this disease, just an example I’ve been on oxygen for two years, and I was diagnosed in 2014, this disease progresses quickly, there is so much more to share. Thanks for your time

  28. Hi Sharyl: I very much wanted to access your 67 mistakes made by the media. I can not find your article. Would you let me know where I can find it?

    I think you are the best, keep up your refreshing reporting.

  29. Tip: Links to your articles go bad as soon as you update your article with a new URL (e.g., with updated date). If you were to maintain a mapping of each article to its current version, when someone tries to open an old article, instead of returning ‘Page not found,’ you could automatically show the current version.

  30. I was blown away with your report on gadolinium toxicity where were you 20yrs ago I was poisend with this dye at local hospital and they never removed the dye from my body I have multiple health problems due to this I ask hospital for help they denide everything and said they have no records of this claim per there counsel I need to know what I am dealing witch I was told not to contact them about this my story is more detailed than this with photo s of damage help if possable

  31. Dear Sharyl , I did some further investigation and came up with this extension on the Russians Collusion Hoax and its shows VP Joe Biden’s IT Director put the Russian Finger Prints on the DNC Hack which was done from inside the DNC Network as you will see ….

    Please review these links and see that You have been set up with the Cover up and MURDER of DNC Operatives by a Inside Con Job with this Russian Hoax !!!!

    And the ones who leaked the DNC and Clinton Emails to Wikileaks can be seen here in these links as well !!!

    First we have the fact that CrowdStrike was saying the Russian Hack was from the Internet when this report shows that the download of the DNC server was done from inside the network , https://nworeport.me/2019/02/17/bombshell-report-the-dnc-was-not-hacked-by-the-russians/

    Then you go here to see that VP Joe Bidens IT Director placed Russian Finger Prints on the information that was downloaded from inside the DNC Network , check out Context 6, Rushing To Be Russian – The Donkey In A Bear Costume Made A Mistake , https://g-2.space/

    So why did they go to such great lengths to create this Russian Hoax can be analyzed further through the Deaths of Seth Rich and Shawn Lucas as well as that of Federal Prosecutor Beranton Whisenant Jr. and the timelines of activities between the DNC and CrowdStrike , and on the possibility that former Assistant FBI Director Shawn Henry, currently the President of Crowdstrike, as well as Dmitri Alperovitch, the company’s co-founder and CTO may have had some involvement with the creation of the Guccifer 2.0 persona with the HELP of VP Joe Biden’s IT Director !!!!!
    Mr. President there is a seriously strong case here along with what we have seen with the recent claims by Andrew McCabe ,and his contradiction of the Dossier , https://www.dailywire.com/news/24938/report-mccabe-contradicts-himself-testimony-unable-ryan-Saavedra , that the 2 people at the top of this Hoax is Joe Bidens IT Director and the former Assistant FBI Director Shawn Henry, currently the President of CrowdStrike !!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I don’t know if you will be able to read this but I am sending it in the hope you will. I attach a newsletter that I printed many years ago and saved because when I shared it on Facebook the FBI removed it from their site – for obvious reasons.

    Why is it even necessary for all the forensics in your case when, as the attached newsletter makes clear, CALEA is a program/contract the FBI has with cable companies and law enforcement that allows them to surveill someone in their home? And even if they deny being the perpetrators of the intrusions on your computer, why are they not blamed for leaving an “open resolver” in the cable box available for easy hacking by others? Doesn’t it all come down to it being THEIR fault anyway? It’s absurd the notion that they are blameless when they make equipment and systems so porous and then claim it’s not their fault. Ridiculous!

    I also have a suit against the government on appeal and wanted to ask you why your attorneys are not filing electronically. It saves a lot of paper and time. Just wondered if it is because they don’t want your documents viewed by those on Pacer?

    You are a champion to be doing what is so important. I am amazed at how little people care about surveillance on citizens. My case is very similar to yours, the abuses in my home that occurred. That is because I was suing the government for information under the FOIA and they retaliated against me in my home. I have not only computer evidence, but evidence that shows they were involved in the hacking of my computer by virtue of the local police’s actions toward me.

    Good luck to you, and thank you for your bringing this case. It is so important.

    Cynthia Taggart

  33. I was watching Michael Cohen testimony to Congress and I had this eureka Sherlock Holmes moment !. Two banks are responsible for not reporting large 35,000 $ trans-actions to Authorities. Donald trumps bank writing checks, and Michael Cohens bank. Also in the past case of Bernie Madoff Bank guilty of not reporting large trans-actions, till money all spent. As well as other past 50 years economic scandals cases. And World banking activity in the Panama papers ? They are more worried about watching you and I banking activity, while Corp. lobbyist, politicians around the World and Big banks, live by there own socialist tracking economics banking idea’s ? Why did we all have to wait and find out after authorities and big banks did nothing ( home predatory loans,2007 ? ) in these past banking trans-actions ??? ‘Yours, mine and ours, We the people. ‘ Let no temptation of precious metals or debt, bound mankind to the slavery of time ! _ Wm. Andrews

  34. Louis P. McCasland Jr.

    Dear Mrs. Attkisson: I designed a border security plan many years ago when I first recognized the very important situation for our country. I wish to send you a DVD with the plan for you to look at and help me get it to the public and our officials. This plan will pay for itself, be for thousands of our military veterans that want be entrepreneurs. This plan will secure all land borders. 830 423 7983

  35. Sharyl: Your program Sunday 3 March covered the subject of military personnel transitioning to civilian employment. I was surprised that you or your guests did not mention the restrictions governing the subject. Might give your audience the wrong impression. Love your program. Keep up the good work!!

    Peter Junghans

    There are several standard of conduct laws on the books that many military members (current, transitioning or retired) may not be aware of when thinking about entering the civilian job market. Some of these ethical violations can result in criminal charges ranging from probation, to fines, to serving hard time, depending on the severity of the infraction.
    Because of a military position held before retiring, individuals may fall under certain employment bans or restrictions. Three of the common ones related to employment are:

    Under this restriction, former employees are prohibited from representing a contractor (or even a non-contractor) on a contract or some other matter related to a contract, that they worked on while in service to the government. The distinction contractor/non-contractor is made because some have used the defense that the person represented was not a contractor by definition. In the end, it doesn’t make a difference, as it is still a violation. This restriction not only applies to employees who had decision-making power on a contract, but also to those who gave advice or recommendations.

    The two-year ban is similar in nature to the lifetime except the person is prohibited from representing a contractor or non-contractor on a contract or some other matter related to a contract, which was pending under their responsibility in their last year of service.

    Under the Procurement Integrity Act, a one-year employment restriction applies to employees who had decision-making authority on contracts over $10 million.

    Transitional leave occasionally raises a question as to whether one is still officially “on- the-job” or not, when it comes to representing a contractor during this period of time between serving and separation or retirement. Federal law explicitly denotes that military officers are not permitted to engage in representational contractual activities for a company seeking a contract with the government while on transition leave.

    Reply Reply All Forward

  36. Sharyl- I recently watched your article on Blue Water Sailors not receiving benefits from the VA. I am also a member of this group, however, after re-submitting my claim I was able to prove “boots on the ground” in Vietnam. Currently this seems to be the defining issue for Blue Water Sailors. I hope H.R. 299 will get the full support it needs to include anyone who served up and down the coast during the War. Not thankful for my medical issues, but I have no regrets in having served my country.

  37. It would be interesting to get more in depth reporting on CDC epidemiologist Dr. Timothy Cunningham’s disappearance and subsequent death which was ruled as a suicide. His death appears to have coincided with a particularly aggressive flu outbreak. Not sure if there are other factors at play. But the circumstances surrounding his disappearance and death leave a lot of questions.

  38. Can you tell me where I can find an “updated” of your “Media Bias Chart”. I have found it very helpful in evaluating news & commentary pieces form various news orgainizations. Thanks for your offering of what I believe to be a very objective acessment of where they fall on the left/right political spectrum!

  39. Hello Sharyl,

    I’m supporting The Autism Nature Trail (The ANT – autismnaturetrail.com) – Game on! igg.me/at/Kucko-Autism My goal is to donate $200,000 to the trail. I’m the creator of the calendar and donation project. Any support and sharing and helping this go viral is appreciated.


  40. Have you heard who owns the patent for remdesivir?? is it China through Gilead’s drug sharing subsidiary Unitaid?? and is Fauci sending millions to the Wuhan Institute of Virology specifically for the study of coronaviruses.

  41. Mr. Jan Zimmermann

    Your Sunday morning “Facial Recognition” segment caught my attention because I grew up in Western New York. Born in Buffalo, a Williamsville H.S. graduate, and attended Alfred State Tech down state. The featured Lockport, New York high school graduated the notorious Oklahoma City domestic terrorist, Timothy McVeigh. Though he lived in nearby Pendleton & Newfane, New York at various times, Lockport/ Starpoint High School was his accredited education. Probably not of any value, though I instantly made, and emotionally revisited the connection this morning….

  42. I came upon a couple videos recently, and they are concerning to me. They are testimonials from nurses in New York City, saying that they are working with Covid patients, but that the medical staff is killing them (not the virus). It doesn’t sound intentional, but rather that the staff doesn’t understand the virus, nor how to treat it properly. When the nurse(s) try to correct the problem, or complain, she is prevented from doing so by administrators, and transferred. The problem sounds systemic in the hospitals where the nurse(s) is serving. I think this story deserves to be checked out, because if true, it’s pretty distressing.

    These videos are copies of originals that were posted on other social media. Both are (currently) on YouTube (we’ll see how long they stay up). Both nurses are cagey on providing identifying information.

    Dated 4/30/20 (This is a second-hand account, and the nurse may be referring to the same nurse in the second video. There are similar references in her account.)

    Dated 5/4/20

  43. Help. I live in Catonsville Maryland and my mother who is 95 years old and lives in a nursing home in California is running out of money. In 1983 my father open bank accounts savings, c/d’s, checking and a retirement account. He took care of all finances and my mother didn’t know about. In 2005 my father died., but before he passed away he sent me copies of all accounts. This was also the same time his bank failed ( Home Saving’s Of America ) I tried to do research on this to get the money for my mom but to no avail I’ve even got a letter from the F.D.I.C.and J.P. Morgan who eventually took over but could not go back after 7 years I did look for “missing money” but no luck, I’m on Social Security and can not afford a lawyer. Could you please help

  44. Sheryl, in light of all the China issues, I would like to see a story about how it is possible that we are allowing a Chinese investment firm to purchase an oil field in Texas! That would mean they would own the land and the oil in the ground. We should not let that happen!

  45. I have Lupus and take Hydroxychloroquine. I have taken it since 2003 without any difficulties. Perhaps the problem with it then was the Azithromycin, the antibiotic. The heart issue that was referenced previously, the Torsades de Pointes is a known possible side effect with the ZPack (Azithromycin). So perhaps researchers should look to a different antibiotic to add to the Hydroxychloroquine. Please keep holding people’s feet to the fire and keep seeking the truth!

  46. Hydroxychloroquine vs Remdesivir usage: Just as I suspected, politics once again driving science (e.g., anthropogenic climate change and now this). I suspected support for Hydroxychloroquine (HQ) is being dissed in lieu of the new drug Remdesivir to support another pharm company when my pharmacist (national chain type) said they could not dispense HQ unless it was for lupus or another disease or so.. This was apparently the case even if my doctor had prescribed it for covid-19 symptoms or as a prophylactic to restrict the disease IF it was in fact present. So pharmacy policy apparently can “TRUMP” (pardon the pun – or is it!) my doctor’s orders!
    This looks and smells like the pharm lobbyists, fake media and FDA are working hard for the maker of Remdesivir! Of course HQ is generic and Remdesivir will be a new drug ($$$). Thanks for the great reporting by the Full Measure Team, your work is more critical than you may realize !

  47. Sharyl, I tried to donate at you site, but you are asking for a lot of personal information that I would only give out to a charitable donation because the government requires it. Even then I don’t like doing it. Give a PayPal or other anonymous method to donate and private people like me will. AK

  48. Hi, Ms. Attkisson.

    Thank you for your work in bringing the unvarnished truth to journalism. We need this kind journalism more than ever today.

    In this age of COVID-19, the topic I’m writing to you about takes on even more significance. I’m talking about the use of high-dose vitamin C for treating viral illness. Incredible work was done (and documented) in this area by Frederick Klenner, M.D., back in the 1940s and 1950s, but conventional medicine has chosen to ignore Klenner’s work. He was even successful in curing polio in 60 out of 60 cases!

    For background, I recommend Curing the Incurable, a book by Thomas Levy, M.D., and “The Origin of the 42-Year Stonewall of Vitamin C,” a short paper by Robert Landwehr. As these sources make clear, dosage is crucial when administering vitamin C. Sadly, when this treatment is tried by conventional doctors, they always use too little to be effective.

    If we in the United States are ever to successfully reform our health care system, we have to stop this practice of ignoring treatments that don’t generate big $$ for the pharmaceutical industry. Vitamin C as an antiviral therapy is a topic that badly needs more exposure, especially with so many people dying needlessly from COVID-19.

    1. Adele Davis, (American author and nutritionist) was known to suggest to massive doses of Vitamin C to cure viral infections, for which she was mocked. I tried it when my 2 yr old son (now 52) was exposed to the Mumps. I gave him 1000 mgs of Vitamin C per hour which Adele claimed was safe since your body doesn’t store vitamin & is released in urine which shows up bright yellow when your muscles are fully saturated. To my amazement he developed only a low fever and a slightly swollen gland ( whatever it’s named) on his right side and was fine the next day. So I am an avid believer in Vitamin C to this day, and find that the best supplemental source of it is found in Emergen-C which has 1000mg of it in a single packet of a Flavored Fizzy Drink Mix which is dissolved in 4-6 oz of water. But since there other vitamins & minerals added as well,( ie Vitamin B’s/Zinc), which could possibly cause toxicity only 1 packet is recommended for Daily Immune Support. Ms Davis was an avid promoter of Vitamin C even claiming it would help prevent Breast cancer, which she was also mocked for because she blamed the radiation from Mammograms when she herself developed and from which she eventually died. In the recent past Angelina Jolie underwent a double Mastectomy when she took a DNA test that indicated she possesses the gene that causes Breast cancer to prevent being stricken by it. When the world mocked her, she said it was to ensure she would not leave her children motherless at such a young age. (At any age, for that matter) Perhaps, Ms Davis also had that gene, which was long ago before dna tests and genome therapy, and the yearly recommended Mammograms certainly didn’t help. Johnathan I don’t know if you’ll see my comment but I couldn’t help but make it to tell you that I believe what you believe AND as far as I’m concerned have proven it!

      1. Susan, this scribbler was introduced to Davis in 1971, which began my decades-long study and application of nutrition science. // Your advice is sound. // NOTE: The major cause of breast cancer in women is iodine deficiency. // Find and read, “The Iodine Crisis,” by Lynne Farrow. And tell you girlfriends, as it might save breasts—and lives. -Rick

        1. Thank you Rick. I am not so sure there is a major cause of any kind of cancer, only a genetic disposition towards being more susceptible to developing it. I do believe that proper nutrition IS the key good health. However, the way food is grown, and the processing and preserving of it these days all but destroys any nutritional value by the time it gets to your table. Plus the genetic manipulation of seeds by Monsanto, who has the corner on the market in that phase is absurd. Don’t even get me started on the way animals are mass “produced” ( unGodly). Vitamin supplements are only as good as how your body simulates them and mostly a total waste of money.
          Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo’s research on the connection between Blood Type and diet, is quite illuminating but was summarily dismissed by his peers in the late 90’s. And until recently, in regards to COVID19, I haven’t seen much interest in it. But, that doesn’t mean there isn’t….I just haven’t pursued it.
          Now I am closer to the end of my life than when it began, and alas, I no longer have girlfriends, per se. Anyway I digress. Furthermore it is interesting conversing with you, even though at times it is “over my head” -the things that you say! Thank you

  49. I came across a stratagy document from a Soros backed organization called the Friends of Democracy that gives instructions for Agent Provocateuers with support from friendly law enforcement on how to incite violence and unrest during peaceful demonstrations. I wondered if you could investigate it. How would I send it to you?


  50. Sharyl….Tucker Carlson interviewed a man yesterday that has publish a report on the data on Covid-19 that Amazon removed from their site but was shamed (by Elon Musk) into make it available again to their customers, of which I am reluctantly at times. When I tried to procure it all I could find was the Kindle version, which I seldom purchase. Evidently there is no paperback, or hardback version available, yet. Is that true, do you know? Anyway, after a great deal of failed attempts, I decided to get the Kindle version now and buy the paper version later. Well, it took so long to even find the Kindle version that I have forgotten the actual title to the report and the author’s name which I thought is Berensky. Oddly enough, Amazon, while usually very overly zealous to show numerous versions of anything I type mysteriously lost my connection, of all things. I dismissed it for awhile because recently that has happened probably due to overwhelming online shopping, but now I wonder if it’s another Amazonian attempt to censure (or is censor?). Of course I unwittingly cleared my history also. Can you tell me what I am talking about ?? Thank you

  51. Slavery and Reparations regarding a article in Christianity Today.

    So you want all the churches to pay reparations to all the black people because of what was done a couple hundred years ago. My family on my father’s side WASN’T even here until just before WWI. My mother’s side fought in the civil war to end (among other things) slavery. So I should pay for something I am innocent of? Let’s talk about slavery.

    The Jews were enslaved by Egypt for 400 years. Where is their reparations? The Jews still suffer to this day. The Romans enslaved millions both white and black. Where is the reparations from the Italians for this atrocity. Black Africans and the muslims captured and sold their fellow Africans into slavery to other countries. Where is the reparations from Africa? Do you remember the phrase “from the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli” from the Marines anthem? The black muslims of Africa were raiding Europe and their ships and then later the US’s ships and ENSLAVING the white people they captured. Only some were ransomed…millions never were freed. The countries tried to appease the black muslims with money. They only wanted more. It wasn’t until the US sent our troops to fight that slavery of our people that it stopped. Where are the reparations for the white people of Europe and the US?

    Evil has been done by men to other men since the beginning. Slavery is still going on in this world. Where is the outcry about that? People in the US have had more opportunities to improve their lives than in any other country. There have been more programs to “improve” the lives of minorities here than anywhere else in the world. Education is out there if you want it. BUT teaching people that white people today are responsible for all of black peoples troubles and that all whites should pay is erroneous and extremely destructive. It breeds hatred on both sides. There is a better way. Riots will not do it. Paying off people with “reparations” will not do it.

    Human beings are one race. God made us that way. Variations in skin melatonin is the result of where our ancestors settled. Just look at how light skinned blacks discriminate against dark skinned blacks. Or how different cultural groups in Europe that have the same skin color discriminate against their fellow countrymen and go to war because of it. Prejudice is learned. Only through the love of Jesus can things change.

  52. Brandon Fogliano


    I got turned on to your reporting with your vaccines story. I have a question. You seem to be a bit more tame so far in your pursuance of the truth about Covid. The conflicts of interest for Fauci and his team in connection to Moderna and Remdesivir are blatant.. Why have you not focused at all on this? There is no way the American people should be OK with NIH owing 50% of the patent Moderna is using for their failure of a vaccine. Why is there no coverage on Bill Gates’ involvement in this? There are so many angles and they are effecting our country every day. You blew the doors off the Swine Flu baloney years ago with the actual case count research that you did, I’d love to see you rip this one open as well.


  53. Mrs. Attkisson: you’ve likely already heard of Bari Weiss quitting the NYT. You and she should meet. Soon.

  54. Look! On KNEWZ today (sort of duplicating your work –

    Did the Times Print an Urban Legend?

    Twitter Users Forced To Correct ‘NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt’ On Police Shooting Of Hakim Littleton

    The most dishonest, biased news coverage of our lifetimes — and it’s about to get worse

    Why You Shouldn’t Make Up Your Mind About A Shooting From Watching The Video


    Full Coverage:
    Editor’s Picks
    Did the Times Print an Urban Legend?

    Twitter Users Forced To Correct ‘NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt’ On Police Shooting Of Hakim Littleton

    The most dishonest, biased news coverage of our lifetimes — and it’s about to get worse

    Why You Shouldn’t Make Up Your Mind About A Shooting From Watching The Video

    Pastor slams CNN, Don Lemon for claiming Jesus wasn’t perfect: ‘Uncontested champions of Fake News’

    Here Are 7 Times Joy Reid, MSNBC’s New Primetime Host, Spread Misinformation

    Right-Wing Media Outlets Duped by a Middle East Propaganda Campaign

    The Reaction to the Harper’s Letter on Cancel Culture Proves Why It Was Necessary

    Dave Lamont’s ESPN job in jeopardy after slip-up in race relations call

    One Day After Mocking ‘Right-Wing’ Media For Reporting On Crime, CNN’s Cuomo Admits Homicides Are Rising – But Blames It On States Reopening

    CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon Mock Rising Crime Rates In Democrat-Controlled Cities

    Tensions among Vox employees erupt on Twitter after journalist signs ‘cancel culture’ letter

    MSNBC, CNN avoid liberal-penned letter against ‘cancel culture’

    CNN loved Obama trip to ‘majestic’ Mount Rushmore, hates Trump visit to ‘racist’ monument

    CNN is in love with the idiot ‘grim reaper’ guy

    CURL: CNN Exposes Deep Bias In Widely Different Coverage Of Trump, Obama Visits To Mount Rushmore

    Netflix Must Cancel Barack Obama

    PBS reporter mischaracterizes Mount Rushmore speech as love letter to ‘white resentment’

    New York Times Ripped For Describing Trump’s Mount Rushmore Speech As ‘Dark And Divisive’

    ‘We Are Living In Parallel Universes’: Ted Cruz Unloads On NYT Over Rushmore Speech Coverage

    Trump at Mount Rushmore

    Mainstream media goes all in with ‘panic porn’ over COVID-19

    Mark Levin: ‘Lying media’ should apologize after study finds hydroxychloroquine helped coronavirus patients

    Woman Walks Into Live CNN Broadcast With Apparent ‘Fake News’ Sign

    Happy Pride! MSNBC Promotes Homophobic Blogger to Replace Misogynist Creep

    Media Are Playing Games Yet Again With Anonymous Russia Leaks

    The Media’s Role in Concealing Stalin’s Evils Exposed in Mr. Jones

    CNN reporter’s reaction to death of Daily Caller columnist Betsy Rothstein draws outrage

    Chuck Todd to John Bolton: Is Trump Afraid To Make Putin Mad Ahead Of Election?

    CNN’s Van Jones Secretly Helped Craft the Weak Trump Police Reform He Praised on TV

    Washington Post beclowns itself with desperate Trump ‘fact-check’

    WaPo Editor Says White Women Are ‘Lucky’ Black People Are ‘Not Calling For Revenge’

    Washington Post ‘Analysis’ Tries To Debunk Trump Claim On Violent Democrat Cities. It Proves Him Right.

    NYT Pulitzer Prize Winner: White Race ‘Barbaric’

    MSNBC may soon reward homophobic conspiracy theorist with plum prime-time gig

    NYT reporter Nikole Hannah-Jones says now-deleted fireworks tweet was ‘irresponsible,’ beneath her own standards

    Help wanted: Washington Post managing editor for diversity and inclusion

    We need to talk about CNN and the Cuomos

    Citing A Breached ‘Firewall,’ Media Leaders Sue U.S. Official Over Firings

    In Racist Screed, NYT’s 1619 Project Founder Calls ‘White Race’ ‘Barbaric Devils,’ ‘Bloodsuckers,’ Columbus ‘No Different Than Hitler’

    New York Times Embraces Partisan ‘Truth’ Over Objectivity

    Former ESPN Writer Jemele Hill Sticks Head in Sand After NASCAR ‘Noose’ Story Blows Up in Her Face

    NYT Taps Intercept Alum to Manage Editorial Page

    Former NYT Reporter Alex Berenson Rips New Yorker For COVID-19 ‘Panic Porn’

    1619 Project founder proud to have iconoclasm fad named for her work

    Stephanie Grisham Says Network Host’s Comments About Barron Trump On Father’s Day Are ‘Inappropriate And Insensitive’

    Washington Post defends criticized report on woman’s offensive Halloween costume at staffer’s 2018 party

    This week in media anti-Semitism

    The Washington Post’s Halloween Costume Hit Job Is a New Low for Cancel Culture

    Popular Mechanics blasted for guide on ‘how to topple a statue’

    ‘Gotta Let Me Finish, Jim, This Isn’t A Cable News Segment’: Kayleigh McEnany Chastises CNN’s Acosta For Interrupting

    NBC Tries to Cancel a Conservative Website

    ‘CBS wants a race war’: Outlet slammed for headline saying police killed black man while leaving out he reportedly fired first

    New U.S. broadcasting chief fires agency heads

    Rush Limbaugh: Media Holds Double-Standard For Protests And Trump Rallies Amid Pandemic

    Paul Finebaum Says Oklahoma State Should Have Fired Mike Gundy

    All that media praise for Andrew Cuomo looks pretty stupid right about now

    Joy Behar says Trump rally ‘ten times worse’ health risk than BLM protest: ‘Completely different’

    Objectivity didn’t fail journalism. Journalists failed it

    CNN’s Stelter tells Trump lawyer her grandkids will be ashamed of her. She fires back: ‘You’re an activist’

    Newsrooms Are in Revolt. The Bosses Are in Their Country Houses.

    Trump accuses media of trying to ‘shame’ him over holding Tulsa rally amid coronavirus

    V.O.A. Directors Resign After Bannon Ally Takes Charge of U.S. Media Agency

    Trump 2020 attorney spars with CNN host over presidential poll

    MSNBC reporter blasted on-air by protesters for describing CHOP as ‘street festival’

    Ex-CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien: Network exec told her to only have the ‘right kind’ of black guests

    Don Lemon wonders ‘how can you not be racist’ if raised in US

    Tom Cotton: NYT Column Calling To Abolish Police ‘Puts Lives In Danger’

    Politico debates the proper way to cover Trump

    Why Is Laurene Powell Jobs Funding Fake News?

    Andrea Mitchell Wonders If White People Are ‘Capable’ Of ‘Grieving’ In ‘Large Numbers’ When Black People Are Killed

    LA Times executive editor says the word ‘looting’ has racist connotation

    Joy Behar Calls Trump A ‘Domestic Terrorist’ — Takes It Back After Whoopi Issues Warning

    Bret Stephens: What The Times Got Wrong

    The Media’s Self-Censors

    Trump campaign demands CNN retract poll showing big Biden lead

    Don Lemon accuser optimistic CNN host will be held accountable for alleged encounter

    McConnell accuses New York Times of ‘lying’ amid Cotton op-ed criticism

    The New York Times dangerously caters to passion, not reason

    Anna Wintour admits to ‘hurtful and intolerant’ behavior at Vogue

    NY Times acting editorial page editor tells staff to flag her if opinion pieces ‘give you the slightest pause’

    CBS Deceptively Edits Barr Interview, Leaving Out Key Details On Violent Riots, Police Oversight

    Inside the Revolts Erupting in America’s Big Newsrooms

    Cancel culture was propped up by the media. Now, they’re suffering the consequences

    Japan’s NHK removes ‘offensive’ video about US protests after online outrage

    Why isn’t Andrew Sullivan allowed to write his column?

    John Oliver Repeats Lie about Trump’s George Floyd Remark

    ‘Denigrated and discredited’: how American journalists became targets during protests

    Lisa Page joins MSNBC as legal analyst

    Trump Derangement Syndrome at The Lancet

    Top Editor of Philadelphia Inquirer Resigns After ‘Buildings Matter’ Headline

    CNN Jim Acosta’s Facepalm-Worthy Moment At Trump’s Presser

    Variety Chief Editor Claudia Eller Takes Leave After Staff Revolt

    MSNBC host Rachel Maddow’s ratings slide continues despite unprecedented news cycle

    Here’s A List Of Media And Politicians Who Downplayed Violence And Looting

    New York Times changes its front page after being ripped for being too fair to Trump in coverage of threat to use the military in U.S. cities

    The 1619 Project: Wrong on Guns

    Jim Acosta Says White House ‘Pummeled Protesters’ For Photo-Op — Kayleigh McEnany Fires Back

    Trump rips ‘Cuomo Brothers,’ says New York ‘was lost to the looters’

    CNN Head Jeff Zucker Teases Run for NYC Mayor in 2021


  55. In case you are wondering if elections can become rigged? Read these articles and see if you can add the info up and come to any “conclusions” that elections are not able to be changed or “rigged”
    remember the 2004 WA state gubernatorial race?
    HistoryLink.org :
    When all 39 counties completed their initial vote count on November 17, 2004, Rossi had a lead of 261 votes, with 1,371,414 to 1,371,153 for Gregoire and 63,346 for Libertarian Ruth Bennett. Because the leading candidates were separated by fewer than 2,000 votes, state law mandated a machine recount. In that count, Rossi gained 1,070 votes but Gregoire gained 1,289 votes, whittling Rossi’s lead to only 42 votes. Although Republican Secretary of State Sam Reed (who had easily defeated Democrat Laura Ruderman in his own re-election bid), certified that result on November 30, state law allows any candidate or party to request an additional recount, for which the requestor must pay, with the payment refunded if the recount changes the outcome.
    The Democrats requested and paid for a manual (hand) recount, which was completed on December 23, 2004. It showed that Gregoire had won by 129 votes, as she picked up another 919 votes, while Rossi’s total increased by only 748 votes. The final results were: Gregoire 1,373,361 votes (48.8730 percent); Rossi 1,373,232 votes (48.8685 percent); and Bennett 63,465 votes (2.2585 percent). Reed granted Gregoire a certificate of election, the State Legislature approved the election results, and Gregoire was sworn in as governor on January 12, 2005.
    Asserting that hundreds of convicted felons voted illegally (Washington law requires felons to have their civil rights restored before they can vote) and charging many other irregularities, particularly in the Democratic stronghold of King County, Republican leaders challenged the election in the media and in a lawsuit filed in Chelan County even before Gregoire took office. However, after a two-week trial, on June 6, 2005, Superior Court Judge John Bridges rejected the Republican claims. Bridges ruled that the King County errors were significant but not the result of fraud or intentional manipulation, and that — except in five instances — no evidence was presented showing for which gubernatorial candidate (if any) the 1,678 illegal votes identified by the parties were cast. Since the Democrats introduced declarations by four felons that they voted for Rossi (and one who voted for Bennett), Bridges deducted those votes from the official totals, leaving Governor Gregoire with a final margin of 133 votes — the closest in any gubernatorial election in United States history.
    Meanwhile in 2015
    Retired judges John Bridges and Anne Levinson were recently appointed by Governor Inslee to the Public Disclosure Commission. PDC Chairman Grant Degginger announced the appointments during the December 4 Commission meeting, saying “We are excited for the opportunity to welcome two new commissioners. John Bridges and Anne Levinson are exceptionally well-qualified additions and we look forward to working with both of them.”
    Governor Inslee commented, “This can be a difficult job, but I know both John and Anne bring a judicial perspective that will be valuable to the Commission. Though they have different backgrounds and come from different sides of the Cascades, both bring reputations that are beyond reproach and skills that will serve the voters of Washington well.”
    Judge Bridges retired from the judiciary in 2013 after 24 years on the Chelan County Superior Court bench. He received numerous awards while in office, including Washington State Bar Association’s Family Law Judge of the year and the Washington State Trial Lawyers Association’s Judge of the Year. In 2007, the Washington Judges Foundation recognized Judge Bridges for his service in public legal education.
    Commissioner Bridges’ appointment takes effect today with a term end date of December 31, 2018. He succeeds Barry Sehlin, whose term expired at the end of 2013.
    Before her appointment to the Seattle Municipal Court, Anne Levinson chaired the Washington State Utilities and Transportation Commissioner and served as deputy mayor for the City of Seattle. After retiring from the bench, Judge Levinson helped create a new community-based agency to lead reform in the juvenile justice and child welfare systems. She also serves as an independent advisor to the City of Seattle to review administrative police misconduct investigations to ensure their thoroughness and objectivity and to recommend policy, training or system reforms related to police practices.
    Levinson succeeds Kathy Turner and will join the Commission January 1, 2015.
    The Public Disclosure Commission was created by voter approval of Initiative 276 in 1972. I-276 was a groundbreaking effort to make government more transparent and allow the public to “follow the money” through campaign finance and lobbyist disclosure.

  56. This is an easy comment.

    If you try to read the transcript of an episode of Full Measure, you will see that the print on screen is a low-contrast light gray rather than black. Why do you do that? It makes it just that much harder to read, especially if the eyes trying to read it are past middle age.

    In fact, this comment is itself being rendered in a not-quite-so-light version of gray. The transcript is worse.

  57. I just sent you an email containing all of the research I could dig up about the death of Nellie Hunter.
    The weather that day was 35 degrees. Nellie had her baby in her lap (remember no car seats back in 1972) and she had her two sons who were toddlers. The story was that Nellie was driving to a Christmas tree farm.
    I saw a comment long before Jill’s ex wrote his book that Nellie had discovered the affair and was so upset she grabbed the kids and fled the home. She was crying when she pulled out in front of the truck.
    THAT makes all of the dominoes fall into place.
    I sent you everything I could find including terrain maps and the weather info for Dec. 18, 1972.
    There’s a lot of information that the public can chew on.
    Joe Biden’s past is as dirty as Ted Kennedy’s.
    Good luck.

  58. Herbert Eric Stephens

    Sharply Attkisson, Besos’ Amazon and Barnes and Noble I have confidence that they are STEALING YOUR ROYALTIES!
    Yes of course I can PROVE they are stealing mine! And of Course they’re Stealing Yours’ TOO!
    Herbert Eric Stephens

  59. Sharyl, I filled out the required info as it pertains to preordering your new book, checked a bookseller, and nothing else happened. I would like to buy a signed copy if only I knew where I went wrong in my attempt to do so.
    Thanks, Robert

  60. anotherinternetuser

    FYI Sharyl FWIW …. Oct 5 2020 1:00 pm Massachusetts Federal court hearing/judgement … Gov Baker being sued by Vincent Delaney (Peabody Mass) regarding the Massachusetts lock down being a violation of constitutional rights … Same day/time/place “Flu You Baker” protest against Massachusetts mandatory flu shot”. Also, class action lawsuit planned for next month against Massachusetts mandatory flu shot being prepared, about 7000 signatures have been obtained so far. The protest/class action lawsuit are also being driven by Vincent Delaney.

  61. Sharyl, I sent an e-mail to Fox-News about the fires in California . I ask why someone doesn’t ask Mr. Trump, about using the military aircraft, such as the C-130, C-141, and the C-5 to drop water on the fires. Have the planes fly in military bombing formations. drop the water on the up wind side of the fires. Let the wind
    draw the water into the fires. Using only aircraft that have “ground following radar”. Russ

  62. Today you mentioned Ronald Reagan as the last great presidential debater who was so respectful of others… let me remind you that he could not debate anyone without his cue cards. Respect for his fellow man, he began the attack on labor unions / the middle class, he ignored the Aids Epidemic (very Trump-ish) and he alone created the “Crack Era” in America. The crack holocaust destroyed millions of American families. Reagan was a barbarian!!!

  63. Do you realize your Sunday morning show is not shown on my local CBS Network ( WPECDTV). For the past month or so, you have been pr-empted by Face The Nation. They do not shcedule you for another time slot. What gives???

  64. Congratulations Sharyl,
    For Your in-depth work on topics
    That are Never Talked about !

    Here is something that might have some
    relation to potential fake votes. I lived in
    CT for a while. In that state as well as most
    Legislation was passed for voters to present ID when voting.

    I am sure I read an
    Article that had suggested that there was
    A loophole for homeless people. as they were Not Required to present ID.
    My efforts of Inquirey to state officials went
    Nowhere ! I could’nt find out how many
    Homeless had voted. None? NoOne
    would say. I know this sounds weird, but
    If this is going on, it could present an ideal
    Pathway for Undocumented people to vote.

    I do know that a friend of mine in the
    70’s had returned from college to find
    that someone had used her name to
    Vote in her absence, so fraudulent voting
    has been going on for a while ! I am also
    Convinced that it continues to go on
    even though supposedly more sophisticated anti-fraud measures
    have been put in place. To what extent?
    I don’t know, but with your qualifications
    I believe only you could find out!

    Ted W.

  65. I think that you might want to look at the fraud that occurred in the 2020 election. See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFCXPw1t17o Sidney Powell is one of the most honest and best lawyers in the U.S. She is not into conspiracy theories so if she said that it happened, it happened and on a massive scale. Note: Texas refused to use Dominion because they didn’t feel the system was secure enought.

  66. Greetings Sharyl,
    Historically speaking I’m not
    Sure that there is a Human on
    Our planet who could beat a
    Computer programmed in the
    Game of Chess.
    Similarly we have computer
    Programs that can verify
    signatures that can beat most
    Humans for accuracy. So the
    Supposed wisdom of using
    Humans to verify signatures
    Seems suspect?
    Was there acception/rejection
    Bias? Well here is a way to find out:

    Select a Democrat stronghold
    And a Republican stronghold.
    Uze the best Computer signature
    Program out there.! RETEST all
    Votes including rejected ones !
    The statistical outcome will
    Tell us the TRUTH !
    If there is no evidence of
    Accept-ion/rejection BIAS we
    Are Done ! OK Joe Wins !
    If on the other hand BIAS is
    Found, perhaps Trumps concerns
    Have some validity and all the
    Close States would have to be
    Recounted using this method !

  67. Hi Sharyl,

    I’m a big fan of your show. Imagine the timing of your Title IX segment on 11/15. Unfortunately, we are now very familiar with Title IX. We are at our final final appeal (and expect to lose) at Binghamton University. You nailed it during your segment. No due process for the accused, and guilty until proven innocent in the single investigator model. (judge, jury and executioner) Not to mention prosecutorial misconduct, conflict of interest and violating their own rules and policies. They completely ignored the new Betsy DeVos DOE regulations that went into effect on 8/14/20. And they get to ruin his future by tainting his student record and his transcripts based on “Preponderance of Evidence”. Parents – beware. Thank you Sharyl for bringing this injustice to light.

  68. Reading Slanted, another great book. You have a segment on “gun violence” and how it is portrayed differently for Chicago and how different words are used by different news sources. I suggest that the term “gun violence” it totally incorrect. It is NOT gun violence, it is PEOPLE VIOLENCE! The news media does not refer to the cars involved in accidents by referring the accidents as “car violence,” The gun happens to be a tool that PEOPLE use to commit violent acts. If we had zero guns, they would be using knives, hammers, pipes, you name it. People who are out to commit violence will not let a “tool” in the way of their goal of hurting or killing someone.

    Love your book and especially love the way you write. Straight forward, easy to understand as if we were sharing a coffee together. You ask for web sites below, I use my Blog at http://www.NuggetsfortheNoggin.com for a lot of things but especially book reviews. I will post my review on my blog when I finish your book as well as on Amazon and Goodreads.

  69. I found your TED talk in an attempt to come up with an exercise to discuss fake news with my media ethics students and it took less than 5 mins to figure out your agenda. I now can use that to show how bias pretends to be unbiased. Shame on you for pretending to be a true journalist.

  70. Get off the stage Sharyl. You are a nobody. You was fired like dog by CBS. You have zero credibility as a journalist and why noone has hired you.

  71. Hi,

    This is Melea and I am a certified illustrator.

    I was confused, frankly speaking, when I saw my images at your website. If you use a copyrighted image without an owner’s consent, you’d better know that you could be sued by the owner.

    It’s against the law to use stolen images and it’s so wicked!

    See this document with the links to my images you used at sharylattkisson.com and my earlier publications to obtain the evidence of my legal copyrights.

    Download it now and check this out for yourself:


    If you don’t delete the images mentioned in the document above within the next couple of days, I’ll file a complaint against you to your hosting provider informing them that my copyrights have been severely infringed and I am trying to protect my intellectual property.

    And if it doesn’t help, trust me I am going to take it to court! And you won’t receive the second notice from me.

  72. Finished Slanted and post reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. Like your other books this one is great but even better. Confirmed what I believed to be true. Thank you for writing it

  73. Dear Sharyl,

    I thought you might be interested in a story from Ohio. The company First Energy bribed several house senators from Ohio to pass a bill to have tax payers pay for nuclear powerplant repairs that was the companies responsibility. The speaker of the house ,(Larry Housholder), was caught taking the bribe along with others. Householder was re elected this year OMG ! It is unbelievable ! First Energy has also been pushing their faulty dangerous smart meters to replace good meters already on most houses. These meters have caused fires and increased radiation that is harmful to people and animals. This is a very brief statement. If you are interested let me know. Like your show. Keep fighting the good fight.

  74. Well, Just saw you with Bill on the 1st. First I want to say they or them do not promote Socialism ? It is SIPN-SOCIALISM or what I called the CONDITIONING of the MIND. A drum beat? Because when they want to promote Something they can get a MIC ASAP. And because no other information is allowed to off set their agenda in the main stream Press or on Social Platforms this because GOSPEL ? Someday someone will write about the House Inquires and the Senate Trial ? They will take all the minutes in the CONGRESSIONAL Record and find what I have said for months now. Because Warren or Sanders did not have a pray against President Trump they Needed someone Close to the Center! If one carefully reviews the Record they will see that this Impeachment was to “SAVE JOE BIDEN” or “PROTECT JOE BIDEN” I recall on the last weeks of the campaign Joe said ” The House INQUIRIES said I DID NOTHING WRONG !” They knew that President Trump was Going Nowhere but Mitt Romney let the House Managers SPIN their way to his Vote ? Sad? The states must use there rights under the 10th Amendment and stop any Company from Cancelling people Ideas, opinions, thoughts and the Sharing of News either in Congress or in the Public DOMIAN ? If States can regulate ABORTION by birth or Term and Limit the number of Shells then it can REGULATE Big Tech in it state ? Big Tech has a LIFETIME 230 Deal ? But the 10th can Regulate BIG TECH ? Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to all and May God Bless

  75. Thank you for everything you are doing, Mrs. Attkisson! While only an hour into your new book, Slanted, great start and eager to get this one finished up.

  76. On another note, i watched a video over a year ago that concerns me, especially with the current media coverage on covid. I have this video saved and you may have already heard or seen the video, but search for “Bill Gates Briefing to CIA about Corona Virus 2005 Teilen”. What are the motives here and how is this concept/discussion morally acceptable?

  77. The GOP-controlled Senate stabbed their voters in the back on Wednesday by passing Utah Senator Mike Lee’s green card giveaway to reward Big Tech by allowing them to import hundreds of thousands of Indian workers to take jobs from struggling American tech workers.

    The bill failed earlier this year but Lee brought it back and the GOP-controlled Senate just passed it with unanimous consent — right before the election in Georgia which will determine whether the GOP holds on to the Senate.

    America First patriots were urging folks to call their senators on Wednesday and demand they object to the bill.

    It would only have taken one senator to force a debate or force a vote on the bill.

    Not one senator objected.
    Republican Senator Mike Braun of North Dakota could be seen smirking after the bill was passed:
    As Ryan Girdusky noted, not even Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri — who has made a name for himself by bashing Big Tech — bothered to muster up an objection.

    The same goes for Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, both of whom are up for reelection in Georgia.

    The GOP are also currently teaming up with Democrats to shove through a $740 billion defense authorization bill that will erase our history by renaming military bases named after Confederate generals. President Trump demanded the bill include a measure to change Section 230 but his objections were ignored.

    The contempt these GOP traitors have for their own voters is almost beyond belief.
    It appears that now that they think they’ve got Trump out of the way they’re just going to return to business as usual — i.e. screwing us relentlessly on behalf of their globalist donors.

    This is naked tyranny.

  78. I recently purchased your book Slanted and just started to read it. I just finished the part about your exclusive interview with Nakoula Nakoula, the YouTuber that the Obama administration tried to scapegoat for the Benghazi attacks. I can’t believe that you thought that David Rhodes would back you up on airing the story. It is now well-known that his brother, Ben, who worked in the Obama administration, was the author of the “Benghazi was a spontaneous demonstration caused by a YouTube video” lie.

  79. I was wondering if you could look into the Justice Department guidelines on election interference. I have heard them referenced in many “news” stories, but not what the actual guidelines are and how they are conveyed to Justice Department employees. Thank you for your hard work. I just got my copy of slanted last week and look forward to reading it. Stephanie

  80. I have been following you for several years now but I wanted to tell you a couple of things. First I just finished reading you latest book “Slanted” and you did an outstanding job of making a complex subject simple. At the end of you book you gave a solid list of sources. You missed two …,

    Martin Armstrong is the worlds most knowledgeable person there is. bar none. Here is a recent post. but don’t take may word even though I was a commissioned officer check him out you will not be sorry. as reference the powers you identified have been trying to take him down for over a year now but he is way to far ahead of them. Here is a recent post. A bit o caution he makes more typos then I do but in mental ability and critical thinking skills his far exceed mine.


    The other appears to be the most connected person in DC what he know is legend. He goes my Sundance (appropriate) and he knows more of the inside baseball then does Rush which I would never thought was possible. he was deplatformed a month ago but was able to move his site to another host with in the 2 or 3 weeks they gave him, so he is been verified by them. His site is very different and worth following. This is a recent post.


    I have never known in the dozen years I have been following both of them to be wrong.

    Just for the record I was a 1st Lieutenant and Green Beret in Vietnam in 1967 I would guess before you were born. Green Berets back then were trained to take down a communist government behind the Iron Curtain. In the early 90’s I saw what was happening in our country because of what we were trained to do and that stated my research into the very things that you wrote about. Lastly I was a Captain in 1969 and deputy post G2 at Ft Campbell so you can image what I had access to at that time.

    I know what the deep state is capable of.

    Centinel was an anti Federalist and wrote about “big” government during the debate to adopt the Constitutions. I added 2012 when I created my bog to that persons nŏm″ də ploo͞m′

  81. I listened to you on Glenn Beck,
    You were talking about the red mirage.
    I believe it was Berny who put that out there.

  82. This is the only avenue that I can think of that could remotely help anyone in this situation. Platforms for veteran legal assistance in divorce, child custody cases, and retirement pension division don’t exist for the actual Soldier who wears or wore a uniform but they do exist for former spouses. I do not wish to detract from the sacrifices military spouses make while staying home and handling home affairs, however, there is nothing judicial about taking the earnings of someone who has sacrificed their entire living for the freedoms of others.. except everyone wearing a uniform. Freedoms do exist in this country but do they exist for servicemen and women?
    There is legit lack of concern for Soldiers who have been slighted by the judicial system when it comes to the fairness of custody and property division.
    In one particular case, a Soldier pending retirement orders was given notice by mother that she intended on traveling to Germany for Christmas vacation. She informed the father she wanted to fly using German passports to avoid quarantining. The father signed the documentation allowing this under the pretense they would only be going on vacation. At no time did the father grant consent to permanently relocate. Prior to this action, the father had sought a hearing still pending, to reduce his child support, as the ex-wife’s lawyer and wife had him sign the divorce decree without any legal representation or legal knowledge of what the decree was asking. According to the Texas Attorney General, to which his letter agreed, the father was paying $8,400 extra a year for two children and continues to until the court hears the case. The amount the father pays is so incredibly high, that even DFAS cannot take that amount out of his paycheck, the most they can deduct is $1,700 causing the father to have to log in manually to a website to pay an additional $691 in accordance with the divorce decree that does not abide by the Texas Family Code 154 itself. In addition to this lack of jurisprudence within the judicial system in Texas, is the mother of the children then stated to the father after paperwork was signed that she intended on moving permanently. The father did not agree and warned the mother that he would seek legal representation for kidnapping if she tried leaving without consent. He sought legal representation. During the fathers and mothers court hearing, the judge ordered the mother not the leave until June 1 stating that they can’t keep the mother from leaving a country she’s not from since there wasn’t a geographic restriction set in place in the original divorce decree. In addition, the mother requested relief for furniture she admitted to already shipping to Germany, prior to the fathers consent to leave with children, and before there was a hearing for temporary geographic restriction. Her lawyer requested the mother relief for temporary furniture to pick out and have the father pay $250 a month for essential items and clothing. The judge denied the father’s request to deny paying relief even when being presented with information and bank statements showing the mother is being paid way more than what she is entitled. The mother is currently detracting from the fathers lifestyle and livelihood. Furthermore, in my opinion, if the mother were allowed to leave, and the father remains having to pay an absorbent amount of money for children he’s denied access to through parental alienation and abduction, I genuinely fear the father could take his own life. Something he may not be willing to acknowledge out lout. I believe these are some of the reasons 22 veterans kill themselves daily. They are being misunderstood, underrepresented, and neglected. Too often the media and people are quick to show adoration for service members of the country’s biggest wars, yet we fail to acknowledge their current challenges. Mainly because they aren’t allowed the freedoms they fight for to even vocalize their challenges.
    In addition to everything stated above, what possible reason does a judge have to grant more freedom and justice for a citizen of another country over the American citizen?
    Something is genuinely going wrong in our country when the people fighting for other’s freedoms are being deprived of any and all freedoms themselves.
    Something is genuinely wrong when the natural born citizen of this country is shown less favorable over a European citizen. Furthermore, the assessment of the contested childs’ best interest was not at all discussed. It is sad that numerous service members both men and women are looked at as second class compared to the civilians they fight to protect.
    One thing I can guarantee, there are more cases that resemble this case. There are many cases where the former spouse is granted more rights than the service member. Cases where servicemembers have organized and brought awareness to state officials only to be totally and utterly disregarded.
    I believe that if this story is brought to light with the intention of finding more people to hear from, this could start a movement of protecting our finest men and women. Our finest fighters and parents defending the constitution could one day be granted the freedoms they took an oath to protect.
    Someone please reach out to us. Someone please hear this out. All evidence can be supported with actual documents. We wish to bring awareness and deliver hope to others that may be battling with depression and suicidal actions from these types of cases. We as human beings cannot just accept this type of judgment and behavior from people we elect to office. We need to do more to help veterans and Soldiers with actual justice. I’m in progress of reaching out to the last beacons of hope and truth. This may be you and your team Sharyl.

    P.S. proof that assistance for veteran spouses is greater than veteran assistance in the cases of divorce, benefits, and custody, please search : Nonprofits divorced VETERANS with dependents in Google and you will see automatic suggestions for SPOUSES only.

    1. Juliet,

      Because you’ve demonstrated high access to the left-logical
      side of your brain, you may understand why white males (( military
      and civilian )) comprise the cohort having highest rate of suicide.

      The ROOT Cause ?

      Sixty-plus years of RADICAL Feminism.

      Find and read, “The Feminist Lie,” by Bob Lewis.


  83. Hello. I don’t see the article on your website that you featured on your podcast Friday, December 11th. Did you take it down?

  84. Hi Sharyl, I hope you will investigate the news from GA of the Sec. of State conducting a signature audit.
    Many believe the SoS has had a change of heart. I do not believe this is true. I believe this is a CYA action to pacify angry voters.
    The audit will be of sample ballots. We have no idea what has happened to these ballots since the election as there are no chain of custody records from any of the counties in Georgia!
    Also SoS has stated that the audit will not change anything therefore he has predetermined the outcome of the audit!
    What this action doesn’t do is investigate fake ballots and the ballot drop boxes. Since the video appeared of the fraud, there has been no news as to whether anyone is investigating the poll workers! Furthermore, SoS is using the same process for the runoff as he did for the Presidential election!
    It is beyond frustrating the lack of justice for conservatives in GA!!

  85. Bought your book “Slanted” at Barnes and Noble, Loveland, CO. Only two copies, spine out, in the “New Non-Fiction” section. Plenty of cover out anti-trump volumes everywhere else. My wife who worked in publishing says your book was getting the “treatment”.

    I finished “Slanted” in two days. My wife is reading it now. Thanks for your insights and hard work. God bless you.

  86. Good Morning Sharyl.

    Thanks for taking the time to create your list of Election Fraud information. Very much appreciated!! Thank God there are still a few GREAT Investigative Journalists like yourself keeping us informed with the facts.

    Below is a link to the recent Election Fraud Documentary by The Epoch Times which I just finished watching. It’s excellent . I thought you might like to add this to your list of Election Fraud Information.

    Thanks again for being a Purveyor of the Truth.



  87. Anthony Bona, M.D.




  88. Soros is financing his harebrained “Great Reset” scheme to create a Utopia with him as “King” by getting stupid Democrats to rob America’s treasury to bribe the rest of the World into supporting him.

    Imagine this:

    George Soros: Will you support my “Great Reset” and let me be King of the World if I give you a billion dollars?

    Rest of the World: Where will you get the money?

    George Soros: From American taxpayers and I will exploit Trump’s own administration’s Treasury Department and he can’t stop me.

    Rest of the World: Show us the money.

    George Soros: (Points to massive payoff labeled “Covid Relief Bill.”)


  89. Would you please look into Ivermectin as a treatment for COVID. There were doctors begging Congress at recent hearings to just review their research. The doctors involved with this treatment are a group who research approved drugs for humans and repurpose them. You should study it for yourself and make your followers aware of it.It’s nothing short of amazing and I know it works.

  90. Thank goodness. Finally, a honest journalist. I was so happy to see your piece on the way the mainstream media has slanted the news during President Trumps term. The media,definitely, swayed the 2020 election. Whatever happened to objective reporting? I am so upset with the way the news is biased in the U.S. There has to be some accountability. This is what Communist countries do! The problem is, now the damage is done. And we are left with an old, wimpy, go-a/long President who well could be a front for someone’s agenda. My hope is for more honest and objective reporting. Thank you so much.

  91. Just received this Email from my sister. May be an investigation if it turns out to be true.

    The new coronavirus variant found in UK , which has been named ‘ VUI-202012/01 ’ is reportedly said to be 70 percent more infectious.

    Italy reports first case

    Saudi Arabia closes Border for all

    Belgium, Italy ,Netherlands ,Israel and Germany Ban flights from UK over New Covid strain

    India, Russia ,France and other countries mulling decision

    UK under tier 4 Lockdown. Additional Forces deployed at Railway Stations.

    India High level meet to take Decision

    * SPAIN * has declared an emergency extendable until March 2021 * …
    * UK * announced one-month lockdown
    * FRANCE * 2 weeks *
    * GERMANY * for 4 weeks *
    * ITALY * also to follow shortly … *
    * ALL * these countries have confirmed that the * SECOND WAVE * is more deadly than the first …

    * So we have to be very careful and * KEEP ALL PRECAUTIONS *.

    * Please also become a communicator of the
    * ALERT * among all friends and family … * SAVE EVERYONE YOU CAN FROM THE SECOND WAVE *.
    * We can’t take the * 2nd LOCKING PHASE AS IF NOTHING * …

    * Yes, history tells us that the 2nd wave is more dangerous than the 1st, as was the case from 1917 to 1919 with the Spanish flu. Millions of people died. *
    * Protect yourself and your family. *
    *Stay safe,*
    * COVID-19
    DO NOT keep this information just for yourself, give it to all your family and friends.

  92. Is there an authoritative explanation anywhere that explains how Jon Ossof became the democratic candidate in Georgia? I don’t understand it given is lack of work experience.

  93. Could you PLEASE set the record straight here? Everyone keeps referring to those who stormed the Capitol building today as “Trump” supporters. Let me ask you: Have you ever seen people at a Trump rally act that way? No, you haven’t. And that’s because those who acted out this violence were NOT Trump supporters! A small Texas Christian TV channel correctly identified the group and published their pictures literally within MINUETS of its occurring. They were BLM (and Antifa) thugs, whose identities were on their own Facebook pages. Please to to “GO VICTORY” and click on the Flashpoint programs for yesterday and today, and you will get the full story.

    I love your writings and daily posts which I have received for some time now. Thank you so much for all your great reporting.

  94. I have been following your work for years. I am a recently separated Army Intel Officer and security professional (entrepreneur). I have been frustrated with not being able to find accurate information which is critical to making good decisions. That led to me starting a community of truth seekers and subject matter experts. CIA veterans, military vets, corporate security, medical experts and regular average joe’s all on one platform behind a firewall on patreon. We find factual information on current events and do our best to bypass the corrupt media by going straight to the source. I am reading your book right now and appreciate the stance you have made, knowing what it cost. If you have some time please check out what I am trying to do.

  95. Just checking to see if you haven’t been censored today Jan 8th 2021 along with many others by Big Tech Companies.


  96. Hi All, Just a thought, I see that Sharyl has her book for sale on this site, How about adding a “Book Store” for other conservative authors? If all the conservative websites did the same you guys could sell some books. Keep up the fight!

  97. Hi Sharyl!

    Thanks for your reporting on COVID-19 vaccines. I really appreciate your “just the facts, ma’am” approach!

    What seems to be missing from the discussion about COVID is solid information about effectiveness of current treatment options. The vaccine may help prevent illness but won’t universally do so. Like the ‘flu, some people – vaccinated or not – will contract the disease and need treatment. What are the treatments? How effective are they? How does their effectiveness correlate vs different co-morbidities? And so on …

    The decision to take the vaccination hinges not only on the effectiveness of the vaccine but also on the effectiveness of the treatment options whether vaccinated or not.

    Warm regards,

    Dr Will

  98. Hi Sharyl, I think this is important to spread the word, the official POTUS Twitter account has zero content about “election fraud” or “call to arms” as the opposition paints him, latest tweet was the christmas tree lighting. Also the official whitehouse.gov site has nothing on election fraud or any of Trump “outbursts” if Trump is really staging a coup, the whitehouse.gov site and POTUS twitter would be his platform. It is clear to me Trump is separating his personal rants from his official duties.

  99. Election Integrity

    Computers and Federal Elections…

    If it’s a FEDERAL election, then all computers, devices etc. should be certified initially and at least annually by the Federal Government. All Federal computers are required to have certification for use on Federal networks already. Even if not on the internet. CISA might be an agency to do this.

    If the election is for a governor or mayor etc, that state could use whatever devices their Legislature decides. Then the other 49 states and We The People wouldn’t be affected.

    If Boeing rolls out a new airplane, the FAA is there to certify it and regularly inspect so the public feels safe about boarding an aircraft at the airport. The FAA does NOT allow aircraft manufactures to self police. Go ahead, look it up.

    Today, the public doesn’t feel safe about their vote.

    Joe Biden, Not my illegitimate President.

    1. Each state also has their own requirements for voter registration. It should be uniform. You should not be able to register to vote just by showing a driver’s license. Illegals can get a driver’s license. To register to vote in this country you should have to prove American citizenship (either natural born by birth certificate or proof of naturalization). Only citizens of this country should be allowed to vote. I fear that there are votes being cast that are from people who are not citizens. Also, I do not think you should be able to register to vote through the internet. That path is too easily manipulated. If we are going to continue to have these problems, we should go back to only voting in person.

  100. First, I’m half way through “Slanted” and find it very interesting and informative. Keep up the good work.

    Second, I watched Sunday, January 24, 2021, piece on election reforms. The gentleman that you interviewed said that he didn’t think that there was much fraud in the last election. I beg to differ with him. The problem is that only a few legislative bodies have looked at the evidence of election fraud and the thousands of affidavits from people who attested to numerous irregularities in the election. Judicial Watch found that in 353 counties in the 29 states that post registration data, the number of people registered to vote exceeded the eligible population. Additionally, a study found that in those counties there were 1.8 million ghost voters. In Pennsylvania 1.8 million ballots were mailed out and 2.2 million were returned. In the one county in Michigan that did an immediate recount because the vote totals didn’t make sense, the voting machine was examined. The machine had an error percentage of 68% and 82% of the ballots had been sent for further adjudication. Those who wanted to check on voting machines in other counties and states were prevented from doing so. Also, one group took a screen shot of the vote totals shown on the state of Michigan website. Trump was shown to have received xxx.66 and Biden xxx.5?. How do you get decimal points in voting totals? Something was going on and only a few checked to find the problem. Other voting problems were also found. See “America, Can We Talk” with Debbie Georgatos, who did an excellent job of identifying election fraud problems. Also, see Patrick Byrne, formerly the CEO of Overstock and a Libertarian, who looked at voting irregularities. He identified a number of problems. Of course, the usual problems of dead voters, people who voted twice for some reason, and illegals voting, etc. prevented a fair election. The Dems want to compound the problem with doing away with Voter ID, easier registration, and mail-in ballots among other things which is a recipe for more election fraud.

    Third, with regard to Covid, while the current research is interesting, everyone seems to have ignored prophylactics that work. Those include keeping your immune system healthy by taking Vitamin D with fats to insure uptake of the vitamin, hydroxychloroquine with zinc, and Ivermectin. All have been shown to be effective in the prevention and early treatment of Covid. Ivermectin has been shown to be particularly effective in preventing the disease.

  101. Concerning you BLM story this morning: When you stated to the BLM guy that several hundred people have moved, he replied, “several hundred “positions” have been moved”. A position in government speak is not a person, but a budgetary term. I suspect that there will be several hundred new hires, and most of the Washington people will stay put. This is easy to check by reviewing the personal services dollars lines in BLM’s budget submission.

  102. Hi Sharyl,

    I have followed Maria Zack from Nations in Action and her incredible reporting on the Election Fraud involving Obama and Renzi from Italy. https://www.italy-did-it.com/ Her latest reporting on this; https://www.bitchute.com/video/Rg3ioa9UAsX6/. Maria appears to be taking on this extraordinary story with very little support from other conservative media. The evidence gathered to date appears substantial and highly credible.

    Maria would love to hear from you!

    Warm Regards,


  103. Roland Wiesendanger, professor at Hamburg University, has published a paper recently that argues that Covid 19 is unlikely to have a natural origin: https://www.uni-hamburg.de/newsroom/presse/2021/pm8.html

    There has also been a blog post about dr. Wiesendanger reporting how unfairly he has been treated by the German media and how he was portrayed as a conspiracy theorist: https://www.tichyseinblick.de/daili-es-sentials/uni-hamburg-indizien-sprechen-fuer-einen-laborunfall-als-corona-ursprung

    I think many of your readers (I among them) would love a podcast in which you interview dr. Wiesendanger

    1. I have always thought this virus was manufactured in China (maybe as a biological weapon), but escaped before they wanted it to.

  104. Hello: Thank you for your reporting fairly. Can you please push the producer’s for just 30 minutes more. We need more! On your Feb.21 show about the utility company in Montana I thought I would add this. A friend of mine owns a hydro dam near Troy , North Carolina. Duke power rate some time ago was 12 cents per k/w /h. Then they would pay 50% less for any other power that they bought in the state. Laws were changed and the rate dropped to only 2 cents per k/w/ h ! The owner opened the gates and drained the lake and let the dam go to seed. This problem in Montana is current while this issue in N.C. happen about 13 years ago and is still current with federal laws in place since the 1970’s. to keep this from happening! This is probably a country wide problem. This is costing ALL of us a lot of money! Almost all solor, wind and geothermal facilities are owner at first by private companys then sold to the major guys! Thanks for your great reporting and story information.

  105. A while back you did a story on how Google and other tech giants were running our country. Would you re-run that at some time in the future?

  106. Francie O'Meara

    Hi Sharyl, you have no phone number listed on your website. I am currently a monthly donor and am writing to tell you to stop my monthly $5.50 donations. Contact me if you have any questions. Have a great day.

  107. I tried the URL I’ve used for several years to reach Full Measure, and got a 403 – forbidden error. This result occurred on Chrome, Edge and Internet Explorer. Same with clicking on a link for the sharylattkisson.com website. Is this more big tech censorship? It’s getting ridiculous out there.

  108. Did anyone else read the whistleblower testimony provided by Lin Wood about the Swamp? Very disturbing and although I try not to believe it, many of the recent events tend to support it’s truth. Sharyl’s hacking by the DOJ/FBI are included in the testimony. What is the status of that lawsuit?

  109. Since I posted in haste and my spell check took over emotional thinking I’ll say it again: while trashing Trump give Hunter Biden equal time. And how about “Joe plagiarism “ and his quoting Neil Kinnock word for word?
    We can pick holes in anything and call it investigation but to show a political hack like Anderson Cooper?
    No wonder #texit is on the horizon

  110. Dear Sharyll,

    Could you investigate and confirm the story circulating on a few websites stating that Pfizer has been demanding government of poor countries to put up state assets as guarantee of collateral to be used in potential future lawsuits in vaccine trials? According to reports, they are demanding military bases and embassy grounds as collateral which raises serious questions about motives.

    Here are a few links on this story for you:


  111. Dear Sharyl Attkisson,
    While reading the articles posted on your website, and specifically the large number which contain transcripts, I have noticed that the punctuation and grammar of those transcripts is extremely faulty. This is so marked that, in some places, it is hard to understand what is being said simply due to the sloppy work done. As a reader, I would greatly appreciate if you found a better transcriber. Rev.com is an excellent resource for that.

    Enid Ghilchrist

  112. Hello Sharyl,

    You have talked about these new alternative digital platforms and the need for people to work for these companies. Where can we find these places to apply to? Do you have a list of these companies and their hiring contacts for people to send their resumes to?

    Thank you!

  113. Pretty deadly for a lifesaving vaccine, eh?


    Search Results
    From the 3/26/2021 release of VAERS data:
    Found 2,249 cases where Vaccine is COVID19 and Patient Died

    Age Count Percent
    < 3 Years 2 0.09%
    17-44 Years 45 2%
    44-65 Years 265 11.78%
    65-75 Years 426 18.94%
    75+ Years 1,275 56.69%
    Unknown 236 10.49%
    TOTAL 2,249 100%

  114. Just watched your story about age discrimination at IBM. I’m wondering if anyone also looked at the same problem at 3M back in the early 2000’s when people were laid off via the Six Sigma program and a class action lawsuit was filed?
    I was also just notified that there is another lawsuit against 3M in California, involving employees not being paid for time apparently involving the time workers take to put on and take off work related uniforms and equipment. Of course the details are not revealed because 3M states that proprietary information is involved. My 10-11 month pre-retirement employment is included as part of “the class”.

  115. If 90% of the main stream media is represented by six corporations, can you find out how much of the relief funding from COVID-19 has flowed from the federal government to these six companies?

    Thank you for your reporting and I enjoyed reading your book titled “Slanted”..

  116. Hi Sheryl
    I really enjoyed your program today in regards to moving water, odometer changing and recycling your drugs, I was really getting bored of watching the same old programming on politics! I know it’s important but enough is enough! We just want to hear other issues going on in the world. To much death is going on and the media just pushes it. Any good job today!
    Thanks Jackie ???????

  117. Been reading Slanted and read Smeared. Seems to me that this type of biased media activity has been going on for well over 200 years. News papers, magazines, to radio/tv now Internet have been bought and payed for by powerful entities and both political parties. It’s not new to our society but with today’s digital technology it has accelerated to a frantic pace. At the moment the fringe ends of both parties are at war. Hoping to see those in the middle left and right will soon to speak up. We ended our cable subscription years ago so that our $ no longer went to paying the salaries/expenses of these bogus news outlets. I enjoy your Full Measure program

  118. I apologize and would like to retract my comment yesterday. I was not feeling well and thought yesterday was Sunday all day! Full Measure is on in Austin, Texas today.

  119. Sharyl, your footage 5/1 shows WM shooter, not BM plain clothes Lt Capitol officer. Why the confusion?

    Sharyl I appreciate your authentic brave reporting.

    However, see what I sent your info@email on Jan 10 and again cited Mar 10 with new edited 1/6/21 edited video~ noting a different shooter to change narrative. Your footage in 5/1 FM shows the white gray/balding male shooter, not the black plain clothes Lt now accepted by this lawyer.

    The May 9 Sacramento event “her mother” is another trap for good Americans and more BS reports.

    As a veteran, I’m especially sad by the lies sold and then good reporters like yourself not getting to the truth and justice. The Kabuki theatre was obvious as it went down 1/6/21.

  120. Greetings sharyl, Please, please take the time and dig into ALL I am sharing with you here below…..websites included to get you started!

    I found information directly after the alleged CV19 hit the ground running that IT was created at UNC-Chapel Hill, NC with funding by US Government & Fort Detrick was also involved as far back as 2013! Then got shipped to Wuhan…..meanwhile very few have tied the real culprit behind ALL the symptoms being due to 5G, so-called SMART meters, dirty electric EMFs & RFs!!!! The U.S. Government has been knowing and working on Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars for literally decades now! There’s a research paper published by the Navy Medical Research Institute dating all the way back to 1971 where they go into details of ALL the ill health effects of what I’ve stated above & every symptom of the mysterious CV19 folks are having ALL fit the information the NMRI paper discussed way back in 1971! It’s the reason birds have been reported dropping dead from the skies by the thousands, also why bees have been disappearing at rapidly alarming rates, dolphins and whales have been found dead washed up in the hundreds, etc…oh and Wuhan was also one of thee very first places to roll out 5G all over the place there! There IS a very real connection, yet not very many have made that connection! I’ve tried reaching out to various people that have large followings and platforms with this information so they can share it…yet, NONE have gotten back to me as of yet!
    For more on this look for and listen to Barrie Trower, Lloyd Burrel and the very few others who have knowledge about all of this! Barrie Trower was a microwave weapons expert for Britain and was working in that field as far back as the 1960s! Radio waves are what caused the Great Dust Bowl here on America in the 1940s, US Navy ships going globally around the world with RADAR back in the early 1900s were also the real culprit behind Spanish Flu also! When one really digs in and researches themselves, it’s ALL right there, hidden in plain sight, for those with eyes to Look/See and ears to hEar!

    Look at and into the following sites information, they’re chock full of details and very Important Facts…..

    https://apps.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/750271.pdf <<<<NAVY MEDICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE 1971 paper that shows ALL the same symptoms folks with the alleged CV19 are having and then so many more health damaging Ill effects, such as impotence, cancers, and just about ANY & EVERY known dis-ease man has been battling for decades!!!! All caused on purpose!!! This is NOT Conspiracy "Theories", when one has the FACTS, it's NO longer a theory, it's an actual Conspiracy!





  121. America Patriot

    Fellow patriots, this is the home of the Nazi behind the un-American vaccine propaganda effort – 22697 Hillside Circle, Dulles, VA, 20175

  122. I may have a serious problem.
    My Facebook account is showing where I have “Liked” and Comments when I am not online. Unlike other items on my Activity list, I cannot click and get taken to that comment.
    I changed my password and it appeared a 2d time.
    I am not engaged in criminal or treasonous behavior, I do not make threats which is criminal. I support the 2d Amendment and the rest of the Constitution.

    Please respond.
    Thank you.

  123. Have you seen the interview with Dr. McCullough? He talks about how the deaths could have been prevented with hydrochlor… (the stuff Trump recommended). He says there wasn’t treatment because they wanted a vaccine all along. While he unfairly blames Trump for not pushing this drug more, he makes some great points! Since left wing MSM went out of their way to call hydrochlor..(forget the spelling) so as to discredit Trump and to PUSH for a vaccine, it is the PRESS WHO CAUSED ALL THE DEATHS. This interview is amazing. ITS CNN and the LIBS who called all the deaths!

  124. Sharyl, there seems to be a huge information/facts vacuum surrounding the 450+ Trump supporters being held in Washington DC jails.
    Your investigative skills at fact-finding would definitely be appreciated by all of us.

  125. SCOTUS (FNMA decision).USA-the most corrupt country in the World ! We have-No Police,No Justice,Fake Hero…,Fake News…

  126. 1st, Do not give ANY personal info over the “Net”! 2nd, do not use email sites which require any phone number to track you by, (this was obtained before that requirement was in place) 3rd, “Fictions of Law” DO NOT have “Standing” to bring ANY kind of claim against a natural human! In order to obtain “Jurisdiction” both parties to ANY action MUST be able to APPEAR PERSONALLY, to testify under penalty of perjury! “Representatives” are not able to give “Evidence” as that would constitute “Hearsay”! Serving “Notice of Personal Civil and Criminal Liability” with a $$$$$$$$ per hour penalty plus costs AND 48% interest on the unpaid balance, invalidates any and all other “Immunity” unlawfully given by agents of “Fictions of Law” acting under “Color of Law” and/or “Color of Authority”! “If you don’t know the words you can’t ask the questions. If you can’t ask the questions you will never find the answers!” Tell all “agents”: “Take Notice and Govern Yourselves Accordingly!” And then follow up with regular billing and notice that “Lack of Jurisdiction” has NO “Statute of Limitations” and can be brought before a tribunal when one appears following the “LAW”!

  127. Sharyl Atkisson- will you be at Mike Lindell’s cyber symposium? Many people trust your reporting and know you have cyber experts who were able to uncover the truth about the government spying on you. Please consider being there or sending your cyber expert to cover what happens.

  128. In late 2016 or early 2017 a read a story in several places that 2 college professors published a peer reviwed paper proving that, absent voter fraud, Nixon actually won the 1960 election. I have not been able to find that story again on the internet despite a whole lot of time and effort. I was in gradeschool in 1960 and a huge JFK fan, sop I took no comfort in the story. But I would like to read it again in detail.

    Are you or any of your readers familiar with this research paper or sthe story?

  129. I recently heard this podcast (rife with inflammatory language, but seemingly correct information behind the bluster – starting at about 11 minutes in and going through about 16 minutes…):
    which claims the CDC is basing their claim of “~99% of hospitalizations and deaths due to COVID-19 are unvaccinated patients” is “cooked-books” because, in order to get that high figure, they’re ONLY looking at data from late-December (2020) through June (2021.) By doing that “cooking of the books” they’re starting with the first month or more when vaccines were not readily available to the majority of the population, and ending before the majority of Delta variant cases presented.

    It seems to me, they should be citing CURRENT data. I.e. data from the last few weeks, NOT data from months ago.

    Have you looked into this claim? Can you verify or disprove it?

    Thank you for all the investigative reporting you’ve been doing. I really appreciate your balanced approach and balanced reporting without all the inflammatory rhetoric.

  130. Sharyl,

    My name is Aaron Attkisson. I am reaching out to you with hopes of starting my family tree. There are not many of us out there and my dad Eugene Rufus Attkisson III thinks that majority of us are related. I started this journey after meeting another Attkisson randomly. She said her family has ties to Florida. My family, as far back as my dad can figure out, was from Ohio and Kentucky. During the civil war, part of the Attkisson family went south. I know this is Random but if you have time please find a way to reach out to me.

    1. Hi Aaron! I am Attkisson by marriage with my husband’s family from Tennessee! I’ll bet it you join one of those online gene sites it will tell a lot. Of course that requires giving over DNA…

  131. August 24, 2021

    Sharyl :

    “The Rabbis KNOW” has a
    double meaning,

  132. With respect to do much currently happening in our world, why is no on discussing the “approved” vaccine not being available to the public at this time? While an approval was given, that vaccine has yet to be manufactured. Looking through the FDA docs on their site, this information is available to anyone willing to dig.


    Many, many employees in Oregon, Washington, and other locations will see their entire careers destroyed on October 18th based on a scam perpetrated by big pharma and politicians in order to force vaccinations.

    Here’s an example of one story describing how this has been done:


    Thanks so much for what you do.

  133. Sharyl,

    I need to sue Butte College in Oroville, Ca for forcing the mask ion me though I have a medical exemption, they would not allow me to attend classes. I showed them all of the proof that the masks are worthless and actually very harmful. The filthy communist who run the college broke at least 6 laws I know of. I have all emails archived and can prove they violated many of my rights and broke many laws.

    If you know of any lawyers that have the balls to sue these commies, please let me know!
    Thank You

    Robert Otey

  134. I am reading Slanted. Thank you!!! Please, please, please consider writing about universities. In your book, you reference how schools of journalism pass on the narrative. Another powerful place that this is happening is in schools of education. I have taught many years in a variety of university teacher education programs. All diverse points of view are welcome–as long as they fit certain narratives. As in journalism, bias is accepted and encouraged, and in this way, the narrative is being disseminated to those studying to be teachers and then on to not just high school students, but also to young children. From the books that the soon-to-be teachers are encouraged to use for read alouds to the topics they ask their students to write about (and then evaluate), the narrative is being pushed long before kids have the critical thinking skills needed to seek other ideas.

  135. A great story would be to reveal the misdeeds of the company eMed.
    It is recommended by United Airlines, for passengers traveling out of the country and needing a negative Covid test to return. Since August, I have had a truly horrible experience with eMed and have been fighting for a simple refund.

    To summarize my case, here is what I just recently posted on Google reviews (Trustpilot):

    NOT EVEN WORTH ONE STAR. I purchased eight test kits, as recommended by United Airlines. We were unable to ever use the tests because eMed failed to provide a “certified guide” on-line. I tried eight times a day for three days and was told “unexpectedly high volume”, “try back later”, “try back in two hours”, “try back in three hours”. Ruined my vacation! The hotel saved us by getting a doctor to come and test the family. Took me hours of calls and dozens of emails to get a partial refund. They accepted all eight tests, but only paid for six. eMed still has the two tests in question. They want me to send other tests to Optum, but all blame is due to eMed being completely unavailable to monitor the tests (eMed provides monitoring for Optum tests – or they are supposed to do so). AVOID eMED AT ALL COSTS.

    I was shocked to see that there are many, many more “victims” of eMed. Just read the reviews and you will see this is a pattern.
    The COO of eMed is Dr. Mitch Morris, former CIO at MD Anderson. I’m sending him a certified letter today, because there is not a way to send him an email.
    I have tried to email the Chairwoman and Co-Founder/CEO, but I think all emails just go to a basic customer service account.
    I have kept notes of my wait times, conversations and email threads.

    I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau of Southeast Florida and filed a complaint with United Airlines.
    Something needs to be done to stop this company from basically stealing from more people, especially for pandemic related matters. This is not just a local story, but one with big national implications.

    Hope you can shine the spotlight on this.

  136. Hi,

    I would like to get a transcripy of your June 11, 2021 podcast on election fraud and 10/1/2021 on Maricopa election audit.

    Can you tell me the steps to get these?

    Thank you,

    Mike Erickson


    1. Submit the audio to a service like Rev online and they can transcribe in minutes for small cost. I’m sorry but I have not been able to hire a service to transcribe these..

  137. Brian Vukadinovich

    Hello Sharyl,
    I just recently sent a letter to Chief Justice of the United States, John Roberts, addressing case fixing that is going on in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit in Chicago, namely by Judge Michael S. Kanne, and the current protectionism and cover-up of Kanne’s case fixing activities as revealed by Judge Richard A. Posner. I advised Chief Justice Roberts that the recent order dismissing my complaint against Kanne was inappropriate and the process was nothing more than a sham process. It is very noteworthy that the Chief Judge, Diane Sykes, and whoever else was on the so called “Judicial Council” that purportedly investigated the complaint didn’t interview either Judge Kanne or Judge Posner, and that is very telling and speaks volumes as to just how much of a sham process this was. The process was such a sham that the order didn’t even state who the judges were who participated in the sham decision. I sent an email to the clerk of the Seventh Circuit, Chris Conway, and told him I want to know the names of the judges who participated in the decision to dismiss my complaint against Kanne, and of course he (Conway) didn’t respond back. We have a very serious problem when we have federal judges fixing cases, and when they are caught and reported, the court simply sweeps their corrupt actions under the rug without even interviewing the judge in question or the judge who disclosed the corruption. If you are interested in this story and would like to interview me on your podcast show I would be happy to accommodate you, and of course provide you with a copy of the letter I sent to Roberts and also a copy of the judicial-misconduct complaint against Kanne. We would have a great interview without question!

  138. Sharyl,

    Absolutely love your shows on Full Measure and try to never miss one. You, along with the likes of Tucker Carlson and Lara Logan, are the only true journalists left in America-it seems. I listened to your podcast today about the Arizona audit and will listen to many more now that I’ve found your site!.
    I wanted to share this video with you sent to me this past Sunday by a man named Bob Rinear that writes an opinion/financial letter twice a week to his subscribers. I think something as powerful as this video would be well taken care of and sent out to the masses by your capable and trustworthy journalism.
    See what you think and thanks so much for all you do-Love ya!

  139. Ms. Isabelli Borges Valentim.
    SÃO BERNARDO DO CAMPO, BRAZIL — A 16-year-old girl is dead as authorities ramp up efforts to dismiss her death as sheer coincidence.
    Ms. Isabelli Borges Valentim, also spelled “Isabelle” by some Brazilian media, received her first Pfizer mRNA injection on August 25, according to regional newspaper Diário do Grande ABC. Her lifelong dream was visiting Disneyland in Florida. She received the injection because she planned to fulfill that dream this year, and the injections are required for international travel
    The adverse effects came quickly. Ms. Valentim suffered dizziness, severe headaches, shortness of breath and extreme fatigue the next day. Her condition progressively worsened over the next several days, as she also started feeling “tingling sensations” throughout her entire body.
    Cristiane Borges, Isabelli’s mother, took her only child to Hospital Coração de Jesus on August 29. But doctors said her condition was all psychological and just in her head. Right before being discharged, Isabelli collapsed and lost consciousness. That’s what it took for doctors to take her condition seriously. She was immediately transferred to Vida’s Maternity Hospital in São Paulo.
    Doctors immediately diagnosed her with life-threatening hypoxemia. Isabelli’s blood oxygen levels were at 30%. Levels below 88% are cause for concern, according to Banner Health. Doctors recommended immediate blood transfusions consisting of eight bags of blood. But Isabelli’s had a seizure before they could get started and was transferred to the intensive care unit. Doctors could not revive her over the next 36 hours.
    Isabelli passed away on September 2.
    Let the cover-up and subterfuges begin
    Cardiogenic shock, heart attack and severe anemia are the three possible causes of deathlisted on Isabelli’s death certificate. The Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (Anvisa) said Isabelli died from thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura – numerous blood clots throughout her body. Anvisa also said that Isabelli had a preexisting autoimmune disorder. But the agency said that the Pfizer injection “is not the probable cause of death.”
    Cristiane told blogger Roberto Gonçalves that Isabelli did not have any preexisting autoimmune disorders. São Bernardo do Campo Municipal Health Secretary Geraldo Sobrinho said there were no records of Isabelli having any autoimmune disorders in their databases. Anvisa never contacted Cristiane. She received all of her information from local media. Cristiane recalled her last moments with Isabelli:
    “She said four words: ‘Mom, I love you.’ Then she asked for a hug and said that the only thing she wanted was to get well. I said, ‘Isabelli, believe in your mom. You’ll be fine.’”
    Isabelli was a student at the private Christian school Colégio El-Shaday.

    She was a gifted writer. Isabelli’s poem “From My Window” qualified for the 2016 Portuguese Language Olympics: Writing the Future program when she was just 11 years old. Isabelli was also very humble, as demonstrated by her acceptance speech.
    “It seemed like the others were more interesting than mine. I let my thoughts flow, narrating what it’s like to see the fog from my window and compare it to Serra do Mar and everything I saw, like the trees and the school nearby.”
    Brazilian Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga recommended all states cease injecting low-risk children ages 12 to 17 until the investigation is completed. Bloomberg reported that 72% of that age group in the state of São Paulo have already received at least one injection.

  140. World Health Organization (updated dately) Adverse Drug Reactions (age, gender, geography, condition)

    • Polio Vax – Nearly every adult & child in the world born for 50 years, 121478 Adverse Reactions.

    • Mumps Vax – Nearly every adult & child in the world born for 50 years, 710 Adverse Reactions

    • Covid-19 Modified RNA Shot – 40% of the world, 18 months, 2,262,130 Adverse Reactions. <> 2,377,093 ADR

    Information Provided by the WHO World Health Organization
    Scroll to the bottom of the page and Accept the terms and conditions.

    In the “search for a specific drug by name” box type in “Covid-19 vaccine” no quotes. You can also type any disease like “polio vaccine” or other to see the number and all the data. Spell carefully it must be exact.

    Here is another worldwide daily updated site on completed case studies for treatments. Deep analysis

  141. Concerning PFAS contamination.
    Being prior Military, I know there was/is a lot of fire fighting training, some using foam. During my time in, it was known as AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam).
    We were told it was completely harmless and you could even ingest it.
    Concerning the use of foam in actual fire fighting and training, you need to look into civilian airports and firefighting training facilities as they use foam also.
    Is the widespread use due to Manufacturer cover-up?
    How many areas OTHER THAN just Military Installations are contaminated?

  142. I just heard on the national news that the illegal aliens that got separated from their kids at the border will get compensation. People that crossed the border illegally, never paid taxes,never supported our government in any way get compensation! I am a U.S. veteran and spent 20 years in various coal mines keeping the power on in our country, and have been denied black lung benefits. I have been fighting for benefits for over ten years and have been turned down three times. I experience lung pain and shortness of breath every day but my pleas for compensation fall on deaf ears from the U.S. Labor Dept. We give money away to foreign governments every year but can”t give the people that kept the power plants running and spent years in coal mines compensation. I have contacted the last four Presidents, senators,Congressmen with no action on this. What about the fifteen year presumption for black lung benefits passed in congress? I feel bad about poor people of mexico and the corrupt south american countries that will not take care of their own people, but what about the American workers that supported this country

  143. An overlooked QUESTION about US Military 2nd Syria bombing during chemical scare false flag now admitted by UK news outlet.
    WHY is Bill Gates and former US Intel expert on the BOARD OF DIRECTORS?
    I have sent this info to others over the years and have yet to see any coverage.

  144. I have something worth looking into:
    There was a news segment this morning on a local TV station. It was the criminal of the week. The reporter had the sheriff in the segment asking for information on a criminal they were looking for. The first name was Ernesto (last name was hyphenated as typical of hispanics). When the sheriff held up the rap sheet, I noticed the section that said “Race:” showed WHITE. I phoned the sheriff’s office to ask why it wasn’t shown as Hispanic. I was told that there are ONLY 3 races: White, Black and Asian. Per the federal government Hispanic is a sub-race to White. That all reporting of crimes involving Hispanics are being reported as crimes by Whites. This makes crimes by illegals or any person of Hispanic ethnicity non-existent.
    You can have 52 genders, but only 3 races now?
    This reminds me of covid. No matter how people have died, whether by cancer, car accident, etc., it is counted a covid death.

  145. In response to my recent FOI to the MHRA, I have been provided with a heavily redacted version of Table 3.2.P.1-1 for Pfizer’s BNT162b2. It appears to show 7 fully redacted ingredients.

    My FOI exchange with the MHRA is available here: https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/exact_quantity_of_water_for_inje#incoming-1900878

    I have created a 6 minute video summarising this document and some thoughts on it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkPSg0kITog

    In addition to this, I provide more background on my FOI at my website: https://www.alltherisks.com/trade-secret

    In my latest response to the MHRA, I have requested the full, unredacted Section 3.2.P.1 for Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Janssen. I have informed the MHRA I will escalate my FOI to the ICO if they do not comply.

  146. Hi Sharyl
    Thank you for your refreshing and smart fact based reporting; it’s a very welcome alternative to much of the other “news.”

    If you are ever hiring, I would love to be a part of your team! I could not find a jobs link anywhere. I live in nearby Reston VA.

    Looking forward to all your future reporting and to reading your books.


  147. Do you know of any study or stats on the number of people
    Reinfected and get serious Covid
    Die of Covid
    Are reinfected AND had a .vax and
    Get serious Covid
    Or die of Covid?
    Thanks! I would think that would be a matter studied out there somewhere.
    Thx for your unbiased journalism.

  148. Hello .. do you believe the phizer vaccine can transfer from one person to the other via saliva and other bodily fluid
    Because I dated a girl that was double vax and in few days had a soar in my mouth for about 14 days, and still the side of my face is a bit tingly and numb. I took supplements to try and detox, but if its gene therapy, is this reversible …


  149. Sharyl:

    THANK YOU for doing a fine job at reporting the facts about COVID-19 (and other topics).

    I’m a physicist concerned about the unscientificness of some COVID-19 policies.

    In response I’ve written two major reports about COVID-19. They explain (with 200+ citations) how the Medical Establishment has discarded real Science in favor of political science.

    Find those and a lot more at my website: C19Science.info.

    My email is there, and we should get connected as we are on the same page.

  150. Dear Ms. Attkisson:

    First off, I would like to compliment you. You are one of the few journalists that are worthy of being called a journalist! Thank you and keep up the good work!

    I don’t know if you’ve looked into this but you may want consider this. My wife and myself had to have the electrical panel replaced at our house. When the lineman came to connect the incoming line to our panel, I had the chance to talk to him. I asked him about his opinions on the idea of the push to have all these electric cars being plugged into the electrical grid. That is, the push for cars being electric and being recharged from the power grid. We live in Texas. His response? “Remember last winter?”, referring to when the electrical grid collapse here in Texas last winter. It was pretty clear he was saying the electrical grid, with the capacity it has now, won’t able to handle it. But that’s not the only thing he said. It was dark by the time he got here. He shone his light on the incoming line from the transformer to the house. He said if one wanted to start charging their electrical vehicle at home, that wire coming into the house was not large enough to handle the additional load. Next, he pointed to the transformer. He said that transformer handles our house and 3 others. He said if the transformer is a 50K (I don’t know what that means), it’s ok. But he said if it’s only a 37.5K transformer, it would need to be upgraded to a 50K. AND GUESS WHO GETS TO PAY FOR THE UPGRADED TRANSFORMER? Not the power company! The person requesting the upgrade because they need it for what they want to power at their house. The same is true for the upgraded line coming into the house. The customer has to pay for that. And the other thing that a customer may need to upgrade in order to charge an electric vehicle from home is their circuit breaker panel. Sooo., you know what advertising is like. It makes everything seem real easy and convenient. But what the advertising isn’t showing or talking about is the expense one may incur to bring the homes electrical grid up to the capacity necessary to charge an electrical vehicle safely. I have no way of knowing how much that could cost. Maybe you could look into this to find out what the true, total, cost is for someone wishing to charge an electrical vehicle at home?

  151. Charles G. Shaver

    Sharyl, the real Covid-19 fraud is the scamdemic itself. I estimate that since 1980 approximately twenty-five to thirty million unsuspecting Americans (minimally, going global with the Western Diet) have died prematurely due to undiagnosed chronic subclinical non-IgE-mediated food (minimally; other) allergies (e.g. THE PULSE TEST, Arthur F. Coca, MD, 1956, available free online in PDF format) aggravated (or not) with FDA approved food poisoning, namely modified soy protein mostly processed more cheaply with toxic hexane with some residue since the early 1970s (e.g. US female breast cancer epidemic presented by 1979, ACS and NCI data) and added ‘cultured’ monosodium glutamate (MSG), FDA approved for expanded use as an alleged ‘flavor enhancer’ in 1980 with the US obesity/diabetes epidemic presenting by 1990 (CDC/NCHS data). In May of 2016 Johns Hopkins researchers reported medical error to be the third leading cause of death in the US, behind only heart disease and cancer. By 2017 some 7,703 Americans were dying daily from all causes (CDC/NCHS/NVSS data), which easily accounts for about 90% of the falsely alleged covid deaths as preexisting conditions and/or comorbidities. The total number of reported US covid deaths is about what we’d expect of those due to medical error alone in the same time period, as mentioned above.

  152. Hi Sharyl,
    We have information and machines that can provide 100% of the renewable energy needed to run our world, available today. A short list is: Solar dishes that are 2.5x as efficient at collecting energy as those in use today- collecting 15% at night and through cloud cover. Energy storage units of over 50 Gigawatts, enough to run ships around the world, power an electric vehicle, home, or anything run today by fossil fuels. Water purification systems requiring no additional power, but producing 500 m3 of fresh water/day from contaminated or sea water, and returning no brine to the source. (Only piles of saleable powders like salt.) We can run any existing piston or turbine engine off only heat from our energy storage units with zero pollution. These and more are available today and could create a zero pollution world in a matter of a few years. Technology is being held back that is here now, lower cost than anything existing, and could almost immediately stop all the effects of co2 and methane pollution. Our estimates are that we can produce electricity well below 1 cent/kwh, and in a decentralized system. If interested, I would like to talk with your people about the current products and capabilities we have developed.
    Randy Stewart

  153. That was an interesting interview with Eric Metaxas that aired on Sunday morning, February 13, 2022. Complaining about the inaccuracy of Cable News Network is like complaining about the hot weather in Washington when you live in Phoenix.

    Fox News broadcasts one conspiracy theory after another and you and and Eric Metaxas have the audacity of doubting the accuracy of CNN.

    Shame on you,

    1. Hello,

      Unfortunately at this time we do not have a mechanism in place to accept donations through the mail. Thank you so much for your moral support!!

  154. Your story on Earmarks hit a nerve. That is the perfect example how the government is spending our hard earned tax money that we pay to them just so they can give it away to other countries who don’t and won’t contribute to the US. Also, it shows how they use this money to benefit themselves and other interest. We voted these people into office and they just forget about who put them there and worry about what can they get out of this for them and worry about nothing else. The people should be informed on what is being passed and what exactly is in the bill or bills that they are trying to pass.

  155. As someone who isn’t afraid to report on controversial issues, would you be able to explain why we (The United States of America) are willing to welcome Ukrainian refugees with open arms into our country, yet refugees from Central America are stopped by a wall and Afghans are left hanging off our planes? On the surface, it seems like racial prejudice. All of these refugees are escaping war-torn countries seeking assylum and a chance to rebuild their lives in a peaceful country. I say, if we are going to welcome one, we should welcome all under the same conditions. Please correct me if I’m wrong. I just would like a clear understanding.

    1. COL (DR) Drew Moore

      We (the USA) so far is not admitting refugees from Ukraine, except those with family, already in the US. This could change. But, you’re comparing apples and oranges. People coming to the Southern border are not refugees. They are coming for economic reasons, 99% of the time. And, we have brought many more Afghans, to the US, than we should have. Many who were brought here, are regular citizens, who had nothing to do with any US forces or other part of our effort. In other words, they are not at risk of anything other than normal life in Afghanistan. Ukraine is in a WAR. War is what makes refugees. Other immigrants are usually not refugees, besides single exceptions, here or there. I don’t think we need to bring a bunch of them to the US, either, by the way. If bill clinton, obummer and Joebama had supplied the defensive weapons, as promised, this might not even be happening, or at least not to this terrible of a degree.

      1. The definition of ‘refugee’ in some legal contexts is a person who has intent to return home as soon as it is safe to do so. This is still true today, at least for Ukrainian refugees resident in Hungary. Those coming for economic reasons who already had food and clothing and some sort of shelter in their country of origin do not qualify. Even Ukrainian refugees forfeit their refugee status once they declare that they no longer intend to return to their country of origin. It would be interesting to learn if this same definition was once used in the legal fabric of our own nation.

  156. I have great story for you to expose. Please Google “Joe Barrett Ice Boom ” and read up. It’s a perfect story of corrupt powers that be versus nature.
    Mu cell is is 716-866-2930. Thx, jbb

  157. Illinois legislators, including some Republicans, passed this amendment. In order for it to become effective, the Illinois voters in November must vote “yes”. This is a really bad amendment. See: https://www.illinoispolicy.org/press-releases/what-is-amendment-1-an-illinois-constitutional-amendment-on-the-ballot-next-november/, https://www.illinoispolicy.org/amendment-1-would-give-illinois-government-union-bosses-nations-most-extreme-powers/, and https://www.illinoispolicy.org/amendment-1-could-make-it-harder-to-root-out-corruption-in-illinois/.
    While this may appear to be specific to Illinois, I can see it spreading to other states. Further, this will just add to more people leaving Illinois because of corruption.

  158. Lawrence Proctor

    I am hoping you can point me in the right direction. I am looking for someone who is interested in in talking to someone who needs to solve a puzzle with out exposing the source. In 1966 I met a biologist who worked at Fort Detrick and what I was told continues to haunt me. Let just say I can conect the dots.

  159. The poll concerning the impact if the internet went down forever tomorrow is too broad. How about if just social media went down forever tomorrow?

    The internet is great for researching, not so much for social media.


  160. Bill Henderson

    I love your show. The topics are always important to me and I appreciate your honesty in journalism. Keep up the good work.

  161. Hi Sharyl,

    Are you against exploring Rokfin as a way to distribute and monetize content?

    On Rokfin, independent journalists are making 5 to 7x more than on other platforms because of its unique way to monetize.



  162. Can you please cover “Ice boom theory” by Googling “Ice Boom Theory”. well worth your time. The Entire Lower Great Lakes ecosystem depends upon it. I love your deep dives into stories. JBB

  163. Can you cover Ice Boom Theory please? Google Joe Barrett Ice Boom. The Lower Great Lakes ecosystem is being severely altered by N.Y.P.A. with an ice boom. It stalls the natural conveyor and causes all kinds of huge problems. Lots of corrupt coverup.

  164. *Epstein didn’t kill himself… and yet no one will get within 100 miles of this story.
    *Epstein’s list of john’s was no longer going to be protected, and yet no one is investigating this.
    *The government came out and told us a few months ago that UFO’s were “real” – that they exhibit flight capabilities that don’t exist on planet earth – perhaps the biggest story in the history of mankind… and yet the media is disinterested.

  165. Kathy Krafka Harkema

    Iowa farmers are fed up with the empty promises of industrial wind developers who seek to litter the most productive farmland in the world with industrial wind turbines. Tama County Iowa, is fighting back to better protect public safety than letting developers from Virginia and Florida overtake their county as they try to construct 65 story wind turbines. The tallest building in Iowa is only 45 stories, so 65 story tall turbines, heavily subsidized by taxpayers, are not welcome in the County. Here’s the latest in how farmers are fighting back against County officials who are catering to developers, rather than protecting public safety. See our Facebook page at Tama County Against Turbines to see how citizens are fighting off big wind.

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Contact Kathy Krafka Harkema, Media Relations, 641-891-4381; [email protected]

    – Ordinance reaffirmed unchanged, despite hundreds of Tama County residents calling for necessary changes for public safety –
    TOLEDO, Iowa – June 24, 2022 – On June 22, Plaintiff Richard W. Arp, a fourth-generation Tama County crop and livestock producer who farms near Clutier, filed a petition for declaratory judgment against the Tama County Board of Supervisors in the Iowa District Court in and for Tama County.
    A declaratory judgment is a binding judgment from the Court to determine the rights and obligations of each party.
    Arp, a member of the Tama County Against Turbines LLC (TCAT) coalition asks the Court to declare the May 16, 2022, Tama County Board of Supervisors’ re-adoption of the 2010 Tama County Zoning Ordinance VI.I Amendment Number 1, regulating commercial wind projects, as illegal and void as the Supervisors failed to provide required notice or to hold the requisite public hearing to allow for public input.
    Supervisors reaffirmed the ordinance May 16 without any changes, despite the public outcry by hundreds of residents calling for a comprehensive revision and modernization of the ordinance.
    Hundreds of petitioners have called for significant changes to the ordinance last approved 12 years ago, in 2010, after first being a part of the County’s master zoning ordinance adopted in 1998.
    “Nothing of substance has changed in Tama County’s ordinance requirements for industrial wind projects for 24 years,” said Tama County Against Turbines Chairman Jon Winkelpleck, a fourth-generation crop and livestock farmer from rural Dysart. “Wind turbines now can tower 65 stories or more, operate at much greater speeds, and can cause more potential interference with communications signals like emergency 911 and other communications systems. That’s why ordinances must be updated to better protect public safety,” he said.
    Arp said, “The minimal Tama County ordinances don’t provide safe setbacks from property lines which are necessary to better protect the property rights of non-participating landowners who have not signed easements for wind projects. Tama County’s current ordinance also allows far too much sound to be emitted from wind turbines.”
    About the lawsuit and Tama County wind energy ordinance regulations
    The lawsuit claims the Board has used the outcome of the May 16 vote “as a weapon to stifle further discussion on the matter.” For example, despite numerous public requests, the Board has refused to include concerns about the Wind Energy Ordinance on any meeting agenda since May 16, and essentially claims that the concerns by Arp, as the Plaintiff, and other residents of Tama County are now moot.
    The lawsuit seeks to require the Supervisors to follow Iowa law, by providing the required public notices and holding a public hearing to allow for public input, before adopting the County’s Wind Energy Conversion System ordinance (WECS).
    The wind ordinance was later separated out from the master zoning ordinance, as the Tama County Zoning Ordinance VI.I Amendment Number 1, including the Tama County Wind Energy Conversion System (WECS) Ordinance was approved and adopted in 2010.
    Coalition calls for a moratorium on wind projects, changes to County ordinances regulating them
    “Despite packing the Tama County Board of Supervisors meetings each week since April 25, with the largest total and sustained crowds to attend their meetings in 27 years, the Tama County Board of Supervisors still refuses to enact a moratorium or to update ordinances regulating any new industrial wind project approval, as requested by the Tama County Against Turbines’ (TCAT) coalition, which includes more than 1,000 members,” Winkelpleck said.
    “The current ordinance setbacks for turbine placement from structures is a bare minimum that means wind turbines can create danger zones on the property of landowners who have not signed easements with wind project developers,” Arp said. “It’s not right that wind turbines can be allowed to encroach on the property rights, and negatively impact the safety and property values of those who choose not to sign an easement,” Arp said.
    “Tama County’s ordinances must be strengthened to better protect all Tama County residents from the noise pollution, shadow flicker, the flashing red lights at night that disrupt sleep for people and animals, and to ensure that they do not disrupt emergency communications systems, among the many other concerns taxpayers have about living near industrial wind turbines,” Winkelpleck said.
    Benton County doesn’t allow industrial wind or solar projects on highly-productive farmland
    Neighboring Benton County, Iowa, does not allow industrial wind turbines to be placed on ag farmland with a Corn Suitability Rating (CSR), which measures potential soil productivity, of 70 or higher. TCAT speakers pointed to Benton County’s land use regulations as an example of how to update and enforce Tama county’s ordinances to protect highly-productive farmland from being used for industrial purposes like wind turbines. On June 7, Benton County Supervisors swiftly rejected a proposal by a Canadian wind project developer who sought approval to build an industrial wind project in Benton County.
    More information about TCAT is available on the group’s Facebook group @Tama County Against Turbines.

  166. Sharyl, this may seem like a trivial statement, but I believe it is an excellent starting point for setting America back on track to begin a return to actually understanding and supporting our Constitution. If you agree that our politicians say they adhere to the Constitution and follow it then maybe this is not something you wish to address. However, I do not think you feel that way. Please take some time and view the information I have posted on my Truth Social page relating to Presidential Eligibility. If you agree that I have mad a sound case on this issue and you make your voice heard, I will be much appreciative as I have found deaf ears in my taking this to my representatives in congress. I believe they are afraid of having to amend the constitution, e.g. Cowards


  167. Frederick Wertz

    This is a follow-up to my post on 26 June addressing the Presidential Eligibility in the Constitution. I do not know if you have had time to view, but would appreciate it if you would take a look and if you agree with my assertions that you would use you voice to stand beside me on this issue. If we do not have our Constitution then we do not have a country anymore. Thanks.

  168. Hi, Sharyl. I’ve been a loyal follower/podcast listener, for the last few years. Honestly, I found you, after Rush died. I was looking for another good, honest voice. I really appreciate what you do. I think your Maricopa County audit episode and your 2000Mules episode are groundbreaking. I just listened to the episode, in which, y’all were in Germany. I lived in Germany, with the US Army, for four years. I learned several things. As your driver mentioned, the taxes in most European countries are ridiculous. College is another story. Kids in most, if not all, European countries, take tests in the 6th or 7th grade range. These tests determine the rest of their lives. If they score a certain level, they can go to universities and become physicians, dentists, etc. If they don’t score, well, or high enough, they do NOT get to go to college. There are some backdoor ways for a person to overcome and make a change. There is a system, like college, that a person can go to, if he or she makes a strong effort. But, this path is still limited and the person still cannot achieve the highest levels of education, such as dentistry or medicine. So, many fewer people go to university, in Europe. And, as was mentioned, the taxes are terrible. I wish you had given some pushback, about healthcare. Any person in the US can go to any ER and be treated, regardless of the ability to pay. And, we have all kinds of free healthcare facilities. It’s not right, and certainly imperfect. They also tax church membership in Germany and probably other European countries. One way they have driven down church attendance. One has to have a LICENSE to watch TV in Germany and most of Europe, including the UK. They tax EVERYTHING! Now, they must do something better than we do, when it comes to panhandlers. Anyway, please do more podcasts!! You were absent for awhile and I miss your work! God bless you!

  169. When I worked as an investigator, we were warned that a “documents only” search warrant prohibited searching agents from arresting personnel near to the search area, as described in the warrant. If an agent ordered any person to STAND OVER THERE, that agent just “arrested” the person, and the agent just exceeded his/her authority as granted by the warrant. The agent just blew up the FBI/DOJ’s legal case. The office director, responsible for the agent/s, should do some serious apologizing, and best of all, should start looking for a new job.

  170. Hello. I love the information on your website

    Here are some articles I thought you may find interesting.





    The movie “I Voted” is on Amazon Prime. The movie shows Dominion Voting Machines flipping votes from one candidate to another.
    How can anyone be sure that this didn’t happen in the 2020 Presidential election ⁉️

  171. Hi, first, many thanks for the job that you do and the books you’ve written. I sincerely hope that rationality and common sense start to come back. I’m writing about a topic that concerns me personally but that I realize may not be a big news topic. Just in case, because there are no avenues open to me, I thought it was worth a mention.

    I’m the parent of a student at Fordham University. Their policy, like many colleges, had been to require Covid vaccination before school started last year. My son complied, even though it’s not something that either of us wanted. In Spring 2022, they required a booster shot, again like many colleges, but perhaps fewer than the first time around. Again, my son complied. They also instituted a requirement at least a year ago that all visitors to campus must be vaccinated. Now the wording is that all visitors must be up to date according to CDC guidelines, which for most means double vaxxing and booster. For an unvaccinated parent, this means that I still cannot attend anything at Fordham – not Parents’ Weekend, not a fundraising event, not helping to move in, not graduation if that were the time – yet I can go to movies, restaurants, theaters, gyms and pretty much any place in NYC, where Fordham is located. We’re waiting to see if Fordham will continue with their requirements when the second booster comes out. If they do, it means not only students will have to get a second booster but parents as well if they ever want to set foot at a Fordham event.

    I understand that Fordham is private and can do things such as this but they seem to allow no room for discussion or consideration of facts that now make it clear to most people that such requirements don’t make sense. There is also the issue of this being a type of discrimination. They are essentially hiding behind the CDC in the same way that the CDC hides behind tech companies who do the censoring for them. Fordham says they are going by CDC guidelines without acknowledging that they’re guidelines, not mandates. When I attempted to bring the topic up in a Fordham parents’ facebook group, my post and essentially all vaccine-related posts were removed, even though there was nothing against the rules in them as far as I could tell. (The parent moderators said that they don’t really allow that topic because it ends up too nasty and is too difficult to moderate. However, the group was formed in order to discuss questions, concerns and thoughts that Fordham parents may have.) Last year I wrote to the administration to no avail. A small group of parents were forced to splinter off from the main parent group in order to have non-censored talk about their mandates, but essentially we’re in a powerless position – either risk our child’s health with continued unwanted boosters or have to change colleges and potentially lose money. If you have any recommendations or ideas, please share. Thank you.

  172. Sharyl and staff – The information I am providing here is strictly anecdotal and pertains to my immediate family. I am a 77 year old woman in good general health as my annual physical and bloodwork panel reflected last week, with the exception of my thyroid TSH levels which have elevated to a dangerous level of 11.1 (normal is .40 to .45). High levels of this hormone can, according to my doctors over the years, can cause a person to “stroke-out”. I have no thyroid due to stage 4 cancer diagnosed in 2003 and have been on the hormonal treatment since that time.
    I have two adult daughters (ages in the 50’s), one with her thyroid removed due to cancer and one on the hormonal supplement due to irregular TSH levels. The elder of these two recently found that her TSH levels are dangerously high at 7.0. The younger daughter had just been through menopause over a year ago and yet just three months ago began exhibiting all the symptoms again. I have three adult granddaughters (18, 22 and 29) who are all on birth control hormones and have during the past year have had serious episodes of menstruation irregularities.
    The common thread to these hormonal incidents is that we have all been vaccinated for Covid. All other factors such as diet, lifestyle, and medications have remained the same as for prior years. I am not a scientist or medical professional but I have questions.
    I want to know if other women are having these problems. I want to know what is in the vaccine that may cause these. We not only do not know, we cannot trust the information provided by the CDC and NIH. There must be an independent source for this information. Can you find it? I cannot post or posit these questions in social media forums without being labeled a vax-denier. I do not wear the “tin-foil hat”…I just think we need to know.

    1. You need to make sure to report the adverse events to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, which can be done online. Fill out the info you know; leave blank what you don’t. This is the only way that patterns not detected during clinical testing can become clear. Here is a link: https://vaers.hhs.gov/esub/index.jsp

  173. Christopher D Moore

    I am looking to engage with you on a subject I believe you would excel at investigating. I am speaking of Dept. of Defense out of control waste, fraud and abuse. I am a government contractor with 30 years of experience talking here. We citizens have given these departments enough money to sink an aircraft carrier over and over. When I wear my taxpayer hat, well…it really hacks me off. The act of wasting money each day by the DoD is without question most egregious. I can provide you with stories and facts that would make a half-wit American’s blood boil (Not You of Course). Please consider my offer. I know you must get tons of offers like this, so my expectations are realistic for sure. You are one of my most favorite authors of recent times. I congratulate your many successes. In fact, I would love to discuss with you the current activity known as ‘Convention of States’. It appeals to me because it sheds a ray of hope upon, we ordinary folk, that we can actually have an impact, virtuous and exemplary upon our American Legislative culture, in modern times.

    Most Sincerely,
    Christopher D. Moore

  174. My name is Jason W. Longton Jr. I am a former police officer who served in the now disbanded Village of Corinth, NY Police Department. I was fired for investigating a politically connected child molester named Trevor Downie after being instructed to cover it up. Downie owned a local restaurant called Jack’s Place that was purchased through then Corinth Mayor Brad Winslow’s real estate company Winslow Realty. Winslow received approximately $20,000 from this real estate transaction. I received information that Downie was molesting minor females as well as harassing his other female employees. I turned this information over to then Police Chief Robert Kane and instructed one of the victim’s mothers to contact him. Kane directed her to go to the Department of Labor and instructed me to cover things up because of the relationship between Downie and Winslow. I rejected the unlawful order and took a detailed three paged statement of abuse from one of the victims. Kane and Winslow found out about this statement from Downie as he was stalking me and one of the victims and Kane ordered me to turn it over. I did. He had it destroyed, wrote me up for insubordination and had me terminated. Afterwards Downie continued to molest new victims with the backing of Police Chief Robert Kane and Mayor Brad Winslow until Downie killed himself. He left a suicide note discussing his actions. My attorney only allowed me to see a portion of it. I never read nor obtained a complete copy of the note. The Corinth Police Department never interviewed any of the minor victims or the perpetrator in this case. I believe Winslow’s realty business relisted and sold the restaurant again after Downie’s suicide.

    I have been continuously fighting for justice for over 17 years and I have tried every avenue that I could possibly think of including speaking to the FBI and reaching out to the New York State Moreland Commission on Public Corruption, but I received nothing. The courts ignored factual evidence in the transcript of the legal hearing of my employment that clearly showed Chief Kane did nothing to protect these minor females that were molested and wrote a story full of lies in their decision. The hearing officer admitted on the record that he may have had some real estate dealings with Brad Winslow AKA Winslow Realty. I had two hearings because the first one was conducted without a stenographer. After fighting I received a second hearing that was conducted by the same hearing officer as the first after Downie killed himself. With a continued effort pushing forward I had a case opened and investigated by Investigator Mark Spenser of the New York State Attorney General’s Office. During this investigation I was informed that they developed evidence and could make an arrest but instead I was told by attorney Nancy Snyder who represented the Attorney General’s Office that they would not be making an arrest and they didn’t have the resources to continue with my case. It is my understanding that information I received from Investigator Mark Spencer that there is an undercover tape recording of Chief Kane admitting that I am right. I have tried to FOIL that recording with negative results. I then reached out to New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman on several occasions and was shunned. I also reached out to then New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo face to face in person and informed him of what happened to me as a police officer and what happened to the minor females that were molested. He gave me the impression that he was going to help; instead he did nothing. I also reached out to newly elected New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo and was blown off again. It is also my understanding that the Village of Corinth, NY admitted to tampering with evidence.

    America cannot afford to have its police officers in fear of enforcing the laws against people that are politically connected and committing criminal acts. Furthermore, it is of great concern that there is no protection for police officers against corrupt police administrators. I was politically blocked at every avenue from receiving justice. The Whistleblower Defense was ignored and treated like a Cracker Jack’s box prize by the court system. A failed and weaponized FBI has caused a two-tier justice system amongst several other issues. We need to make an example of and set a precedent against this corruption. My religious beliefs in addition to several other reasons would not allow me to stand by and allow the molestation of children. Please share this information and contact me if you have any ideas that will help.

    Thank you.

    Jason W. Longton, Jr.

    7 Lincoln Mountain Road

    Greenfield Center, NY 12833

    (518) 791-0408

    [email protected]


  175. Attorney Madhu Sekharan

    I would like to have you speak to this whistleblower if possible. Thank you very much for your efforts.

    Background Info:

    See: https://www.theepochtimes.com/mkt_app/the-illusion-of-transparency_3234958.html


    “My story is very long and complicated, so I will have to give you a very high-level description in hopes that you will agree to a follow-up conversation sometime soon. You should also know that I have conclusive evidence that I can provide you that backs up everything I am going to tell you. I have been a consultant in Federal electronic records management for 23 years. I carried a Top Secret clearance and I supported information lifecycle management at the White House, the DOJ, the Pentagon, all branches of the military, several intelligence organizations, and multiple civilian agencies. Here is a link to an Epoch Times article about my work trying expose widespread corruption and incompetence in Federal electronic records management:
    Whistleblower: Lives Lost, Billions Wasted Due to Government Records Management Failures (theepochtimes.com)

    What this article does not discuss is that the state of information chaos that the Federal government is currently in is entirely intentional, and it is the source of virtually every success the political left and the Administrative State has had since the mid-2000s.

    As I said, it is a long story, but somewhere around 2007 or so, Barack Obama and members of Democrat party leadership forged an agreement with Bill Gates that guaranteed Microsoft would ultimately control the entirety of the government’s information if Gates used his power and influence to ensure Obama would win the 2008 election. This plan was entirely coordinated through the one agency responsible for all of the Federal government’s recorded information, the National Archives and Records Administration and its lifelong Marxist leader (and Obama appointee), AOTUS David Ferriero.

    This plan was wildly successful. It helped cover up any scandals during Obama’s two terms in office; it was the source of the Administrative State’s systematic destruction of the Trump presidency (including both impeachments), it currently shields President Biden from the results of his own disastrous policies, and it is currently being used to justify the FBI’s illegal raid on Mar-a-Lago.

    ..I need to get this story out to someone like her who is unafraid to report it and impossible for the mainstream media to ignore. Would you be willing to speak with me about this story and allow me to try to convince you to reach out to her and ask if she would be willing to talk to me?

    I can assure you, sir, if you knew everything I know, you would undimportant it is to get this story out to the American people prior to the midterm elections…”

  176. Big pharma defending the most expensive drug (by Bluebird Bio) for sickle cell disease by the increasingly evil and common practice of race-baiting.

    The audacity to justify an excessively overpriced drug by mentioning the death of George Floyd.


    Meanwhile our competing drug at San Rocco Therapeutics is deemed safer and costs 400% less. $700, ooo v $2.8 million.
    – Carl Segvich
    Chicago Republican Party Committeeman, Chicago – 11th Ward


  177. Hi Sharyl – One love your name spelling. Today 10/23/2022 I caught a piece of your show that my husband watches. You had someone on there that talked about happiness and loneliness in seniors. I am trying to find out the name of the person you were talking with. He said at least 20% of seniors are lonely. I have a company that helps with this. The company is started by seniors with seniors in mind.

    A voiceless (no voice or recordings), no cameras, and no buttons needed pers system. It uses AI technology to learn the users behaviors, and when those behaviors are unusual the care team gets an alert to follow up on. It also detects ovens on and water through sensors and heat measures. That is not why I would like to talk with the person you had on your show. We also have a care team that calls and just chats with the senior to help reduce the isolation and loneliness. The care team will also take calls from their senior if they need someone to talk with such as when they say goodbye to a friend (seniors go to a lot of funerals)

    The way our company is structured is very unique. We start with the industry that needs hep supporting our aging citizens, Home Health Care, which then drives other needs. At the same time families reach out to us for vetted resources for anything they need for the home, their aging loved one, or them as the caregiver.

  178. Hi! I am a long time subscriber to Sheryl’s work. I currently send $10 per month and I would like to increase my monthly contribution.

    I cannot find a way to get this done, without being double charged. Please help!

    Also, I am trying to get away from google and my gmail account. I have a new email address I would like to change to. Again, please help!


    Tim Adkins

  179. Very disappointed in your coverage of the drug Gabapetnin. Why did you not have someone like myself on telling the story of how this drug has made my life manageable because it has subsided the pain effects of neuropathy. Anyone can abuse a drug for an effect that it was not intended for and cause these concerns. I do not exceed the dosage prescribed, even though I could, because it is doing what it was prescribed for and I am responsible to myself and my loved ones not to do that. Give the whole story.

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  182. Hi Sharyl,
    I just discovered your work. I looked over some of the info on your websites after seeing the latest Full Measure program on WSBT relating to covid and twitter. (1/29/23)
    You are a ROCK STAR!!!
    The flood gates are open and the massive wide spread lies can no longer be contained. Please continue exposing all the lies relating to the covid issues.
    The next shoe to drop is the massive amount of damage the covid shots are doing.
    The big question is WHY such widespread lies and coercion……the answer to that will be the real explanation of the agenda.
    Thank you so much. M.

  183. Sharyl, I just read this piece about the recycling of nuclear waste. Although I haven’t read any stories about nuclear recycling/ storage for years, it does sound as if progress has been made in isolating or refining the waste.

    Thought this could make a good Full Measure cover story or major piece for the site. Thanks for any consideration.



  184. Dear Ms. Attkisson,
    Shame on the Network for not giving you an hour in prime time. Guess we know why, they don’t want REAL journalism. Which makes the time you have even more valuable. Full Measure is one of the last best programs of real government watchdog journalism. So below, a rare quibble with one piece last week.

    One feature (2-11-23), I think was NOT time well spent. It was on the ‘threat’ of Russian disinformation in US elections. I think this is one canard that Dems have milked to death as a threat to Democracy, when in fact THEY are the biggest threat to Democracy. Using such in the attempted overthrow of President Trump his entire first term and then to rig the 2020 election. So your serious piece about such, missed the whole point of its supposed threat. NOT such directly, but how Dems scare mongered it for their own propaganda purposes. In 2016, the few hundred thousand Russia spent in really non-targeted material on Face Book, was negligible compared to the billions spent by both US Parties. Such is NOT even a problem, much less a threat. But DEM misinformation and censorship IS the monumental menace facing us in 2024. In a way, your article subtly encourages more of that.

    R. Boutiere
    Fairfield, OH

  185. Robert Velasquez VanDeHey

    Sharryl: Hello, I’m A1Rajjpuut, Two things both of which I posted on Truthsocial.com A) ONE of Biden’s most beloved communicants (#1 donor for the Democrat Party) is Notorious Destroyer of National Currencies George Soros. A U.S. Citizen despite this, since 1999 he seems to have made every effort to become Planet Earth’s first multi-TRILLIONAIRE by betting against America and her currency while doing everything in his power to destroy America, the greenback, all decency, and bankrupt this county. Spent $37 billion to wreck our nation already — Persona Non Grata in my book — please investigate!
    B). My 1st Rajjpuut’s Folly blog 11/2003 predicted the collapse of the U.S. housing market and stock markets due to CRA ’77 (1st law passed under J. Carter & abetted by WJ Clinton 5X = Community Reinvestment Act). When Clinton wrote his 2004 memoir ‘My Life’ I told readers he’d just admitted creating the coming economic collapse since on p. 517 – 18 he bragged giving himself “90% credit” for the good they’d done, But I gave him 99% BLAME in 2004 for what soon happened 2005 – 2009. While the Clinton’s may have been surpassed lately by the corruption of the Biden’s, Bill Clinton’s actions undercut a huge part of the whole Western World’s prosperity. Your LONG-time ADMIRER RVV

  186. I have emailed twice now about cancelling the subscription of $50 a month. My mom had cancelled it originally through PayPal in AUGUST 2022 after she was generously donating $100 a month for 2 years. Yet we are still being charged $50 a month. This is ROBBERY. we have emailed asking to cancel. Please, cancel these payments. You are taking advantage of my mother who is not computer literate.

    -Zoe shrager on behalf of my mother Angela

  187. Concerning the current poll; I voted that I somewhat agreed, because I want a national holiday for voting, with an additional conditional day , which would be a weekend day performed as an early voting day. The only mail ins should be from vetted overseas voters. They should be mailed at least a week early.

  188. Da Alvin Bragg, use to work for The Morvillo Law Firm in New York. Some of the Partners at that firm have received donations from Obama, Clinton, and Biden, Clients of Morvillo Law Firm AIG, and remember Greenberg, Remember when he kept taking the 5th? type in littlesis.com type all there names in even Joe Biden, What a tangled web they weave when first there corrupt and need to deceive. Please investigate.

  189. Hello Sharyl,
    Your show is 10x more entertaining, informative and truthful than the other “political” shows on Sunday mornings. It’s really refreshing to get truthful investigations, into current issues, that are more important, to the country than the weekly, weird, main stream media driven social emergency. I’d love to see a show on how many people vote using a single social issue as their only qualifier. We’ve become a nation of victims, expecting everyone, including government to bend to fix our victimhood. I’d bet well over 90% of abortion supporters vote only on that single issue even if it will never affect them or their family. National defense on the other hand never crosses their minds. That’s just one example of many that could be used to investigate how we’ve become single issue voters of social issues, hence the candidate could be bozo the clown and he’s got vote coming as long as he’s touting your single issue.

  190. Kenneth Paynter

    Sharyl, I haven’t been able to get my two Senators to respond to this. Late 2015 or early 2016 the Castro brothers…not the communists from Cuba, but the ones from San Antonio gave an interview to KSAT Television in San Antonio and laid out exactly their plans for turning Texas into a socialist state before the 2016 Presidential election. Guess what happened…it worked better than expected. Their planning and execution with others in this assault on out country is conspiratorial and treasonous. PLEASE get a copy of this interview and play it for the country to see.

  191. Ms Attkinson –
    Please consider investigating the nation’s, or just northern Virginia, failed recycling program.

    It seems that the nation should start with an HONEST conversation on recycling, making it work, before top down govt and govt influenced corporate actions to push the nation to green programs, EVs, reduction in meat consumption etc.


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  194. Sheryl, My wife and I moved to Tucson back in 2017. We didn’t know that Noam Chomsky had moved from MIT to the University of Arizona at the same time. I’ve never been a fan of Noam, as I’ve always felt he was a Marxist. Beyond that, I respected his intellect. That being said, I’m sad to say that I’ve recently discovered he was a close friend and associate of Jeffrey Epstein. There were so many, even recent article connecting the two that I was overwhelmed with them. I decided to contact Robert Robbins, President of the U of A and inform him of what I discovered concerning Noam. It would appear that no one wants to talk about it, or investigate it. My feeling is that Noam may have moved to Tucson to escape the controversy surrounding his friendship and financial associations with Mr. Epstein. If you provide me with an e-mail, I’ll be happy to forward the e-mail I wrote to Mr. Robbins about Noam. Most likely, no one will care, because there are two sets of rules, one for the extreme left and the other for the rest of us. Please note that my wife and I are Independents, not Republicans or Democrats. We vote for the best person, not the party. My concern with Noam is that he’s considered a national treasure. Well, this “national treasure” was knee deep in his friendship and buisness dealings with Jeffrey Epstein. I don’t appreciate anyone being that close to Epstein living off the tax dollars of Arizonans. As I see it, Robbins and the local mainstream media has decided to turn a blind eye to Noam’s association/friendship with Epstein. We”re not talking about photo ops, but dinners and a lot of financial dealing with Epstein moving money around for him. This is in all the links from excellent sources like the WSJ. A WSJ reporter asked Noam about his associations/friendship with Epstein and Noam answered “It’s none of your business.”

  195. Everyone who was part of the mob that committed murder and treason on Jan 6th needs to go to jail.Please stop this Trumpish reporting on the people who tried to overthrow our goverment.

    1. Well, Doc. Everything you posted is wrong. The only deaths were a couple of innocent people, killed by Capitol Police. Protesting, even going inside the building is NOT treason, you fool. Many of these people are being held in solitary, before trial. Many are getting disgustingly long sentences that NO blm pos got. The truth is not trumpish. You just don’t have a clue what the truth is. Sharyl and several others have reported on examples of the cheating in several states. The election was absolutely stolen. Listen to Sharyl’s episode on Maricopa county and all the garbage that went on. Listen or watch 2000Mules. Read something that isn’t a communist left-wing rag and you’ll see the light.

  196. Forrest James Wallace

    Please contact me about dialog and documentation regarding national/international terrorism, torture,crimes against humanity and war crimes compiled over a number of decades, including the United States’ national security, national defense and public safety responce along with the earth shattering remedial actions being taken to resolve these matters. Truly of epic proportion-unequiled.

    Forrest James Wallace
    18305 70th St Ct SW
    Longbranch, Wa 98351
    (253) 858-8938

  197. Dear Sharyl,
    I love watching your program. You are one of the last remaining unbiased journalists left in the country. I quite often share your stories with my friends & relatives… except the one on marijuana.
    I started smoking pot when I was 17. I’m 73 now and I still smoke a little pot every day. After smoking pot for 56 years, you could call me an expert on the subject. All it is, is simply a relaxant. People smoke it for the same reason other people drink mixed drinks… to relax. The difference is, when you smoke pot, you don’t lose your balance, you don’t lose your coordination and you can drive a car just fine. The law wants to classify it the same as alcohol when it comes to driving, but it’s two different worlds. You can’t test for it on the side of the road like alcohol because isn’t the same thing… but they are trying because a large part of the country is brainwashed to hate marijuana.
    The problem is millions of people (several generations) have demonized marijuana after the government outlawed it in 1937. The government felt that hard alcohol was better for the public so they ended prohibition in 1933. The government came out with a documentary titled: “Refer Madness” and that helped brainwash the public to believe smoking pot was a horrible, horrible thing. Wrong!
    Drinking hard alcohol has been the cause of thousands of deaths from car accidents in the past 90 years. Hard alcohol (and it’s high sugar content) is also responsible for thousands of deaths of people who’s bodies simply broke down.
    My parents loved martini’s. My mom died (at 70) from cirrhosis of the liver and my dad died 4 years later of complications from diabetes. I’ve never heard of anyone dying from smoking a little pot every day.
    There are millions of people who have made up their minds years ago, that pot is bad, with all kinds of help from the government. The government put pot in the same category as heroin and other hard drugs so they could prosecute anyone who buys it or uses it… and then throw them in jail for years.
    Thank God 24 states have legalized it so I don’t have to fear going to jail for buying it or smoking it anymore. Fifteen states have legalized marijuana for medical use (only 12 states are left). Believe it or not, smoking pot can help you a lot with easing your pain. I use it to relax at the end of the day, just like my parents used alcohol to relax at the end of the day… but they got drunk… I never got drunk from smoking weed (it’s impossible).
    Anyway, I wanted to respond to your broadcast yesterday on weed. I realize that you don’t like it and you don’t like to smell it… and that’s understandable. You’re not used to it so you don’t like it. I’m sure you will hold onto that opinion until die, or until you finally try smoking a little pot yourself. I don’t think pot should be smoked in public unless you’re in an area designated for that purpose… because the smell offends people who don’t smoke it.
    Not everybody who smokes pot is a degenerate. I worked my whole life and I saved up and bought a house and it’s paid off. I just wanted you to know that your view of people in New York who smoke pot is a narrow point of view. There’s a lot of good people out there who smoke it too.
    Weed is easy to grow and it grows fast, so there is a lot of money to be made by whoever grows it. It’s only natural that (with open borders) they have found pot farms in the southern U.S. built and run by the Mexican cartel and in Maine, China is in the pot business. That’s Joe Biden’s fault for leaving the borders open for 2 ½ years. We’re going to pay a heavy price down the road for that horrible decision.
    Back to the subject of pot. Don’t close your mind to something that relaxes the public, without getting them drunk. Some people are “mean drunks” and start fights and raise hell. After you smoke pot, getting angry and starting a fight is the last thing that will cross your mind. It mellows people out and our country needs that. There should be more than one legal drug (hard alcohol) to help you relax. If you don’t think hard alcohol is a drug, then you’re kidding yourself.
    Sincerely, Ken King

  198. I used to watch you all the time but no more, never more. I watched a program you did on counting Covid deaths which I just happened to know quit a bit about. I was simply stunned at how much misinformation and in my opinion even worse OMISSION of critical information you provided. I no longer trust one thing you say AT ALL. I don’t mind a Conservative view , in fact I love to hear “the other side of the story “ but what I cannot stomach is flat out disinformation and omission of critical facts. Shame on you, just shame on you.

    Let me know when you are going to clean up your act and I will give you another chance. Right now you contribute to what is horribly wrong with what afflicts america: disinformation to get rich and famous.
    Michelle Powell

  199. I hope you don’t mind me commenting on the military aspect of the jab. I served in the active Army and the TX Army National Guard and retired as a colonel, with almost 30 years and before the vax was forced on me. (Texas was NOT forcing it on Guard Soldiers.) I had to take the Anthrax vaccine series, twice. There were many adverse reactions listed. Fortunately, I didn’t have one. You had on a lying officer on your show the other day, October 30th. I went back to listen, not the entire thing, but didn’t hear his name and rank. He said that forcing the wu-flu jab was lawful and that many vaccines are required to join the military. Vaccines are required. BUT, the wu-flu jab was an experimental shot (it’s not a vaccine, by the way). It is UNLAWFUL to force experimental medical treatments on military members. I had to quit listening, because this clown was obviously a biden supporter and liar. God bless you! You’re awesome and your show is great!

  200. We really enjoy your broadcast every Sunday, here in Gadsden, Alabama, where we recently moved from Tampa, FL:. Thank you for the excellent reporting on topics not covered by the mainstream media in the objective way you do. This is especially significant to me, when you report on the medical profession. It’s most refreshing and appreciated. Please continue what you’re dong for as long as you’re able to.!

  201. Hello Sharyl, I was wondering when you or your staff can do stories on the Insurance Company Fraud Scandal where employees and adjusters get bonuses for the denial of legitimate claims. This has led to the housing and homeless crisis as well as the opioid and health care crisis that we are experiencing today in the US and all over the world. If you wonder why these corrupt corporations are making billions of surpluses annually and instead of giving it to the disabled people who need it are investing the profits into the stock market. The FBI and the SEC have been informed and will not investigate as they are told to stand down by their corporate masters just like the 2008 mortgage crisis where nobody went to jail while the corporations who caused it still made out with billions of taxpayer dollars to pay for their fraud.

  202. I have been targeted IN Pueblo CO after attempting to protect my own daughter from satanic ritual abuse and heavy corruption. There is every indication that this has been occurring under the misuse of FISA 702 ??? Like Im on some ridiculous watchlist ??? Im a Dad trying to protect his child from this sick stuff. Please reach out

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