(FORUM) The Covid Excuse

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The Covid shutdowns caused many real problems.

But do you get the feeling that, sometimes, people and businesses are now using Covid more as an excuse to save money or cut back on services?

Many hotels, which suspended housekeeping during the height of the pandemic and shutdowns, continue to say they cannot offer daily housekeeping services due to Covid, even in places where life has gone back to normal.

Some businesses avoid face-to-face meetings and house calls under the excuse that, well, Covid.

Have you encountered a questionable Covid excuse lately?

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24 thoughts on “(FORUM) The Covid Excuse”

  1. Hotels not offering a real breakfast service any more, even though their web sites all state “full breakfast.” A paper take-away bag is cheaper than bringing back the breakfast service. SARS-COV2 was never spread by food, only person to person contact (only by extended contact with a person who is transmitting a high viral load).

    1. Its disappointing to see so many American business people go along with the shutdowns and the mandates. After all, it was freedom that allowed them to prosper in the first place. Now, they are the ones denying freedom on their own property. How ironic.

  2. We just keep walking away, and voting with our dollars. We hadn’t stayed in a hotel for a while until recently in Charlotte, NC. Abysmal. We are back to Airbnb now whenever we travel. Stores that require masks (I mean at this point it’s ridiculous) don’t get our business. We live in a touristy area and we see other people walking past those stores too.

    It’s been interesting watching many of my liberal neighbors and associates become shocked and disgusted with the teachers’ unions and the school systems, as well as the local/state governments with their ridiculous requirements that people now know were ineffective and actually unhealthier. The vax mandates are pushing a lot of people right over that line. First they really had a hard time believing that they had been/are being lied to, and now they see it and are really angry.

    It’s also been fun watching liberals join the party as they see just how deceptively partisan the old media is. Friends who “participated in their community” recently saw the old media ignore them, misrepresent them, and/or underreport their numbers. They were shocked! And they are quite incensed. I just remind them that pro-lifers and conservatives have been dealing with this for decades. We knew long ago that the old media have their own agenda. Now they know too.

    Imagine, if the Fourth Estate had done their job, our nation wouldn’t be in the terrible state it is in. The old media own this, and while they are unlikely to be held accountable in any civil litigation, these organizations will wither and die. It is the way of Justice to liars and the corrupt.

    1. Shiphrah,

      The Fourth Estate had been compromised
      toward fear and resulting corruption, by
      Abe Lincoln’s secret police!—breaking up
      equipment and busting heads of any news-
      paper’s editor/columnist/reporter, not in line
      with his ( unconstitutional ) WAR Against
      the South, not to end slavery but as means
      to CENTRALIZE economic power in the
      Marxian-compromised North (( go to
      Lewrockwell dot Com, and search archives
      for Thomas DeLorenzo’s truth-telling essays
      —about Marxian Lincoln’s war against self-
      government/-determination )).


        1. The advent of big government and federal control over the American people started right after the Civil War. The culprit was indeed Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln suspended the constitution to allow for an all out invasion of the southern states for purposes of control, power and profit. Before the war, there were few federal buildings across the country. After the war, the feds had a much stronger presence. It was then we started to become an imperial power, eventually invading the Philippines and battling the Spanish for control in the Pacific and gaining control of Guam, Puerto Rico and Cuba in the Atlantic. The rights of states fell during the Civil War.

  3. On a related note, I find it interesting that many companies are transferring a big part of their real estate expense to their employees. By allowing you to work remotely, your company can drastically reduce their square footage and you have to sacrifice your spare bedroom, dining room or bonus room. Being able to work in sweat pants comes with a cost.

    1. very true however it does come with benefits. Imagine all the time wasted in traffic if you live or work in N. VA for instance. The DC beltway is a nightmare and can easily make your commute a 2-3 hour ordeal roundtrip.

  4. As a small real estate investor who relies on nearly a daily basis the use of service technicians (painters, electricians, plumbers, hardware stores) to maintain my residential rentals I am faced with the inability to reach these people, this is due in my opinion to the current administrations program of money w/o work, and housing w/o paying rent and courts that won’t enforce laws (Missouri law states that if a tenant has an issue with his home it must be dealt with his landlord or property manager, but he cannot
    with hold his rent payments unless he can’t reach an agreement on the alleged problem.. The wide spread (BY THE MEDIA)) news is that they can’t be evicted even if they don’t pay their rent. And the TV’s are all talking about $55 billion just recently released for these for them to pay their back rent. I see new cars and boats in driveways but our two digit IQ’s in DC forgot to inform the people who are owed this money, how to collect it, the honor system does not work in this scenario. We have leadership W/O intelligent people, common sense would be nice, IF there was any available.

    My rant is somewhat off from your desired topic, but I feel better now. Thanks, Jack L.

  5. Presidementia Biden

    How about AAA? Sure, they’ll tow your car but they now leave you and your passengers on the side of the road because of “Covid”. Add the price of an Uber/Lyft to your AAA premiums, assuming that you can get one to pick you up on the freeway, possibly illegal and definitely dangerous.

    1. My son is a tow truck driver and takes AAA calls as well as others.. And he will not leave a driver stranded on the side of the road. He’s had people get pissed at him because he doesn’t have a mask on while he’s jump starting, tire changing or loading a vehicle or because he won’t answer their intrusive vax questions. And it’s their choice to be left on the side of the road. If it’s an elderly person he will gladly wear a mask if they get in the truck with him. But I am sure some drivers don’t let others in with them if it’s company policy.

      1. It’s not just Covid restrictions, it’s a labor problem. Two or three times in recent months I’ve gone to a fast food place only to see a hand-written note on the door saying: “Dining room closed due to staffing shortage. Drive-thru only.”

    1. So tired of the fast food places not opening their dining rooms! My mother has dementia and only wants to eat fast food when I take her out of her assisted living home. We end up eating in my car alot which is annoying and less stimulating for her! She likes to sit and watch people!

    2. We experienced the same thing traveling out west this summer. And I am seeing it locally in Bham and Tuscaloosa. Like Boomertown said I have seen the dining room open one day then closed the next. Dunkin Donuts has been the worst offender at this.

  6. Covid is being used as an excuse for far more serious things than corporate belt-tightening. As evidenced by Klaus Schwab’s “Covid-19: The Great Re-Set” – which appeared just a few months into the pandemic – the globalists view Covid-19 not as a tragedy, but as an opportunity. An opportunity for what? Massive PERMANENT changes to our way of life, including greater centralization of decision-making (good bye “democracy”), and ever more Draconian restrictions on our freedoms.

    Coupled with the “existential crisis” of “climate change,” Covid-19 is being used to usher-in a world very different from the one we left less than two years ago. Already, corporate media are touting the joys of having no car and no single-family home, of having fewer “luxuries” and enjoying simplified, healthier meals (i.e., meatless).. We will live in our cramped apartments and we will love it!

    It is kind of a Satanic parody of Christian monasticism; an austerity that nonetheless allows and encourages all sorts of sexual decadence and blasphemy. (For the idea of modernism as a “parody,” see Rene Guenon, Martin Lings, Marco Pallis, and other members of the “traditionalist” movement (not to be confused with – or limited to – the traditionalist movement in Roman Catholicism),

    1. You’re right on, brother.
      People, check it out at weforum.org, and follow Martin Armstrong’s blog on Armstrongeconomics.com.

  7. We have all noticed things for sure. My favorite thing is when I read somewhere that I shouldn’t do my own research. Ha. Good one.

    1. They mock the “do my own research” line by suggesting it means that you are claiming you have your own lab and are doing your own scientific experiments, when it obviously means you are looking at sources from various medical experts who HAVE done the original research.

  8. I tried to make a DSHS appointment for a disability bus pass for my brother. Discovered our state’s (WA) DSHS offices have still not opened their offices “due to Covid. This is October 2021.

  9. It seems all businesses are using it as a catch all excuse to obfuscate their responsibility to customers. From anything as ridiculous as why you can’t have condiments or salt and pepper to why your package took 3 weeks to ship and has been “en route” for another 2 weeks. Or why hey haven’t shown up to tick spray your property or they can’t see your sick dog. It’s pathetic and it’s gotten old. ?

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