UPDATE: Attkisson v. US Govt. in computer intrusion lawsuit

This week, based on new forensics, we added the FBI and Verizon as Defendants to my federal lawsuit over the government’s intrusions into my computers. The Dept. of Justice and intel agencies are not cooperating with our subpoena and other discovery requests.


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20 thoughts on “UPDATE: Attkisson v. US Govt. in computer intrusion lawsuit”

  1. Nick and emma preece

    Sharyl, the illegal spying on citizens was not limited to American citizens under the Obama administration. Down here in NZ we were similarly unlawfully spied on, surveillance and there were attempts to entrap me on firearms charges to push a gun ban agenda.

    We had the pike river mine disaster in 2010, which has connections to the mining of uranium. Our PM key sold his shares in uranium and also donated nz tax payer funds to the Clinton foundation.

    I am an ex detective and have caught several in our police and Intel agencies committing crimes, who are then protected, resign or run from accountability. Peverting the course of justice, false accusations, entrapment, using the nz IRD to go after people with unlawful raids. I’ve seen it all.

  2. Nick and emma preece

    The attempted entrapment of me on firearm charges was similar to fast and furious in the US, and it was no coincidence our nz attorney general was talking to Eric holder around the same time.

    We have been through hell as the nz government and Intel agencies terrorised us.

    Had I not been trained from my days in the police, I would be in a prison cell now.
    Had they done this to any average citizen, they never would have sween it coming.

    An agent provocateur working for the NZ police sold me large capacity magazines for my legal firearms and set me up. Had I been caught with the two together …..3 years prison in NZ.

    We have the same second amendment attacks going on in NZ against law abiding citizens, and sadly it all looks to be linked to plans to mine nz and its resources.


  3. Good day Ms Attkisson,

    May I ask when or whether you will be doing your TED Talks about your book SMEAR which I have certainly read. I had it in my calendar for end January.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Sharyl,

    I view your government intrusion case as a “cyber Watergate,” orchestrated by a few “above the law” types and their bird-brained followers. A liberal version of Gordon Liddy and his dimwits during the Nixon years. I agree with “reason 1984’s” comment above… stay the course!

    BTW-I’ve read both of your recent bestselling books, STONEWALLED and SMEAR. SMEAR opened my eyes to the insidious behavior of misguided hacks who hide behind a computer screen and impeach others with unfounded BS. Sick actors on a despicable career path !

  5. Dear Ms. Attkisson: I have wanted, for some time, to bring to your attention the activities of Chinese businesspersons and perhaps the Chinese government in the area of the world we call Micronesia. Of course we all hear stories of the “new” Chinese islands being built in the south China Sea along with spurious claims of ownership there by the Chinese government. It seems, though unreported, the Chinese are acqquiring the ownership of lands on Tonga and Palau to name a few islands through 99 year lease arrangements via front end payments to indigenous persons. These payments are apparently small in terms of value but seem large to the historic landowners. No one has reported on this acquisition program or the intended purpose by the Chinese. Will these be military bases. I hardly believe the purchases are being made for the vacation value of the south seas to build luxury hotels and traffic in tourists. Their military value is eevident. Is the US government purposefully ignoring this activity or actually not monitoring and reporting on it? Is the United Nations sanctioning the tradeoffs of islander natives’ lands for a little cash? Sounds like a Sunday morning untouchable subjecct worthy of fearless reporting?

    Ms. Attkisson, you and Catherine Harridge(SP?) of Fox are about the only reporters left standing who know and appreciate the fundamentals of your chosen profession, that being, WHO, WHAT, WHY, WHEN, WHERE AND HOW. Thank you for your excelent and timely reporting on subjects of serious importance. One last request for the application of your “Superwoman” powers……let’s get the new Justice Department and President to release the Eric Holder Fast and Furious papers which President Obama hid under presidential executive authority.
    Thank you and please continue the good works.

  6. Sharyl, if not for you and a few other individuals & investigative sources, none of this would be known to the American public. What we are hearing & seeing right now hearkens back to the prophetic work of “1984”. We are in a battle for our freedom, and we all have to join the fight!

  7. Keep up your good work ! You also do a very good job on Full Measure ! I never thought to watch it until I found it through your website. Now I watch it every Sunday.

  8. Sharyl, thanks for the updates, and for your tenacity. We Americans need you and more journalists like you. I’m glad you added Verizon. The IC will use ‘contractors’ to get around laws, regulation, and policies, just like they use foreign intelligence agencies to spy on Americans. Please keep exposing it.

    You’re obviously very aware of the risks in fighting big government but please be careful. Your systems and website are probably still compromised. Hopefully you have the best cybersecurity experts helping you, along with your excellent forensic experts.

  9. I would have thought that after the crooks left the DOJ, (Lynch, Holder) that they would be more cooperative about getting to the truth. Is Sessions of the same ilk? Keep going Sharyl. I’ve read and love all your books.

  10. Dear Sharyl, thank you for your professionalism and tenacity – and for the efforts of those on your team helping to reveal this tale of woe.

  11. Sharyl, you are my go to Investigative Reporter of the old school Journalist type.

    You my dear warrior sister have walked the talk and then some.

    My humble respect to you and yours.

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