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Emmy and Edward R. Murrow award-winning journalist and New York Times bestselling author Sharyl Attkisson has a limited amount of time for speaking engagements. Her apolitical speeches have ranged on topics from journalism trends to information manipulation, propaganda, and the surprising true history behind the phrase “Fake News.” She has spoken at gatherings ranging from intimate to several thousand people. Her books include, Slanted, The Smear, Stonewalled, the college textbook Writing Right for Broadcast and Internet News and the upcoming Follow the $cience (April 2024).

Sharyl’s TedX talks have garnered millions of views. Some of the places where Sharyl has spoken include: Chapman University; Columbia University; George Mason University; George Washington University; Hillsdale College; Middle Tennessee State University; Mt. Vernon Continuing Legal Education Courses; New England First Amendment Coalition; New York University; St. Petersburg College; SciencesPo in Paris, France; Prager University; Stanford University; Towson University; University of California, Berkeley; University of California, Los Angeles; University of Florida; University of Nevada; and Virginia Military Institute Center for Leadership and Ethics.

Watch: Astroturf and Manipulation of Media Messages

Watch: How Real is Fake News?

Watch: Slanted (at Hillsdale College)

Watch: University of Florida College of Journalism Freedom of Information Keynote

Watch: The Smear (on C-SPAN)

Watch: Stonewalled (at Nixon Library)

Watch: Stonewalled (on C-SPAN)

Watch: Stonewalled (at Reagan Library)

Watch: Why No One Trusts the Mainstream Media (at Prager University)

Watch: PLC2015 Leadership PA

Watch: Virginia Military Institute Center for Leadership and Ethics

Sharyl Attkisson Bio and Awards List

Sharyl Attkisson is a five-time Emmy Award winner and recipient of the Edward R. Murrow award for investigative reporting. She is the author of three bestsellers: “Slanted: How the news media taught us to love censorship and hate journalism,” “The Smear: How Shady Political Operatives and Fake News Control What You See, What You Think and How You Vote,” and “Stonewalled.” She is managing editor and host of the award-winning Sunday morning national TV news program, Sinclair’s “Full Measure,” which focuses on investigative and accountability reporting. 

For thirty years, Attkisson was a correspondent and anchor at CBS News, PBS, CNN and in local news. 

In 2013, she received an Emmy Award for Outstanding Investigative Journalism for her reporting on “The Business of Congress,” which included an undercover investigation into fundraising by Republican freshmen. She received two other Emmy nominations in 2013 for “Benghazi: Dying for Security” and “Green Energy Going Red.” Additionally, Attkisson received a 2013 Daytime Emmy Award as part of the CBS Sunday Morning team’s entry for Outstanding Morning Program for her report: “Washington Lobbying: K-Street Behind Closed Doors.”

In September 2012, Attkisson received the Emmy for Outstanding Investigative Journalism and the RTNDA Edward R. Murrow Award for Excellence in Investigative Reporting for the “Gunwalker: Fast and Furious” story. 

Attkisson received an Investigative Emmy Award in 2009 for her exclusive investigations into TARP and the bank bailout. She received an Investigative Emmy Award in 2002 for her series of exclusive reports about mismanagement at the Red Cross. 

Attkisson is one of the few journalists to have flown in a B-52 on a combat mission (over Kosovo) and in an F-15 fighter jet Combat Air Patrol flight. She is a fifth degree black belt Master in TaeKwonDo.

Previously, Attkisson hosted a medical news magazine on PBS called “HealthWeek,” anchored for CNN, and reported at several local news stations. She is a graduate of the University of Florida School of Journalism and Communications and has served on its advisory council. She currently is on the advisory council at Diablo Valley College. In 2022, Attkisson created and funds cash awards for independent reporting by student and professional journalists: The ION Awards.

Awards and Book List:


Coming April 23: “Follow the Science”


Four “Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson” Telly Awards for news journalism


Establish ION Awards for professional journalists

Testified to Congress about government surveillance abuses


Establish ION Awards at University of Florida and Diablo Valley College for original reporting


USA Today bestseller list for “Slanted”

Testifies to Congress about illegal government surveillance


Impact Award for excellence in nonpartisan, courageous reporting of broad impact


1 million+ views for Tedx Talk: How Real is Fake News?


New York Times bestseller list for “The Smear”


Finalist Gerald Loeb business awards for “Taxpayer Beware”

Barbara Olson Award for Excellence and Independence in Journalism


Kenneth Y. Tomlinson Award for Outstanding Reporting

“Courage in the Face of Power” Award, Weyrich Awards

Testifies to Congress about government surveillance abuses

Testifies to Congress about government FOI abuses

1 million+ views for Tedx talk on Astroturf and Media Manipulation


New York Times bestseller list for “Stonewalled”

Pillar Human Rights Journalism Award for “Fearless Reporting in the Face of Government Retaliation.”


Investigative Emmy Award for “Investigating Congress.”  

Investigative Emmy Award nomination for “Benghazi: Dying for Security.”  

Emmy Award nomination for “Green Energy Going Red.”  

Daytime Emmy Award as part of CBS Sunday Morning team Outstanding Morning Program for “Washington Lobbying: K-Street Behind Closed Doors.”  

Integrity in Journalism Award

Brian Terry Courage in Journalism and Reporting Award

Finalist, Gerald Loeb Business Awards for “The Business of Congress”      


Emmy Award for Outstanding Investigative Journalism for “Gunwalker: Fast and Furious.” 

2012 for 2011 reporting 

RTNDA Edward R. Murrow Award for Excellence in Investigative Reporting for “Gunwalker: Fast and Furious.” 


Emmy Award Business and Economic Reporting Nomination for Investigations of Congress: “Follow the Money.” 

2011 for 2010 reporting

Emmy Award Nomination for Investigating Aid to Haiti earthquake victims.

2011 for 2010 reporting


Emmy Award for Outstanding Investigative Reporting of a Business News Story for series on the Bush Administration’s Bait-and-Switch on TARP and the Bank Bailout.  

Investigative Reporter and Editors Finalist Award for “Investigating TARP.”

Loeb finalist for Television Breaking News for “Follow the Money: Bailout Investigation.”

Follow the Money: Taxpayer Money Investigation

Follow the Money: Congressional Oversight

2010 for 2009 reporting        


RTNDA-Edward R. Murrow Award for Overall Excellence (CBS team award)

(2009 for Nov. 12, 2008 broadcast)


Finalist for Gerald Loeb business awards for “Earmarks” 


RTNDA-Edward R. Murrow Award for Overall Excellence (CBS team award)


Emmy Award Nomination for Investigating Dangers of certain prescription drugs and vaccines; and conflicts of interest in medical industry.   

(2003 for 2002 reporting)  


Emmy Award for Outstanding Investigative Journalism for series on mismanagement at the Red Cross: “Red Cross Under Fire.”        

(Awarded in 2003 for 2002 reporting)    


Emmy Award Nomination for “Firestone Tire Fiasco.”      

Civil Justice Foundation Special Commendation for Firestone Tire coverage.            


Investigative Reporter and Editors Finalist Award for series on the dangers of certain prescription drugs and vaccines.    

Attkisson received several other awards for her reporting and producing, including a New York Black Journalists Association public service award, a Mature Media National Award, a Florida Emmy Award, a Sigma Delta Chi Award and a Florida Communicator’s Award.

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7 thoughts on “Request Sharyl Attkisson to speak to your group, or request an interview”

  1. Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

    —Sharyl, adding to your
    knowledge of (psychology)
    “information manipulation,”
    consider MSM’s degree of
    decline – to date – reaching
    such degradation, as to AID
    in Medical MASS Murder :

    Forwarded Message :


    “ Professor Mark Crispin Miller (MCM) teaches media studies
    at New York University (NYU) and is an expert in propaganda.
    Dr. Miller says just about everything concerning Covid was a
    “propaganda masterpiece.” This masterpiece was a murder,
    disability and sterilization program with more than 675 million
    CV19 bioweapon injections in America alone, according to the
    CDC. Could they have pulled off the murder of millions with
    the CV19 bioweapon/vax without the Lying Legacy Media (LLM)?
    Dr. Miller says, “Oh, absolutely not. . . . Let me quibble a little bit
    the term the ‘legacy media’ by which you mean the New York
    Times, the Washington Post, the TV networks and so on. It’s
    what we often call the mainstream media or maybe it’s better
    to call them the corporate media because they are less and
    less mainstream and more and more eccentric. It isn’t only
    those outlets that were all unanimous in pushing the Corona
    virus panic, the masking cult, the vaccination drive and so on,
    but also the ‘Left’ Press. I wrote for them years ago and appeared
    on ‘Democracy Now’ as a guest. The ‘Left’ Press has been almost
    impossible to distinguish from the New York Times and the rest of
    them. This helps us understand why and how so many people fell
    for this.” (more…) “

    Above paragraph found in Google archive :
    Lying Legacy Media Helped Murder Millions – Mark Crispin Miller
    By Greg Hunter On June 17, 2023 In Political Analysis 186 Comment


    Good Fortune,


  2. Ms Attkisson,
    What size group would be appropriate? Would church groups qualify as a possible venue. Would ticket sales be involved? …and might I also suggest a round table dialog with Tucker.

  3. 02 02 2024 Don’t use much social media – so I thought I’d write this here and maybe you’ll get the message. I had to quit listening to your podcasts. I can hear your voice but not the guest’s voice. What’s up with that?

  4. Marilynn Lieurance

    There is a Patriotic Story that Sharyl Attkisson should hear about. The American public hasn’t heard this, and it should be aired on or just before Memorial Day, so there’s still time to investigate the story is true. I don’t see where to contact her–please advise.

  5. Sharyl,
    Please interview Derek Johnson, author of “The Midnight Rider Rides Again.” He has a very interesting outlook on the next 9 months.
    Thank you.

  6. Hello, regarding recent discussion with Mark Meckler, there are some factual errors and need for clarification. May I speak with Ms. Attkisson? As co-founder of Friends of the Article V Convention, I’ve spoken first-hand with Meckler and misapprehensions still persist.

    John De Herrera


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