The Boy Scout “Perversion Files,” China Policy, and the growing Border Crisis

It all started when the Boy Scouts of America knew a reckoning was coming.

The organization was facing more and more sexual abuse claims, some going back decades. It filed for bankruptcy protection knowing there would have to be some sort of large payout, and wanting to take care of any claims once and for all.

By the time the fall deadline came last year for alleged victims to file complaints, there were more than 95,000, making it the single biggest sex abuse court case ever.

The stories are shocking and the outcome uncertain. I’ll investigate this week on Full Measure.

Also, Scott Thuman gets both the Democrat and Republican viewpoints on the Biden administration’s approach to China policy so far.

One thing we learned is that Biden and Trump aren’t all that far apart on this issue.

And I interview Rep. Henry Cuellar (R-Texas) about the growing border crisis.

No state has been hit harder than Texas and he’s been giving some surprising advice to the Biden Administration: Don’t dial back so quickly on some of the get tough policies under Trump.

Check us out Sunday!

Rep. Henry Cuellar (R-Texas)

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5 thoughts on “The Boy Scout “Perversion Files,” China Policy, and the growing Border Crisis”

  1. I really enjoy your Sunday show. I record it every Sunday. Your in depth reporting and fair reporting are second only to the War Room Pandemic pod cast and John Solomon. I put all you guys at the very top on my listening list. Thank you!

  2. Keep up the good work. I’m a full-on MAGA gal. However, I really do want the truth which is why it is incredibly important to have honest journalism. I don’t want to live in an echo chamber of right-wing thought even though I am right-wing. This is why I like you. You seem to be dedicated to following a story and reporting it regardless of political ideology. Granted, the Left is so crazy these days that it’s easy for conservatives to look good by comparison. But I live just north of Atlanta and have come to realize that there are plenty of corrupt Republicans as well. This is why the concept of truth is more important than ever even when it gives my side a black eye. Journalists that seek the truth, coupled with a citizenry on both the left and right that are willing to hear the truth, is one of the last hopes that any nation has. Thank you for continuing on as an investigative journalist with integrity.

  3. There seems to be a 2 speak justice…read my Kindle book “Killing Colonel Parker…Justice is retreating 50+ years to finally achieve compensation for past coverups, cabals and fraud…All except Big Pharma of Indianapolis, ID. Why?? The ability to avoid prosecution/ wrongful death lawsuits spreads money around…”to Keep Quiet”…coverups, firing of whistle blowers…confiscation of research papers…out and out fraud in making guinea pigs of unknowing research subjects…When will they to our family and the slick moves Lily pull to avoid getting sued…Bastards!!

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