WATCH: President Trump releases his full interview with 60 Minutes

President Trump, interviewed on 60 Minutes

President Trump has posted his unedited interview with 60 Minutes and Lesley Stahl prior to its scheduled airing Sunday on CBS.

The post accompanying the video on the president’s Facebook page reads:

“Look at the bias, hatred and rudeness on behalf of 60 Minutes and CBS. Tonight’s anchor, Kristen Welker, is far worse! #MAGA

In the interview, Stahl repeatedly interrupts the president and debates him on nearly every point. Trump repeatedly states that reporters do not ask the same sorts of questions of Biden.

CBS has said the interview and its treatment of the president is fair. In a statement, the network says its Sunday newsmagazine story with an edited version of the president’s interview, and context, will air as scheduled. The network also has an interview with Trump’s rival, Democrat Joe Biden.

You can watch the interview posted by Trump by clicking the link below:

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6 thoughts on “WATCH: President Trump releases his full interview with 60 Minutes”

  1. “CBS has said the interview and its treatment of the president is fair.“ – article

    So all that means is that their treatment of Biden is what’s unfair. They’ve never treated Biden the way that they treat Trump.

  2. Thank you for your refreshing and always needed objectivity, and for continuing to be a trooper for the truth.

    Whenever I hear a mainstream outlet use the word “context” I know that they are really referring to the process akin to shaping Mr. Miyagi’s bonsai tree.
    “Cut here, snip here, tie there…” the goal being to arrive at the propaganda message that supports their strategic goal.

  3. This video is an unmitigated disaster. He comes across as ill spoken, narcissistic and buffoonish. Imagine what the CBS editors are going to do with this video. I believe he’s destroyed any chance of being re-elected when this airs Sunday night. The deep state set a trap and he walked into it with his eyes wide open. I am so disgusted.

  4. HOLY TOLEDO! What a remarkable failure. There she is acting like she’s doing President Trump a tremendous favor by interviewing him, like he needs the airtime instead of the other way around. She is extremely disrespectful towards him. He showed a huge amount of patience. He gave her plenty of chances to check her attitude. Those weren’t TOUGH QUESTIONS. These “journalists” wouldn’t know a tough question if it came and knocked them off their feet like an epiphany. He didn’t have to go there and waste his time giving her a golden opportunity to rise above the quagmire of the DC SWAMP. Instead of “TOUGH QUESTIONS” why won’t one of these morons ask an HONEST QUESTION. I am so proud of him for putting a stop to it. It’s about time. He can get that kind of treatment any day at a WH Press Conference.

  5. Pat McAvoy-Costin

    I watched the video as long as I could. Stahl’s interview with President Trump was a bunch of questions and constant interruptions while he was answering the questions. When you ask the President a question, you need to show some respect Ms. Stahl and let him answer. I’m sure you probably wouldn’t ask Obama questions in the same tone. Or Biden. The whole episode was disrespectful and very combative. It is not too late to go back to Journalism school and learn the basics again. If it is too late, it might be time to retire.

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