Guardianships and Sanctuary Cities

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his Sunday on Full Measure, we tackle two hot-button topics: court-ordered guardianships and illegal immigration.

When it comes to guardianships, they often do a great job of helping incapacitated seniors. But many families complain that the guardianship system bleeds their loved ones dry of their life savings and separates them from their loved one. We’ll have one family’s difficult story.

Lisa Fletcher reports from Portland, Oregon, which is digging in its heels as a sanctuary city despite President Trump’s threat to cut federal funding. We’ll hear from sanctuary city opponents in Portland and we’ll talk to an illegal immigrant who was saved from deportation precisely because he was in the sanctuary city, even though he’s committed an additional crime in the U.S.

And I’ll speak to the head of the Senate Homeland Security committee, Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.), about why he’s gotten involved in the case of alleged rape of a 14-year old at a Maryland school by 17 and 18 year old allegedly illegal immigrants who were in 9th grade with her.

Untouchable subjects, fearless reporting.

Watch on TV and online at 9:30a ET. Replays anytime.[hr]

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5 thoughts on “Guardianships and Sanctuary Cities”

  1. in home health care is abused by in home health care agencies and insurance companies. my mom is 83, alzheimers/dementia-advanced. she is home. all we want is a nurse to come in once a month to check her vitals, and look her over for a “report card” of the progression of her disease. this is close to impossible. all the agencies want to flood the home with physical therapists, occupational therapists, socil workers, etc. mom’s situation is beyond all that and yet, it is close to impossible to get what we need without the whole tamale. insurance is happy to pay for it. mom’s anxiety level is off the charts with strangers in the house. 1 nurse once a month is all we want. so they tell us all or nothing. if she was in a nursing home, she would have the care she needs but we would lose her quickly in a foreign environment – she would be completely overwhelmed mentally and emotionally. why can’t families get more help? why are the insurance companies so willing to flood the home with services that will not benefit her and pay for it??? we need help for our elderly. help us help them. please go to bat for us and change the laws

  2. Hi. In regards to your guardianship article, I went downstate to file for guardianship for my mother who was sent to a nursing home after a hospital stay. I live in Northern Mi, she lived in Flint,Mi. The Judge would not let me speak and assigned her a guardian from that county. I used to call and talk to her about twice a week. When she was assigned that guardian, I could no longer speak to her on the phone. I would call her “guardian” and leave messages but no calls back. I went down a few times to visit her but I also take care of my handicap sister which made it hard to make that trip. I sent a gift to her that was returned. I was unable to get any info from the nursing home. I found out 3 mos. later on-line she passed away. No family members were notified. No service. Thank you so much for opening this up. People need know what really happens.

  3. As a follow up to the sanctuary city article, it would be helpful to the immigration debate to know the consequences faced by deported people in their native countries. They were willing to risk their lives to cross the border out of fear of greater risks to their livelihood at home, either from criminals or from poverty. How are they doing now?

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