WATCH: President Trump statement

Today, Thurs. Dec. 31, President Trump released a statement from the White House discussing progress in Operation Warp Speed and the vaccines for Covid-19.

He also discussed the booming pre-coronavirus economy and the recovery after the pandemic hit, including the highest U.S. stock market numbers ever.

Unemployment numbers are at 6.7%, says President Trump, far better than predicted, and with a rapidly growing economy beating out Europe’s speed.

Lastly, the President addressed progress toward peace in the Middle East.

Watch below:

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8 thoughts on “WATCH: President Trump statement”

  1. Thank you for always trying to seek the truth! Sharyl !
    I find it very interesting that no one asks what is in these vaccines besides a dead virus?? In the past there were concerns of the preservatives inc Thimerosal, which contains mercury, glyphosates, etc. And there has been a large upswing of autism amongst us children. I suppose due too many vaccines? We have never received a flu vaccine and probably never will:)
    Wish you the best for the New Year!!

    1. I’m not quite sure how to say it, but any vaccines are too many vaccines. I’ve studied and written about them for 40 years, and all of them are made of nothing but poisons. And too many people are evaluating by what I call the “immediate and violent” reactions. Unseen damage to the immune system, and to various organs of the body can manifest months, years, and even decades down the road. One good example is the SV40 virus included in the early polio vaccines. The cancerous tumors (determined at autopsy to have Sv40 as the causative factor) didn’t show itself and become known until 30 years after the injection.

  2. Wonderful! Our President will go down in history as one of the most successful leaders of the free world! In a media biased environment full of hate and jealousy he still shines! His work and successes will not be squashed no matter how hard the left tries. Donald Trump is a star in America’s Crown. Thank you for your service President Trump!

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