READ: Document that began FBI probe into Trump and campaign

The watchdog group Judicial Watch has obtained the FBI document, by former agent Peter Strzok, beginning “Crossfire Hurricane.”

Dated July 31, 2016, Crossfire Hurricane was an investigation into the Trump campaign to determine “whether individual(s) associated with the Trump campaign are witting of and/or coordinating activities with the Government of Russia.”

In the end, Special Counsel Robert Mueller and other investigations concluded the FBI was off the mark: nobody from the Trump campaign– in fact no American– had colluded with Russia.

According to Judicial Watch:

The redacted document details seeming third hand information that the Russian government “had been seeking prominent members of the Donald Trump campaign in which to engage to prepare for potential post-election relations should Trump be elected U.S. President.” The document also alleges Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos, claimed to an unnamed party that “they (the Russians) could assist the Trump campaign with the anonymous release of information during the campaign that would be damaging to Hillary Clinton.”

Read the document by clicking the link below:

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18 thoughts on “READ: Document that began FBI probe into Trump and campaign”

  1. I regret my feelings, that NO ONE will be “punished” for this whole debacle ! Loud assertions will be screamed (in the empty chambers of Congress), horrendous calls for “accountability” (mostly Republicans), the wringing of hands (maybe). ! I felt not many years ago, we were in a “lawful” society usually, but less often now, being held to common standards of right, wrong – legal or illegal ! I’m sickened by the thought none of these amoral creeps will “go down”. The word “accountability” means nothing – no jail time, no disbarring by irrelevant LEGAL PROFESSIONAL ETHICS PANELS (supposedly watchdogs of our hard fought for liberties), no “real punishment” for the waste of time, millions of dollars thrown away – only to await the passing of time and “the planning” for the next devastating occasion the same criminal, immoral activity to arise again and bring on the screams for “accountability”, phony calls for accessing punishments to those found to be legally responsible – oh yeh – let’s not forget the “hand wringing” !!! How does this country exist in all these phony platitudes ??? We’re going – NO – we’re IN the toilet awaiting the “ultimate flush” !

    1. maurice Rensing

      Amen Sir, hit the nail on the head. It’s good to be old except for leaving this mess to kids and grandkids who unfortunately have been taught by our education system that
      Things are as they should be and the old folks are just old and maybe a little senile.

    2. Barry Underhill

      I agree whole heartedly. If the roles were reversed, the liberals would not stop until ALL who were involved were punished. I do not see anyone in the Republican leadership who has the guts to stand up against these criminals who have committed these treasonous acts. I thought Barr might be the one, but I don’t know anymore. I have no faith at all in the so called conservatives in our government.

    3. Too true. All the while promises of TRANSPARENCY and UPHOLDING the Constitution. Double mindedness at it’s best.

    4. They broke other laws that have not been cited as yet.
      Stay tuned,. It will get even more ” Tom Clancy” as they they perps, start rolling over on each other to stay out if a Federal Prison for 10-15 years.
      They will be clammering over each other. Just wait and see.

    5. AMEN………. I feel exactly like Walter and the remarks following his!! The terrifying thing I notice is that the politicians, even the “conservatives”, don’t seem to have the outrage that should be there, indicating a moral fiber in their being!! It’s almost like they’re saying “that’s just politics”…….. it didn’t used to be that way!!!!! Only a few, Devon Nunez, Jim Jordan, John Ratcliff, Mark Meadows, Bob Kennedy and a few others have had the courage to just keep investigating and trying to let us know what the truth really was in the Obama administration…….. its really shameful and I can’t be proud of my country anymore………

  2. Stephen Triesch

    Arguably worse than the behavior of these government officials is the media’s reaction to it: either silence, or – when forced to say something – a claim that this is nothing more than a “conspiracy theory.” This dismissive reply is in flagrant denial of the fact that this WAS a conspiracy, and that we have ample evidence of its existence.

    There is a quote attributed to former CIA Director William Casey that goes something like, “The intelligence agencies will have done their job when everything the American public believes is false.” I don’t know if that is an accurate quote, but the MSM seem to be taking us in that direction. Utterly false or unproven narratives – such as the Trump/Russia collusion hoax – are endlessly repeated, and those who challenge these narratives are increasingly subjected to censorship and bullying from Big Tech busybodies or Antifa thugs.

    We are seeing this with the new revelations about Crossfire Hurricane, the Flynn case, and in coverage of the corona virus. Regarding the latter, we are told that we must “follow the science” even though scientists do not speak with one voice about the origins of the epidemic, the best ways of treating it, or the best ways to prevent its spread. Moreover, the science keeps changing on a host of issues. How contagious is the virus? How deadly? Can the virus survive on the surface of objects? For how long? Masks or no masks? HCQ or not? Which businesses and activities are “essential” and which are not? The claim that the answers to all of these questions are clearly and unambiguously provided by “science” is itself a myth.

    Most of the media are of little help. They are spreaders of narratives, not seekers of truth. A combination of Marxism and deconstructionism have eaten away at a profession that was never as noble and idealistic as its practitioners would like to claim.

    1. Medical Science, Medical System?
      This is a bad time to be critical but four months after the Covid-19 outbreak and it’s still impossible to get a straight answer to a simple question.
      If farms operated like this “system” we’d all starve before they got a seed in the ground.

    2. Totally agree about the media. It’s not that they aren’t reporting on it, they are working to suppress the facts and refute the evidence. Woodward and Bernstein blew the lid off of Watergate (which was a scavenger hunt compared to Obamagate), but it appears there is no one at the NYT or WaPo with the guts and fortitude to report dispassionately on this cesspool.

  3. I knew this was disgusting from the beginning..these so called intelligent people would get caught. .and they must pay the price. It’s sad the almighty king Obama and his pedophile “vice” biden will never do jail time for what they did

  4. Stating the obvious…no Democrats will step up and eat their own…they lied its not complicated…its not misinformation…they lied
    they manufactured evidence …how do lawmakers and elected official get a away with this…why aren’t Americans running into Congress and demanding their heads on a platter…their on tape for christ sakes…documents have been discovered at each department each level…the coup they attempted fail…start with President Obama and end with that smirking FBI agent …jail time no deals…no deals

  5. Dear Sharyl:
    As usual your articles are incredible and honest and I thank you for continuing to pursue informing the public of the dishonesty and complicity with which Strzok and company pushed their evil agenda upon the world and a duly-elected sitting President. Will anyone ever be arrested and tried for conspiracy and their crimes against this country, including Brennan, Comey and even Muller himself? It’s far past time for the conspirators, including former Potus Obama to be exposed and take their punishment. Your investigative reporting is crucial to helping this country hang on to freedom, the Constitution and the Rule of Law. I can only pray that your efforts work to bring these arrogant criminals to justice!

  6. Why redact names? They certainly exposed Flynn, Page and Papadopolus’ names and tainted them. Time to expose all those involved……….by name.

  7. Raymond A. Quesnel

    I am not naive enough to believe this is a eureka moment. While not often mentioned, this has been a “business as usual” scenario whereas our politico’s believe themselves to be superior to their constituencies when it comes to Constitutional rights. Besides all the self awarded perks the ability to make laws they feel only pertain to us “citizens”, their lofty, imaginative persons being too sacrosanct for those laws to affect them. A sickly culture of political disfunction has led us to where we are today. I am a veteran who took the same oath as our politicians, the same oath they constantly trample on in order to stay in office buying votes through legislation rather than laws that improve our welfare. I am a Conservative but do not spare any government official from this assumption. Decades of career politicians have carved out an Elitist bastion they will go to any length to maintain.

  8. Sharyl, Thanks for your book. “The Smear”. What an eye-opener. What you revealed, I’ve wondered about for years. Can’t wait to get “Slanted”. Your work really helps make sense of this crazy world.

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