Timeline of alleged ‘sabotage’ of Trump in 2016 by Democrats, Ukraine

  • Republican senators request records related to reported Ukraine-Democrats’ role in 2016 anti-Trump efforts
  • Democrats deny both interference by Ukraine, and coordination between Ukraine and Democrats
  • Timeline of key allegations and events follows
Former Democratic National Committee (DNC) consultant
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This article was first published Nov. 24, 2019

The heads of two Senate committees are asking the FBI and the Department of Justice for records related to a reported scheme by Democrats to get “dirt” on the Trump campaign from Ukraine in 2016.

According to reporting in Politico in 2017, the alleged efforts by Democrats and Ukraine to “sabotage” the Trump campaign in 2016 did impact the race, even though Trump won in the end.

Both Politico and Yahoo News interviewed a Democratic National Committee (DNC) consultant named Alexandra Chalupa.

Democrats have repeatedly claimed the reporting on Chalupa, her work for the DNC, her meetings with Ukrainians, and her meetings with reporters in Ukraine and the U.S., is “debunked” and a “conspiracy theory.” In public accounts since the original news articles, Chalupa has claimed her role and intentions have been misrepresented.

A Ukrainian-American, Chalupa reportedly acknowledged in a 2017 interview with Politico that she worked as a consultant for the Democratic National Committee during the 2016 campaign to publicly expose Trump campaign aide Paul Manafort’s links to pro-Russian politicians in Ukraine.

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Chalupa reportedly told Politico that she began researching Manafort in 2014.

In 2014, the FBI investigated, and then reportedly wiretapped, Manafort for allegedly not properly disclosing Russia-related work. FBI failed to make a case at the time, according to CNN, and discontinued the wiretap.

On March 25, 2016, according to Politico, Chalupa–who previously worked in the Clinton administration–met with top Ukrainian officials at the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington D.C. in an effort to tarnish the Trump campaign in favor of Hillary Clinton by exposing “ties between Trump, top campaign aide Paul Manafort and Russia.”

The Ukrainian embassy proceeded to work “directly with reporters researching Trump, Manafort and Russia to point them in the right directions,” according to an embassy official (though other officials later deny engaging in election-related activities.)


On March 30, 2016, Chalupa reportedly briefed Democratic National Committee (DNC) staff on alleged Russian ties to Manafort and Trump. It was the day after the Trump campaign hired Manafort to manage the July Republican convention.

With the “DNC’s encouragement,” Chalupa reportedly asked the Ukrainian embassy to arrange a meeting with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to discuss Manafort’s lobbying for Ukraine’s former president Viktor Yanukovych. The embassy reportedly declined to arrange the meeting but became “helpful” in trading info and leads, according to Politico’s reporting.

Did Democrats really coordinate with Ukraine against Trump in 2016? (PODCAST)

Ukrainian embassy officials and Chalupa “coordinat[ed] an investigation with the Hillary team” into Manafort, according to a source in Politico. This effort reportedly included working with U.S. media.

In April 2016, Ukrainian member of parliament Olga Bielkova reportedly sought meetings with five dozen members of U.S. Congress and reporters including former New York Times reporter Judy Miller, David Sanger of New York Times, David Ignatius of Washington Post, and Washington Post editorial page editor Fred Hiatt.

The week of April 6, 2016, Chalupa and the office of Rep. Mary Kaptur (D-Ohio), co-chair of Congressional Ukrainian Caucus, reportedly discussed holding a possible congressional investigation or hearing on Paul Manafort and Russia “by September.” Chalupa says she began working with reporter Mike Isikoff around this time.

On April 12, 2016, Ukrainian parliament member Olga Bielkova and a colleague met with Sen. John McCain associate David Kramer with the McCain Institute, according to government records. Bielkova also met with Liz Zentos of Obama’s National Security Council, and State Department official Michael Kimmage. (Kramer is an ex-U.S. State Dept. official affiliated with the anti-Russia “Ukraine Today” media organization. He and Sen. McCain would later retrieve the anti-Trump dossier from a source in London.)

On April 26, 2016, reporter Michael Isikoff published a story on Yahoo News about Paul Manafort’s business dealings with a Russian oligarch.

On April 28, 2016, Chalupa reportedly was invited to discuss her research about Manafort with 68 investigative journalists from Ukraine at the Library of Congress for the Open World Leadership Center, a U.S. congressional agency. Chalupa said she invited reporter Isikoff to “connect him to the Ukrainians.” After the event, reporter Isikoff reportedly accompanied Chalupa to a Ukrainian embassy reception.

On May 3, 2016, Chalupa emailed the Democratic National Committee (DNC) that she would share with them sensitive information about Paul Manafort “offline” including “a big Trump component…that will hit in next few weeks.”

Late July 2016, Chalupa reportedly left the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to work full-time on her research into Manafort, Trump and Russia; and she provided off-the-record guidance to “a lot of journalists.” This was the same time frame when FBI agent Peter Strzok opened a counterintelligence investigation based on Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos.

On Aug. 3, 2016 Justice Department official Bruce Ohr reportedly met with FBI official Andrew McCabe and FBI lawyer Lisa Page to discuss Russia-Trump collusion allegations relayed by ex-British spy Christopher Steele.

The next day, on Aug. 4, 2016, the Ukrainian ambassador to U.S. wrote an op-ed against Trump published in The Hill.

On Aug. 8, 2016, FBI attorney Lisa Page and FBI’s head of Counterespionage Strzok pledged, in text messages, that they would “stop” Trump from becoming president.

On Aug. 14, 2016, the New York Times broke a story about Manafort allegedly taking improper cash payments a decade before from pro-Russia interests in Ukraine. Ukraine’s so called “black ledger” showing the cash payments was publicized by the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine, which signed an evidence-sharing agreement with the Obama administration’s the FBI related to the Trump-Russia probe.

Ukraine had formed the National Anti-Corruption Bureau back in 2014 as a condition to receive U.S. aid.

On Aug. 15, 2016, CNN reported the FBI was conducting an inquiry into the Manafort payments from Ukraine.

On Aug. 19, 2016, Manafort resigned as Trump campaign chairman.

The same day, Ukrainian parliament member Sergii Leshchenko, a deputy of the ‘Petro Poroshenko Bloc’ political party, held a news conference to draw attention to Manafort and Trump’s “pro-Russia” ties. (The original link to a photo of the news conference was recently cleared.)

At the news conference in Ukraine, Leshchenko was said to be exposing “a firm run by U.S. businessman and Republican Party presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign chairman Paul Manafort, who reportedly directly orchestrated a covert Washington lobbying operation on behalf of Ukraine’s ruling political party, attempting to sway the American public’s opinion in favor of the country’s pro-Russian government, during the presidential period of Victor Yanukovich, according to a report of the Ukrainian Independent Information Agency (UNIAN).”

Three days later (Aug. 22, 2016), Justice Dept. official Bruce Ohr met with Fusion GPS’ Glenn Simpson, who reportedly identified several “possible intermediaries” between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Sept. 23, 2016: Reporter Michael Isikoff published a Yahoo article on the anti-Trump “dossier” and implicating Trump volunteer Carter Page, a U.S. citizen whom the FBI later wiretapped as a supposed Russian agent for a year, but never charged. The way wiretaps work, the FBI would have allowed itself to collect all emails, phone calls, photos and communications from hundreds of people around Page: everyone who communicated with him, and everyone who communicated with those people (two “hops” away), possibly including Trump in the surveillance dragnet.

Nov. 18-20, 2016, Sen. John McCain and his longtime adviser, David Kramer–an ex-U.S. State Dept. official–attended a security conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia where the former UK ambassador to Russia Sir Andrew Wood tells them about the Fusion GPS anti-Trump dossier. (Kramer is affiliated with the anti-Russia “Ukraine Today” media organization). They discuss taking steps to confirm that the info has reached top levels of  FBI for action.

On Nov. 28, 2016, Sen. McCain associate Kramer flew to London to meet Christopher Steele of Fusion GPS for a briefing on the anti-Trump research. Afterward, Fusion GPS’ Glenn Simpson reportedly gave McCain a copy of the “dossier.” Steele also passed the anti-Trump info a to top UK government official in charge of national security. McCain soon arranged a meeting with FBI Director James Comey.

On Feb. 22, 2018, Kramer invoked his Fifth Amendment right not to testify before House Intelligence Committee.

Meantime, Chalupa reported she believed she was targeted by a government-related cyberattack while working at the DNC. As a result, the FBI interviewed her and obtained forensic images of her laptop computer and phone.

That’s part of the new document request Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin), head of the Homeland Security Committee; and Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), head of Finance Committee. They wrote a letter this past week to Attorney General William Barr and FBI Director Christopher Wray asking for records, including forensic images of Chalupa’s devices, related to the FBI investigation.

If this reporting [about the FBI and DOJ obtaining forensic images of Chalupa’s devices in 2016] is accurate, it appears that the DOJ and FBI have in their possession material relevant to our Committees’ ongoing investigation into collusive actions Chalupa and the DNC took to use foreign government sources to undermine the Trump campaign during the 2016 election.

Senators Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) and Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) in letter to DOJ and FBI

According to a news release from Senator Grassley, he “first raised concerns in 2017 about Chalupa’s activity on behalf of the DNC to coordinate with a foreign government to sabotage the Trump campaign.”

In a September letter, Grassley and Johnson asked the Justice Department whether it was looking into Ukrainian coordination with Democrats or Hillary Clinton campaign officials in 2016.

The two senators are also seeking records from the National Archives to obtain White House visitor log records regarding any meetings between Chalupa, Ukrainians, and Obama officials.

Click here to read the letter to the FBI and DOJ.

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50 thoughts on “Timeline of alleged ‘sabotage’ of Trump in 2016 by Democrats, Ukraine”

    1. Sharyl Attkisson is an excellent investigative reporter; has been on Fox News in the past and should be more in the future. She and Sara Carter would be a great 1-2 female/Fox punch. About the article: Follow the money everywhere here, and we’ll learn the truth. Also, what must be asked – Who would most stand to benefit by all the behind-the-scenes machinations taking place between Ukraine in 2016 and the Hillary campaign/DNC against the Trump campaign? Who would benefit by all these attempts to take Trump out? Answer: Hillary; the Dems; the Deep State; the Bidens; State Department lifers with ties – diplomatic and financial – to Ukraine; the Obama DOJ and FBI operatives who covered up the Hillary email, Uranium One, and Clinton Foundation scandals; same operatives who were involved in trying to frame Trump before and after the election. Many, many Dems and establishment types. Follow the money and connect the dots. It’s cumbersome, but so is a jig-saw puzzle. When you’re done, though, you have the complete, unmistakable picture.

    2. Manifold and the Trump campaign was already in in talks with Ucriain before the 2016 Election. Itv was only after the investigation by Chalupa the D N C find out that some funny business was going on between the Russians and the Trump campaign. This in why the D N C started the investigation in the first place.. All and all they seams to be another White wash by the Democrats in Oder to put Trump Back in office . This, because they know that a PRESIDENT CAN NOT BE IMPEACHED FOR Collusion ALONE.. Boy this some story only to through the investigation off track.

  1. “Meantime, Chalupa reported she believed she was targeted by a government-related cyberattack while working at the DNC. As a result, the FBI interviewed her and obtained forensic images of her laptop computer and phone.”

    Can you share dates for: Chalupa’s report to the FBI; when she claimed this attack occurred; and, when the FBI interviewed her and imaged her HD? What reason did she give for “believing” the attack was “government-related”? It would be interesting to see how the timing relates to the supposed intrusion into the DNC server. Did she inform the DNC, or Perkins-Coie? Did DNC contractor Crowdstrike investigate Chalupa’s laptop? Or was this contrived as a way to let the FBI “discover” anti-Manafort/Trump material in her laptop?

  2. What happened to the old timeline? Thousands of people were targeted, surveiled, and harassed and not all of them were in the Trump Campaign and not all of them were in Big Media. Bring it back, please. For posterity’s sake at the very least!

  3. Thank you so much for such an accurate and concise timeline! I have noticed that Democrats are already trying to avoid this issue by saying that any claim the Ukrainians were trying to support Hillary and undermine Trump in the 2016 presidential election has been “debunked.” That tells me there is a real “there” there!

  4. One small thing lacking . . . the alleged “black book” was in fact debunked; and Manafort I believe is still under a gag order, even while in prison. Ms. Chalupa’s objective was entirely to remove him as an advisor to Trump – and you may find that’s one of her favorite tactics; if someone is causing her trouble, they somehow end up in prison on questionable charges . . .

      1. Thank you for such a clearly organized account of how this developed. It’s the first time I’ve read the various parts and players presented as a whole. The timeline makes it so much more understandable.

  5. What exactly is Durham investigating? I’m not sure what the scope of his investigation is. If Chalupa and all this nonsense isn’t in the scope there needs to be a new investigation looking into it. The Senate won’t be as effective as the DOJ in getting all the facts.

  6. Devastating summary.

    Trump: “I want a trial”.

    So should we all, now. Let it all come out. Hopefully the GOP senators have Attkisson’s work bookmarked for quick reference.

  7. I’ve read the article several times, but I’m still not sure what the point might be. Yes, Chalupa and others tried to figure out what Manafort had been up to and what his connections and allegiance to Russia might be, but is there supposed to be something wrong with that? The Ukraine Ambassador wrote an opinion editorial against Trump that may have been ill-advised, but his speaking out at the time was completely understandable given candidate Trump’s inexplicably favorable comments on Putin and Russia, which had invaded his country.and annexed Crimea. Nevertheless, the Ukraine government was not involved in a campaign against Trump. Digging for the truth is the opposite of what Russia and Trump have done with their disinformation campaigns. So, again, what is the issue here?

    1. I would answer that unless you investigated firsthand in Ukraine, you do not know “the Ukraine government was not involved in a campaign against Donald Trump.” From the public info that has been acknowledged by the players involved, it could be argued that coordination by the DNC, Chalupa and Ukrainians were a driving force, if not the driving force behind a lot of anti-Trump efforts. We do not know, and there has been no investigation that I know of, regarding the other information we may not know that has not been publicly admitted. You may say you don’t care because you don’t like the people investigated (Manafort, Trump etc), but imagine if any Russians had published an anti-Clinton editorial, coordinated with the Republican National Committee and Trump, if RNC Russian-American operative had gone to the Russian embassy, coordinated anti-Clinton news stories with Russian and US reporters etc. I think the media might be covering it a bit differently. But I could be wrong.

      1. It’s had to tell exactly what you are trying to say here because your language is a little vague. Nevertheless, I will try to respond with my comments in parentheses inserted into your response:

        I would answer that unless you investigated firsthand in Ukraine, you do not know “the Ukraine government was not involved in a campaign against Donald Trump.” (So if you do not know they weren’t, does that mean they were? We don’t know that Bolivia was not involved, so does that mean maybe they were? There has been no credible evidence that the Ukraine government had a campaign against Trump.) From the public info that has been acknowledged by the players involved, it could be argued that coordination by the DNC, Chalupa and Ukrainians (individual Ukrainians maybe, but not the government) were a driving force, if not the driving force behind a lot of anti-Trump efforts. (To what anti-Trump efforts do you refer? “The driving force”? – get serious.) We do not know, and there has been no investigation that I know of, regarding the other information we may not know that has not been publicly admitted. (No idea of what you mean here. We haven’t investigated things we haven’t heard or know about? Say what?) You may say you don’t care because you don’t like the people investigated (Manafort, Trump etc), but imagine if any Russians had published an anti-Clinton editorial, coordinated with the Republican National Committee and Trump, if RNC Russian-American operative had gone to the Russian embassy, coordinated anti-Clinton news stories with Russian and US reporters etc. I think the media might be covering it a bit differently. But I could be wrong. (Yes, you would be wrong if such stories were the truth and not part of a fake smear campaign. A main difference here is that the stories that Trump, his allies, and the Russians have pushed are false or, at best, very misleading.)

        The bottom line: You are helping promote the false narrative that what a few Ukrainians did in speaking out against Trump for obvious good reasons is equivalent to the substantial, sophisticated cyber campaign of disinformation conducted by the Russians. Such a story is an attempted diversion to muddy the waters and confuse people and to try to legitimize the extortion efforts by Trump against the new Ukraine President. There is no equivalence between the efforts of a few Ukrainians and the massive campaign of Putin, and there is no justification for what Trump tried to force President Zelensky to do. Trump could care less about corruption in Ukraine – all he wanted was for Zelensky to announce on CNN an investigation into Biden, which Trump could then use in his 2020 election campaign. Listen to Ambassador Sondland’s testimony confirming this.

        US intelligence officials briefed US Senators that Ukraine interference in our 2016 election was a disinformation campaign by Russian intelligence. Rick Gates, Manafort’s partner, testified under oath that Manafort promoted this story after getting it from Konstantin Klimnick who got it from the GRU. Please do not be a useful idiot by being part of this campaign.

  8. Just watched Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith tell John Kennedy that his information about Ukrainian interference in the 2016 election had been “debunked” . Maybe our good Senator should consult with Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson before allowing that to go unchallenged.

  9. Thanks for the timeline, it’s also a shame that you have not been able to get any traction for the exceptional investigative journalists that you are, due to smear campaign by very influential politicians, and the MSM, which to me is now officially State TV.

  10. Biden asked for new corruption investigations in Ukraine and demanded the firing of Prosecutor Shokin who was investigating Burisma and payments to Hunter Biden snd others.
    Trump ask for cooperation from Ukrainian President Zelensky in investigating election interference in the 2016 election, official misconduct evident in Biden’s incriminating video, and interference in Ukrainian politics by grouos of official and non-official Americans.
    I might not put Chalupa in the same league as Obama’s plumbers who committed worse crimes than Nixon’s plumbers, but she appears to have interacted with them.

    1. All completely false. Shokin was fired because he was not investigating corruption. Biden was following the official US policy and the policy of our European allies by pushing to have a new prosecutor who would go after corruption. Trump, on the other hand, could care less about Ukraine corruption. Listen to his ambassador Sondland’s testimony.

  11. Josephine Stockton

    Based on declassified released O Trump and Ukraine’s president, President Trump mentioned “Cowdstrike”. The country was put through hell for over 2 years, over 30 million taxpayers dollars. The result of report from Mueller had Andrew Weisman ( the one who went to Hillary victory’s party, ended up not having one) written all over it. He’s also a prosecutor on Mueller team. Even with a man who was scorning that Hillary didn’t win, he couldn’t find Trump-Russia collusion. They were contacted but one was associated with Russia based on Mueller’s report.

    President Trump asked Ukraine president to help looking into 2016 election, he used the “we” & “our country”, No where on transcript that said anything about 2020. Trump had a right to investigate into what’s happen on 2016 election. If Hillary is innocent then she should welcome it. Unfortunately, the fake dossiers were paid by Hillary and DNC. Trump did brought up about the Biden’s at the last of their conversation.

    The hearings based on hearsay, except one which wasn’t approve to interview. Before Adam Schiff and Pelosi announced the “impeach enquiry” they change from first hand informer to second or third. Adam Schiff staff flew to Ukraine not long before the announcement. Democrats have been trying to impeach president Trump from day 1. Less than one month after Trump move into WH, Maxine Water was out chanting “impeach 45” over and over and had not stop since. In less than 5 months, Adam Schiff wore a t-shirt, along with Maxine held a rally and chanting “impeach 45” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Za5cLSQNbXE. Al Green said if we don’t impeach him, he will win again. Imagined, in less than 3 years he was moving into W.H., there are all kinds of attacks him, his staff and his supporters.

    When Obama was elected, many elected him said “we never have black president before” so they voted for him, No one of conservatives would be out there protest, getting violent. we accept the fate, and go on our business and try again another day..

    Not long ago, the vast majority of Americans would make political judgements with a view toward what is good for the country, tempered with common sense. Sadly, that is not now true. In recent years, progressive dragged the democrat party so far to the left that today in most arguments common sense is turn on it’s heads and winning is the only objective. The 2016 election was a turning point that cause dramatic increase among many on the left in a willingness to ruin any and every institution in our government and society to win power. Most established medias continue to not only be complicit in propagandizing and promoting the aggressive agenda, but in many cases leads the charge. Those on the left seem not to be able to see that abandoning civility, our system ensuring the rule of law, and even common sense and all tradition, may well leave whoever wins without very much of a society to wield power over.

    Since election campaign, the medias covered candidate and now President Trump over 90% negativity, despite a much improving economy (including the best employment situation in history for minorities) and some foreign policy successes. We know that the previous administration energized high level unelected bureaucrats in CIA, DOJ, FBI and elsewhere to act against the candidate and continue to sabotage the president. Is it a good precedent for the future? When they realized that Mr. Trump had won the election, democrats were so shocked that they haven’t figured it out nor gotten over it yet.

    Protest began immediately, featuring many paid demonstrators and equipment’s and premade sign paid for by George Soros and his crowd, who you can assured do not support the idea of America first. Anarchy is more to their liking and advances their ONE WORLD fantasies. The left announced their strategy to “resist” Trump. That is, it, RESIST, nothing more. No good ideas how to make America better, improvements, just RESIST. What sense does that make when we are a country and a people capable of doing nearly anything we can imagine?

    CrowdStrike: Five Things Everyone Is Ignoring About The …

    1. In Regard to Russian Collusion between Russia and Trump & his close collaborators,
      It has been confirmed that Paul Manafort, Russian Government Agent, who served as Campaign Manager in 2016 to Donald Trump “provided Russian Intelligence Services with sensitive information on polling and [Trump] campaign strategy.”

      (U)Report of the Select Committee on Intelligence United States Senate on Russian Active Measures Campaigns And Interference In The 2016 U.S. Election Volume 5: Counterintelligence Threats And Vulnerabilities: https://www.intelligence.senate.gov/sites/default/files/documents/report_volume5.pdf

      According to Brad Parscale, Trump’s election data guru, the information that Manafort handed directly over to Russian Intelligence officials was of critical importance. The Polling Data was used to determine 98% of the campaign’s resource allocations, such as expenditures on TV, radio, social media ads, rallies, field operations, et. al.

      This Polling Data was deemed so vital that Parscale kept a visual representation of it on his iPad at all times, which he relied on to direct then-candidate Trump where to conduct his next rallies at a moment’s notice.

      According to the then-Republican-led Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, the ultra-sensitive campaign information that Manafort delivered directly to Russian spies identified voter bases in blue-collar, Democratic-leaning states which Trump could swing,” including in “Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota.”

      Moreover, Konstantin Kilimnik, Russian Intelligence Officer who also received the information, “was capable of comprehending the complex polling data.”

      As former Trump adviser, Steve Bannon (indicted on fraud charges) aptly noted, top Trump officials engaged in a “treasonous” meeting with a former Russian
      CounterIntelligence officer, Rinat Akhmetshin & Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, who has later discovered to have direct ties to Russian Intelligence services. Both Akhmetshin & Veselnitskaya had previously been working together on a campaign targeted against the Magnitsky Act, which set sanctions against Russian Human Rights violators.

      The then-GOP-led Senate committee determined that Trump knew of and discussed the release of tens of thousands of Russian-hacked documents and emails pilfered from the Democratic National Committee.

      Trump is reported to have instructed close confidant, Roger Stone, to orchestrate the leak of Russian-stolen documents via WikiLeaks at a strategically determined, crucial moment during the 2016 campaign.

      According to former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, in surreptitious conversations with Russian Ambassador, Sergey Kislyak, Trump’s soon-to-be National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn was actively “neutering” American Sanctions designed to punish Moscow for interfering in the 2016 election on Trump’s behalf.

      At the time, Flynn’s confirmed links to Russia made him the target of a CounterIntelligence probe, which thoroughly justified the FBI’s Investigation into his direct ties with Sergey Kislyak, Russian Ambassador at the time. Sensitive Counter-Intelligence Documents were released and disseminated, with the intent to undermine the Investigation and erode the trust of the American people in the Intelligence and CounterIntelligence Agencies.

      More recently Chad Wolf, Trump’s DHS chief, was caught changing the Intel Report on Russia’s interference in 2020 election.

      Further corroborated details of direct interactions (collusion) between the Trump Administration & Russian officials regarding efforts to revise Foreign Policy on behalf of Russia, and to tamper with & alter the outcome of both the 2016 & 2020 Presidential Elections, will likely be revealed in the not so distant future.

  12. Some of these comments have not aged well, especially since many documents have now been declassified. Sadly, it doesn’t matter because, as some of these “know everything as fact” posters, already believe what they want to believe. The Russian and Ukraine/Trump narrative have been shown to either be fake or misinformation “leaked” to the MSM by the leftist power brokers. Whatever they have been claiming about Trump has been nothing more than projection and their propaganda mouthpieces in the media have no problem letting this corruption go. It’s easy to see why they want someone like Trump out, he’s not one of them and never will be. He has no reason to go along with this power play to extract wealth from other nations while creating a permanent political power structure that can never be replaced. What has happened in Chicago has been trying to take place in DC. The more that is declassified the more damning it is but without the 4th estate doing its job, Americans will continue to fight against each other for false narratives. We are being played like pawns while the previous admin and power players continue to erode our great republic. It’s a shame that the Republicans have too much to hide as well, otherwise, maybe they might actually do something. A coup has been happening right under our nose and yet nothing willl happen. We won’t get another bombastic President that is willing to take the power structure and media on, so we will blow this chance to correct this corruption. We deserve the Obama type politician and we will continue to get that after this blip that is Trump passes.

    1. “He has no reason to go along with this power play to extract wealth from other nations while creating a permanent political power structure that can never be replaced”

      Trump/Kushner & Co’s “pay to play” with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, etc. for example, reveals precisely that.

  13. You are all wrong. Remember, that God is in charge. Keep the Faith, Trump was given to us because of Obama. This is all done to wake us the Hell up. Keep the Faith, let God lead us, Pray and remember he is in charge. Now, if you don’t believe in God, well, it does not matter, because God is in charge.

  14. Ok, fast forward to May 7, 2022 and the present governments of the USA and Ukraine….any connection between the personnel?

  15. Stephen Triesch

    And this doesn’t even touch on the role that Alexander Vindmann played in the first Trump impeachment or the possible role that the CIA may have played in the removal of the Ukraine’s pro-Russian president.

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