Trust in media about the same as Wikipedia: Results of an exclusive Full Measure poll

A new poll conducted by for Full Measure shows just how much trust in the national media has declined in recent years–particularly when it comes to political reporting.

More American voters believe national political news coverage is “inaccurate and unreliable” than “accurate and reliable” (43% to 38%).

That’s a margin that’s similar to marks given to Wikipedia for credibility (or lack thereof).

By a margin of 57% to 26% respondents said national political reporters use their position to advance an agenda rather than report the facts.

And overwhelmingly, those answering the poll said matters have grown worse over the past five years.

Read the poll results below and watch our story about it now at Full Measure. methodology

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4 thoughts on “Trust in media about the same as Wikipedia: Results of an exclusive Full Measure poll”

  1. The influence of Soros funded NGO’s in media needs to be investigated. So does money given by US government to NGO’s carrying out Soros’ agenda which is based on open society philosophy. Why can’t President Trump clean up Soros people still in US State Dept. Joseph E MacManus was selected by President Trump to be ambassador to Colombia. Under Sec of State H Clinton, MacManus worked against investigating US tax dollars given to Soros’ causes. Why is Pres Trump nominating MacManus to ambassadorship of Colombia? MacManus covered for Soros under Sec of State Clinton for investigating NGO’s loyal to Soros Open Society NGO’s. Colombia is reportedly receiving millions from USAID to find Soros/Open Society NGOs in Colombia. Will McManus be favorable to Soros funded NGOs in Colombia if he is made ambassador by Trump administration?

  2. I value FULL MEASURE as an outstanding source of news analysis.
    Your tone and demeanor are rare in news reporting these days. Your choice of issues is both timely and important to my making decisions concerning other issues that affect my life. Thank you!

  3. Thank you for your perseverance in exposing the misinformation generated by media and the government. Keep up the great work!

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