New Arizona law prohibits “doxing” form of online bullying

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has signed into law a bill that outlaws “doxing.”

Doxing, in this context, is defined as posting another person’s personal information online in order to encourage harassment against that person.

The bill was sponsored by State Rep. Shawnna LM Bolic (R-20).

“After hearing numerous stories of women who were ‘doxed’ by an abusive ex, and living in fear for their safety, I knew that something needed to be done in Arizona to protect the privacy of its citizens,” said Representative Bolick. “HB 2502 is a strong step to ensuring the safety and privacy of all Arizonans and will ensure that private citizens have recourse if their personal information is posted online and they face harassment as a result.”

Arizona Rep. Shawnna LM Bolic (R-20)

The bill had support from both parties.

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2 thoughts on “New Arizona law prohibits “doxing” form of online bullying”

  1. I imagine the hard part would be policing foreign posts/doxing or people who bounce their signal all around the world BUT something needs to be done. Now does it go against Freedom of Speech? Not sure but tech platforms that censor because you have a different point of view than them what’s the difference

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