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BP Oil Spill

(EXCLUSIVE) Oil Leak Footage Exposed May 16, 2010

(EXCLUSIVE) Under Pressure from Congress, BP Releases Video May 18, 2010

Residents Seek Accountability May 27, 2010

BP Sugarcoating Facts May 30, 2010

Top Kill Failure Pressures Washington May 30, 2010

(EXCLUSIVE) How Oil Leak Estimates Got Low Balled June 4, 2010

(EXCLUSIVE) How Much Oil is Really Leaking? June 9, 2010

(EXCLUSIVE) Govt. Under Fire for Oil Flow Estimates June 11, 2010

BP Email: Doomed Rig a ‘Nightmare Well’ June 14, 2010

Device Could Have Prevented Spill June 21, 2010

Subsea Oil a ‘Problem’ June 22, 2010

Aftermath of Spill 3 Years Later (video)

Charity scandals

Red Cross fraud: Emmy award winning series, 2002

Following the aid money to Haiti: Emmy nominee, 2010, Sections of the original video can be found here at 6:45pm, alternate link here.

Feed the Children scandal

Political scandals

Emmy Award-winning report on K Street lobbying

Investigation on Rep. Steve Buyer (R-Indiana) and his “charitable” ties

Emmy Award-winning investigation into Republican freshmen fundraising

Hillary Clinton falsely claims we’d ‘dodged sniper fire.’ We hadn’t.


Enron Employees Went Down With Ship Jan. 14, 2002

CEO Encouraged Employees to Buy Stock Jan. 18, 2002

Did Enron Steal from Employees? Feb. 4, 2002

Enron’s Travelgate Feb. 7, 2002

Enron’s Benefits Shell Game? Feb. 20, 2002

The Mysterious Case of Baxter’s ‘Suicide’ April 10, 2002


Only 6 people enrolled in Obamacare on first day

Electric Vehicles Fall Far Short of Obama Goal

The bumpy road to 1 million electric vehicles

Breast Cancer and Antiperspirants


Baby Oxygen Trials and Deaths



Propulsid and Baby Deaths





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