Other Investigations

Salmon fishermen get six figures at taxpayer expense–to not catch salmon, May 23, 2008

Whatever Happened to the Marines Urinating on the Taliban Case? July 18, 2014

Hillary Clinton Benghazi Document Sifting Operation? Sept. 15, 2014

Document Sifting Operation With Cheryl Mills Sounds Familiar to Public Servant Oct. 15, 2014

Cong. Buyer’s Questionable Charity, Nov. 11, 2009

Rep. Buyer (R-Indiana) Answers Questions About His Charity (Video)

Can a Donation Buy Legislation? Sharyl Attkisson asks Rep. Buyer (R-Indiana)

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Praises Attkisson for Buyer investigation

Congresswoman gets riled up and physical when asked about earmark

Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones’ encounter with Sharyl Attkisson

Raw video interview with James Mitchell, “Architect” of “Enhanced Interrogations” Dec. 17, 2014

Watch James Mitchell interview here

Questionable Ethics in the Federal Baby Oxygen Trials (“SUPPORT” study), June 2014

Part 1: Did govt. experiment in preemies hide risks?

Part 2: “Input” stalls ethics probe into baby oxygen study

Part 3: Parents fault study for putting preemies in harm’s way

Sunday Morning Investigation into Livestrong, Lance Armstrong’s Charity, July 2013

Livestrong without Lance: a charity that doesn’t contribute to cancer research, July 21, 2013

Undercover investigation into Republican freshmen fundraising, March 16, 2012, Part of 2013 Emmy Award for Investigative Reporting

Undercover Investigation into Republican freshmen fundraising, March 16, 2012

Suing to stop terror funding, April 21, 2013

Suing to stop terror funding, April 21, 2013

National Zoo animal care problems, Dec. 2013

Exclusive: Part 1: Animal care problems at the Smithsonian National Zoo, Dec. 10, 2013

Part 2: Smithsonian National Zoo’s animal troubles, Dec. 11, 2013

CBS Sunday Morning look at lobbying in DC, Part of 2013 Emmy Award for Investigative Reporting
Winner of 2013 Daytime Emmy Award as part of Sunday Morning team

K-Street: Behind the closed doors of Washington lobbyists

Congress imposes secret mortgage tax on Americans, Part of 2013 Emmy Award for Investigative Reporting

Hidden mortgage tax

Sunday Morning investigation into border corruption and terrorism, 2013

Over the Line: Border corruption and terrorism

Investigative series into TARP under Bush administration, Winner of 2009 Emmy Award for Investigative Reporting of a Business News Story

Bush Administration’s TARP Bank Bailout Bait-and Switch Part 1

TARP Bank Bait-and-Switch Part 2

Bush TARP “Bank Bailout” Secrecy Part 3

Investigation into Red Cross Handling of 9/11 Donations,  Winner of 2003 Emmy Award for Investigative Reporting

Part 1: Alleged waste, fraud or abuse of 9/11 Red Cross donated funds July 29, 2002

Part 2: Red faces at the Red Cross after internal 9/11 donation audit July 30, 2002

Part 3: Battle inside the Red Cross July 31, 2002

Blood safety violations at Red Cross and the problems with fixing them Dec. 2002

Exclusive: CBS Video Contradicts Hillary Clinton’s Claim That She Dodged Sniper Fire in Bosnia

March 24, 2008 CBS Evening News report

March 25, 2008 CBS Evening News report: Clinton doubles down on her false claim (written report)

March 25, 2008 CBS Evening News report: Clinton doubles down (video report)

Attkisson’s original 1996 report with Clinton in Bosnia

CDC Criticized for Spending Sprees, 2007

CDC Wasteful Spending 2007

Los Alamos Nuclear Lab Secrets Taken Off Campus, 2006

Fed employee walked out of Los Alamos Nuclear Lab with Secrets, Dec. 6, 2006

Iraq and Halliburton Contract Allegations

Whistleblowers Tell of Alleged Waste and Theft, Sept. 24, 2004

Alleged Halliburton Waste and Fraud, Aug. 17, 2004

U.S. Kabul Embassy Security Gone Wild: Were Armor Group Allegations Quashed Under Bush Administration?

Video of Kabul Hazing, Sept. 1, 2009

Armor Group Whistleblower Story, Sept. 20, 2009

Whistleblower Interview Excerpts, Sept. 22, 2009

Hazing at U.S. Embassy in Kabul

Shocking Allegations of Hazing, Sept. 1, 2009

Browsers Beware

How your personal info is gathered and shared on Internet

BP Oil Spill

After CBS News shows leak video, BP admits it’s larger than they had claimed, May 20, 2010 Exclusive

How oil spill estimates got low-balled, June 4, 2010

How much oil has leaked? June 9, 2010

Video flow underestimated, June 11, 2010

Giant plume lingers underneath the surface, June 25, 2010

BP bows to pressure for live stream video, May 19, 2010

BP: Cost over caution: June 14, 2010

Aid to Haiti (Emmy nomination)

Follow the Money Aid to Haiti, May 12, 2010



6 Responses to “Other Investigations”

  1. Paul Finnegan
    August 18, 2015 at 9:05 pm #

    Please take a look at my blog,


    For info on a Britsh crime gang that does illegal operations for the British government.

  2. M Steven Gronka
    October 7, 2015 at 10:05 am #

    Hello God bless you Sharyl! The following was sent to Mike Myer the Executive Editor of the “Intelligencer Wheeling News-Register” I know Mike personally from doing Sea Quest Kids Build a Boat at the Wheeling Vintage Raceboat Regatta. I have challenged Mike to do honest reporting about the West Virginia Case started by Thomas Deegan, Phil Hudok, and Gene Stalnaker. This is probably the most important Patriot Action in the country as it lays the groundwork for removal of all politicians and bureaucrats for their criminal activity regardless of whether they have been deceived into such activity. All information concerning the filing of the case can be found at http://www.hudok.info

    Hello God bless you Mike,

    By now you have seen some of the release of information that the government wants people to know what their side of the story is concerning Thomas Deegan. Unfortunately Donald Trump’s admonition about the honesty of the media definitely holds up in this situation. The reporting of which I have been made aware is a total and complete distortion of the truth and at times is flagrant lies. I can put you in touch directly with Thomas’s mother if you are interested. I doubt the authorities would let you talk to Thomas as they have abused him physically by dislocating his shoulder when he put his hands behind his back in peaceful surrender upon answering the door at his home! They have since subjected him to other abuses while incarcerated.

    Thomas Deegan was arrested September 23 Wednesday night at about 9:20pm on a purported charge of the threat of terrorism. No threat was ever made to a politician or bureaucrat or law enforcement. Authorities are trying to break him down at the prison where they took him. He is not the head of a national organization to overthrow the government. He, Phil Hudok (304-940-9646), and Gene Stalnaker (304-253-0088) are merely trying to prosecute criminal politicians and bureaucrats. I assume the government of West Virginia seeks to uphold the law. If the government officials are the ones breaking the law then it presents a real problem especially if it involves quite a few of them and at the highest levels. As we have all seen, it is doable to prosecute if it is only one or two at a time but what happens when it is many government officials involved and it is at the highest levels as well as lower levels. Us, you and me, we the people are sorely disadvantaged when that is the case!

    There is a huge need for honest reporting on this case!
    Dislocated Thomas Deegan’s shoulder during the arrest and it is 100% doubtful that he resisted because he immediately put his hands behind his back and turned to be cuffed. He doesn’t own guns and believes fully in trying to achieve a bloodless reclaiming of America through the prosecution of politicians and bureaucrats that commit crimes. He did confirm by a visit allowed to his Mom and one of our volunteers from California who is on site, that he is being subjected to sleep deprivation and continued exposure to cold, in probably a 50 degree cell and having no blanket for sleeping at night. At the time of arrest he was taken to the hospital to check the shoulder dislocation and has not been treated since then which has been 13 days now. He has not signed anything or said anything and from what can be determined had not been charged in a timely manner consistent with the law! Was in a holding cell and not a regular cell, but is now in solitary confinement. Authorities seem quite disturbed that he will not break. He has been denied regular phone communication and visitation.

    Contrary to the lies being propagated, Deegan never directly threatened a politician, bureaucrat, or member of law enforcement. If statements made to friends, colleagues, or the third party public were enough to put people in jail then all of the Black Panthers, Ku Klux Klan, and numerous other groups and individuals would all be in jail and charged with the threat of terrorism. I hope you will be the one light of truth in all the media that will seek out and report truth the way it used to be in the good old days of real journalism and reporting the news!

    The Red Cross is being contacted to check in on Deegan to make sure that the authorities cease his unlawful and improper treatment. This is a glaring example of how bad the NDAA is and how people have been deceived about its dangers to our freedom and due process in the courts!

  3. John Cox
    November 7, 2015 at 11:14 pm #

    Hello Sharyl,

    First of all, I love your work and I think you’re a true America hero. I would love to see you do a story on the U.S. Green Beret who is being kicked out of the Army for standing up for a boy who was being brutally raped in Afghanistan.

    This is a link to this story:


    Right now, the military policy is to be “tolerant” while in places like Afghanistan, which means doing nothing while the security forces that we trained raped little boys. I’m not kidding on this. It’s a horrifying story that seriously needs to be brought to the attention of the American public.

    Thank you and God Bless!

    January 11, 2016 at 10:24 am #

    VA Employee Posted Vet’s ‘Exposed Buttocks’ on Facebook and 10,000 Other Violations
    by JOHN HAYWARD6 Jan 201666
    The Department of Veterans Affairs racked up over 10,000 serious breaches of privacy since 2011, making it “the nation’s most prolific violator of laws protecting patients’ personal medical information,” as the Washington Examiner puts it.

    The offenders suffered no serious consequences, and the agency’s official watchdogs failed to bark.

    Some of these breaches could be chalked up to incompetence, such as the story of Anthony McCann detailed by NPR. McCann opened an envelope from the VA and found it stuffed with 250 pages of somebody else’s highly sensitive medical records. It was not the first time this happened to him, or the first time he complained to the unresponsive VA bureaucracy about it. On this occasion, he was reluctant to return the other veterans’ documents to VA officials, because he no longer trusted them to take proper care of the information.

    Other incidents were blatant examples of VA employees rooting around in medical files because they were curious, particularly when veterans attempted or committed suicide.

    However, many of these privacy violations can only be seen as sheer contempt for America’s veterans. One example had a VA employee digging into a veteran’s medical records sixty-one times without any good reason, and posting the patient’s confidential information on Facebook. The employee got a two-week suspension (the violation report does not say if her pay was docked, but paid vacations are the preferred “punishment” across the Obama Administration) and kept her job.

    Other cases described in report, published by ProPublica, were deliberate violations of medical privacy undertaken as retaliation against personal adversaries (such as former spouses) and whistleblowers, research for political campaigns, or even just for fun, as with a 2011 incident in which images of “an ailing veteran’s exposed buttocks” were posted on Facebook by a patient assistant.

    On the other hand, NPR notes that whistleblowers have also complained that privacy laws were “used as a sword against them,” with accusations of privacy violation leveled at those who were gathering information about VA problems for reports to Congress.

    The Department of Veterans Affairs was not the only HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) violator covered by the ProPublica report cited by the Examiner, and there was no punitive action taken against any of the private-sector violators, either. At most, there were some “reminders” given to offenders that amounted to bureaucratic nagging. That is not comforting to patients who were under the impression stiff penalties awaited those who would violate their confidentiality.

    It is especially galling at the scandal-plagued Department of Veterans Affairs, whose many sins include greedy bureaucrats setting themselves up for unwarranted bonuses, neglect that led to the death of ailing veterans, and now thousands of examples of both carelessness and active contempt for patient privacy. The VA should be a source of pride for the American people, not a shameful embarrassment that disgusts the general public and enrages vets and their loved ones.

    “For years, VA officials have been saying they take privacy violations and data loss ‘very seriously,’ yet in many cases those responsible for intentionally and wrongfully committing these acts face no serious discipline,” House Veterans Affairs Committee chair Rep. Jeff Miller (R-FL)75%
    said to the Examiner.

    “After listening to VA leaders speak, it’s no wonder why the organization has lost so much trust with the veterans it is charged with serving,” Miller continued. “VA officials say they don’t tolerate whistleblower retaliation, but the facts prove that they do. VA officials say they are committed to accountability, but time and again the behavior of corrupt and incompetent employees goes virtually unpunished.”

    These privacy violations are not a new problem. They are not a technological challenge, or a result of insufficient funding. The response from Department brass consists of ritual assurances that veteran’s privacy is taken very seriously, but it clearly isn’t. The Office of Civil Rights in the Department of Health and Human Services is supposed to enforce HIPAA, against both government agencies and private providers, but it clearly isn’t. this obama admin not firing people in va but he love islamic people iniside the usa to get health care and comp but then vets that when to fight kill themselves outside the va to let in and health care and comp

  5. Gordon Helgeson
    May 28, 2016 at 2:54 pm #

    Thanks for all your hard work, wish you could add Canada to your scope of reporting.

  6. Rhonda Stoutmire
    September 4, 2016 at 3:35 pm #

    Hi Sharyl,
    First, thank you for your dedication in helping people. I was wondering do you have a team of people that work with you on solving cases? Second, I was wondering if you do investigations on colleges about what they charge students, their pell grants and school loans? I really do not want to talk about it until I graduate in May 2017, but even if I was able to help others that came in behind me I would feel it is a great accomplishment for other students.

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