POLL: Majority say they wear a mask “rarely” or “never”

Seventy-two percent (72%) of those who answered the latest unscientific poll at SharylAttkisson.com say they “rarely” or “never” wear a mask.

Eight percent (8%) say they wear a mask “all the time in public.” Another 14% say they wear one “when in crowds.”

Only a few say they wear masks “even when they sleep.”

I’m wearing a mask:

8% All the time in public

14% When in crowds

5% From time to time

37% Rarely, depending on the circumstances

35% Never

>1% Even when I sleep

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2 thoughts on “POLL: Majority say they wear a mask “rarely” or “never””

  1. Sorry I missed the poll. I am 67 next week. I wear a mask to Costco, Walmart, the local hardware store and grocery store. I have an IR thermometer and check myself daily. Just responsible, but a long way from being panicked. Just using common sense.

  2. I wear a mask depending on the situation, such as being in close contact with large groups of people. My protection is secondary to protecting others that I am in contact with who are high risk. A recent article I read stated that in a survey done by virologist Hendrik Streeck at the University of Bonn found that severe outbreaks of CV-19 in Germany resulted from people being closer together over long periods of time. As he put it, “infection did not come from supermarkets, butchers, or restaurants. It came from long periods together in closed spaces”. I have to agree with Dr. Streeck’s premise as I follow closely how this disease is affecting my community, and those that have been confirmed with this CV-19 were infected exactly as he describes. Close contact for long periods of time.

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