Will Trump allies buy conservative TV news outlet OAN?

An investment firm is orchestrating a bid from friends and supporters of President Trump to purchase conservative news network One America News Network (OANN). That’s according to a story in The Wall Street Journal.

It is says that Hicks Equity Partners is trying to pull together financing from other wealthy Republican donors to make a bid for the network for about $250 million.

Hicks Equity is reportedly owned by the family of Thomas Hicks, Jr., a close friend of Donald Trump Jr., and the co-chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC).

Some say the proposed purchase comes at a time when President Trump and his supporters are increasingly dissatisfied with Fox News and its failure to “toe the party line.”

OANN President Charles Herring says that the network is a reliable news source for a national audience and that interest in the network is on the rise with the 2020 election season in full swing, according to the story.

Potential investors report that their interest in buying the news outlet is centered on the desire to strengthen the conservative voice in media coverage, which traditionally offers mostly liberal coverage.

It is reported that the RNC co-chair, Hicks Jr., is not personally involved in any efforts to buy OANN and resigned his position at his family’s company to avoid any possible conflicts of interest.

Click on the link below to read the full story in wsj.com:


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11 thoughts on “Will Trump allies buy conservative TV news outlet OAN?”

  1. Please. I know that you are quoting, Sharyl, but..
    “tow the party line.”?
    It is toe the party line.
    Imagine a line like a starting line.
    Put your toes up against the line.
    Toe The Line.

  2. Wish a conservative group of investors would create and finance a weekly news mag like THE WEEK with a dynamic staff…that magazine could have been very profitable if they had made any effort at balance…instead, they chased readers away with their agenda.

  3. Is that even possible for the RNC to own a news network? I do like the network and would hate to see it go away or worse to be sold to some socialist democrat. I think the network now has the problem of getting on more cable. I have ATT and it is on there and it is also on uverse. But besides those I think its only on pay tv like Kloud tv.
    I watch Graham Ledger every night if I am home.
    Love Sharyl’s book The Smear. I am reading now while on a cruise.

  4. Sharyl,
    I know you’re only one person, but someone of your stature needs to go to bat for parents whose kids are being “expelled” from both public and private schools because of a state-by-state effort to remove vaccination exemptions. It happened in NY and was barely defeated (for now) in NJ. Children are being injured by vaccines, and un-or-partially-vaccinated children pose no threat. There’s a lot of real evidence for these assertions, but Big Pharma has tremendous power over news outlets (advertising $), so nobody is willing to take them on. Misinformation/disinformation is winning. Also, there is serious corruption in the relationship between Pharma and the CDC – also easily documentable.
    Grandparent of healthy children probably about to be tossed out of their CT schools (bill pending)

  5. I watch OAN quite frequently as they actually report the news. Yes, there is a conservative slant to the network, but they clearly separate their news reporting from their opinion pieces, which is more than I can say for the other networks. Frankly, I hope this deal doesn’t go through.

  6. If you think about it, why not. With so many streaming platforms such as Apple TV, Roku etc, why couldn’t you put together a channel such as OANN on an app with RNC/Conservative media? OANN is on many cable outlets as well. Their production however is very poor. 2nd and 3rd rate anchors, Foreign News piped in from sources such as Euronews make it not worth watching. However I do think there is room for a 2nd right leaning network (especially if they can poach Fox or former Fox Personalities) such as Bill O’Reilly, Lou Dobbs and a few others to make the 7-11pm slot a tough race. There is no doubt Fox has started to drift leftwards as Murdoch passed control to his sons. The time is now if a new outlet were to jump into the hard right gap during an election year. The question is do they have the time to put it together.

  7. This is proof that anyone can write anything and make no sense what so ever!
    This is so liberal. Nonpartisan conservative values. If I’m invisible, I would be big in identity politics. I’m white with a bright stripe. My eyes are squinted and my feet are backwards.

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